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Difference Between Dell Vostro and Optiplex

Dell Computer turned into the world’s most prominent PC merchant, proceeding to acquire a piece of the pie and post benefits in an industry battling with drooping deals and billions of dollars in misfortunes.


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Dell sells 90% of its PCs straightforwardly to the last client, to a great extent bypassing the affiliate channel that represents the more significant part of the world.

This direct client relationship is the way into Dell’s action plan and gives particular benefits over the backhanded deals model. Dell’s immediate connection with the client permits it to tailor its contributions to client needs, offer extra items and administrations.

The Dell Computer organization is a crucial example of overcoming adversity as a PC equipment supplier and an immediate action plan.

Its product offering straightforwardly to shoppers from its soonest days in Vostro and Optiplex PC lines has been showcased for both business and individual use. Each model has its own cost and highlight range.

Dell Vostro vs Optiplex

The difference between Dell Vostro and Dell Optiplex is that Dell Vostro is a reasonable purchaser-grade desktop sold in massive box stores and on the web. Both Vostro and Optiplex are basically used for business purposes. However, when it comes to compatibility, Vostro seems to take an edge over the Optiplex because Vostro is compact and easy to carry. In contrast, Optiplex is more like a workstation and not easy to carry.

Dell Vostro vs

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Vostro PCs have been ended by Dell, although the stage is upheld with parts and updates. Beforehand, the mid-level model line focused on business use, falling between the Inspiron and Optiplex product offerings.

However, contingent upon highlights, each model’s value focuses have a decent arrangement of Vostro’s creation incorporated the Windows 7 Professional working framework before being ceased.

The Optiplex line is Dell’s made-for-business stage, advancing force and trustworthiness as selling focuses.

The organization upholds this with standard three-year guarantees, contrasted and one year for Inspiron models, including next-business-day administration, after far off analysis of framework

At the hour of distribution, Optiplex models run Windows 7 Pro working frameworks and incorporate licenses for Windows 8.1. PC plans range from minuscule to complete pinnacle in the Optiplex 9020 arrangement,

while the Optiplex 3030 arrangement is an across-the-board bundle, including Windows.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonDell VostroOptiplex
Purpose Dell Vostro is basically used in small businesses.Dell Optiplex is used in health care, corporate enterprises, education and governance.
CompatibilityDell Vostro is compact and easy to carry.Dell Optiplex is more like a workstation and not easy to carry.
Power-Consumption Dell Vostro consumes less power.Power Consumption is more with Optiplex.
RAMIt comes with a dedicated 16 GB of RAM.We can manually install up to 64 GB of RAM to the motherboard.
Hard diskIt packs 1 TB of hard disk storage.It comes with a 1TB hard disk but is upgradeable to 2 TB of hard drive storage.

What is Dell Vostro?

Dell Vostro was dispatched in 2013. It was made for purchasers identified with private venture markets.

A harsh and extreme model fundamentally focused on everyday use in an office. Dell Inspiron delivered its two arrangement, just 3000 and 5000, in which it has numerous models for the clients to get.

It is more moderate as it utilizes many value cutting strategies. It has more minor shading variation, which doesn’t influence the workplace client’s feelings.

It offers more limited specialized help, which can be broadened yet isn’t needed by private company markets as they as of now have their specialized group to deal with their requirements.

Its arrangement fluctuates as per the different models accessible.

However, in general, it has a hearty body and plentiful space to save significant records. It is primarily accessible in 512 GB and 1 TB stockpiling choices.

It is likewise preferred by clients for its low warming when contrasted with different workstations.

It is liked for its usefulness, powerful body, however, has a few cons like the absence of good speakers and HD show. These disadvantages are defended by its office use reason, making it a solid contender for different brands.

Thus, it is additionally enjoyed by broad clients. Generally, it is a sturdy PC in a sensible value range.

dell vostro

What is Optiplex?

Dell Technologies’ OptiPlex range of business-oriented workstations is aimed at educational markets, medical care, government, and corporate endeavours.

Starting with Pentium and Celeron and continuing today with Core microarchitectures such as i3, i5, i7, and i9, Intel CPUs are widely used in systems. A professional edition of Microsoft Windows is preinstalled, and Linux Dell n Series options are also available.

On Aug. 1, 1993, Dell presented the primary individuals from its prospective mark OptiPlex work station line -a progression of 486-based machines “directed at corporate client based market who require further developed highlights.

Dell additionally dispatched the top-of-the-line, buyer-focused on the Dimension XPS brand, cementing a marking plan that would keep going for a very long time and to the current day (for OptiPlex).

The Optiplex line received its first 66MHz Pentium CPUs in 1995, finishing off a time of wild development and business accomplishment for Michael Dell.

Today, Dell stays perhaps the best PC retailer, positioning third in general in a piece of the overall industry during 2016.


Main Differences Between Dell Vostro and Optiplex

  1. Dell Vostro consumes less power, whereas Optiplex consumes more power.
  2. Dell Vostro is easy to carry, whereas Optiplex is not.
  3. The latest Vostro comes with 16 GB of RAM, whereas Optiplex is expandable up to 64 GB of RAM.
  4. Dell Vostro is compact, whereas Optiplex is not.
  5. Dell Vostro comes with a 1 TB HDD capacity, whereas Optiplex is expandable to 2 TB HDD storage.
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