Dell Vostro vs HP Pavilion: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Vostro targets small business use, Pavilion regular consumers.
  2. Vostro is more durable, Pavilion is more affordable.
  3. Vostro has better support, Pavilion has more configuration options.

What is Dell Vostro?

Dell is an American company that sells servers, network switches, cameras, printers, along with personal computers. Dell Vostro is a popular line of laptop computers by Dell Inc. 

The Dell Vostro series is primarily designed to be utilized by businesses. It has anti-glare displays and comes with multiple ports that allow it to connect with any type of device.

Its webcam is very advanced as it is capable of wiping out visual noises. It has temporal noise reduction technology to decrease pixelation. It is well-equipped to secure the device. 

It has built-in security features to protect the user’s data. With a fingerprint reader and anti-virus protection, the device’s security is ensured. Its ComfortView Plus technology reduces harmful blue light to ensure eye comfort.

Dell’s Vostro line is cheaper in expense but includes fewer technical support hours. It is an affordable option that is durable as well as its performance is productive.

What is HP Pavilion?

HP is also an American company that develops personal computers and 3D printing solutions. They keep in mind the high range and performance side in mind, and along with business laptops, they have also created gaming laptops. HP Pavilion is one of their popular laptop model lines.

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HP Pavilion laptops can be found with a 15.60-inch display. It runs on Windows 10. This line of laptops has a resolution ranging from 1366×768 pixels. As the processor, it is built with a Core i7.

As its graphic processor, it has the Nvidia GeForce 940MX. It comes with a vast storage facility that can be extended according to the need. Its RAM is 8GB.

Its price is on the higher side for its advanced features, which allows it to be a great fit for gaming too. When it comes to connectivity options, the users will find  Bluetooth and Ethernet along with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac.

Difference Between Dell Vostro and HP Pavilion

  1. Dell Vostro has a 15.50-inch display size, whereas HP Pavilion has a display size of 15.60-inch.
  2. Dell Vostro has Intel Core i5 8th Gen as its processor while the processor of HP Pavilion is Intel Core i7 as its processor.
  3. The price of Dell Vostro is comparatively less affordable, while HP Pavilion is more costly, having the price range on the higher side.
  4. Both devices have the option of Bluetooth connectivity, but the Bluetooth version of Dell Vostro is a bit older. It has a 4.1 version. On the other hand, the HP Pavilion comes with a 4.2 Bluetooth version.
  5. The battery of Dell Vostro can last up to 3 hours, while the battery of HP Pavilion lasts more than 3 hours.

Comparison Between Dell Vostro and HP Pavilion

Parameter of ComparisonDell VostroHP Pavilion
ProcessorIt has Intel Core i5 8th Gen as its processor.It has Intel Core i7 as its processor.
Graphics processorIts graphics processor is AMD Radeon 520 Graphics.Its graphics processor is Nvidia GeForce 940MX.
Bluetooth versionIt has a 4.1 Bluetooth version.It has a 4.2 Bluetooth version.
Battery life Its battery can last up to 3 hours.Its battery can last for more than 3 hours.
PriceComparatively, these models are less expensive than HP Pavilion.The cost of HP Pavilion is in the mid-high range.
Dedicated graphic memory typeIt has DDR5 as its dedicated graphic memory type.It has DDR3 as its dedicated graphic memory type.
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Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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