Room Heater vs Blower: Difference and Comparison

Electrical devices such as a blower and a heater are two separate types of gadgets. A blower is any device that blows air, whereas a heater is any equipment whose primary job is to generate heat.

A blower can also refer to a blower fan, which has the primary purpose of blowing air into the machine to which it is connected. 

Key Takeaways

  1. A room heater is designed to heat a small or enclosed space, while a blower circulates air in a larger area.
  2. Room heaters consume more power than blowers and can be dangerous if left unattended, while blowers are more energy-efficient and safer.
  3. Room heaters provide direct warmth to the people sitting in front of them, while blowers can distribute heat evenly throughout the room.

Room Heater vs Blower 

A room heater primarily heats the air in a room using various heating technologies. A blower uses a fan to blow the air in a room, providing a cooling effect in summer and ventilation. A room heater is used in winter or snowy season while a blower can be used throughout the year.

Room Heater vs Blower

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A room heater is a common electric appliance found in most homes. It keeps the body warm during the winter months by removing cold air.

This gadget heats up and blows hot air, transforming thermal energy into kinetic energy. According to the size of the room, customized heaters are available. 

A blower is a device that blows air into a specific location or in a certain direction. The air is propelled forward by centrifugal force in most cases.

This air can be directed into or away from the machine to which the blower fan is attached. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Room Heater  Blower 
Definition It is a device that creates heat. It is a device that blows air. 
Functions It heats air which can further be blown into any direction. Its main function is to blow air in certain areas. 
Direction It heats up a room evenly. It blows air in a particular air only. 
Temperature It only heats up the room. It can blow either hot or cold air. 
Types Air heaters, heater blower, etc. Blower fan, fireplace blower, etc. 

What is Room Heater? 

Room heaters come in a variety of styles, including fan heaters, halogen heaters, and radiant heaters. Heat convector, on the other hand, is a general term for a specific type of heater. 

Portable variants are also accessible in stores these days. These room heaters can provide heat for both small and large regions.

During the cold seasons, heaters are installed even in workspaces to provide warmth. 

Room heaters are gadgets that distribute heat from a small area to a big area for a set amount of time based on human activity. There are many different types, sizes, varieties, and classifications of room heaters. 

An oil-filled radiator heats the oil first then warms the air around you, allowing the room temperature to be maintained for a longer period of time. The method and execution of this sort of heater are slow. 

A radiant Room Heater works by emitting infrared radiation that warms objects directly on their surfaces. Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that is ideal for use in homes. 

It is not used as a central heating element or system in larger buildings, despite the fact that it is a key source for creating hot air. Rather than being a central device, it is considered a supplemental thermal device. 

The blower part of a heater blower successfully blows hot air; hence, the heated air from the heater part is directed in a specific direction. A fireplace blower, which is a blower that can be attached to a fireplace, is also available. 

A heater is a device whose primary function is to generate heat. Air heaters and water heaters are the two most common types of heaters.

Air heaters, as their name implies, heat a room by heating the air within it. The water is heated using a water heater. 

room heater

What is Blower? 

Air is blown by a blower, which is an electrical device. It is designed to blow hot air.

This gadget is designed to keep the atmosphere warm in cold weather. A blower is mostly used to blow air into a specific location or in a specific direction. 

The fan has a casing around its perimeter that directs the airflow. How the air is propelled and how efficient the air blower is determined by the blade design.

Blower blades come in five different shapes: forward-curved, backwards-inclined, backwards-curved, radial, and airfoil. 

The air is propelled forward by centrifugal force in this machine. The air blown out by the blower can be directed into it or away from it by the blower fan attached to it.

The air is directed by a casing around the perimeter of the fan. 

The hot air is mostly blown by a blower. There’s also a fireplace blower.

It’s a blower that can be used in conjunction with a fireplace. It circulates the hot air from the fireplace throughout the room or residence.

The blower is made in such a way that it is both smaller and lighter in size. 

People prefer blowers to heaters because they are safer to operate.

It helps keep numerous health problems that occur due to cold weather conditions, such as fever, cold, and skin disorders, at bay by keeping you warm in extremely cold settings. 

In a blower-type room heater, the ceramic coil is heated. The coil circulates hot air, which is then pushed out by the fan.

It’s called a blower because it has a fan. Remember that when you buy a blower, you’re also getting a room heater. 

Main Differences Between Room Heater and Blower 

  1. A room heater creates heat, whereas a blower only blows air. 
  2. The function of a room heater is to heat up air and spread it across a room. The function of a blower is to blow air into a room. 
  3. A room heater heats up a room very evenly, whereas a blow only blows air in one direction. 
  4. A room heater only provides heat, whereas a blower blows both hot and cold air. 
  5. The types of room heaters are water heaters, air heaters, etc. The types of blowers are fireplace blowers, etc. 
Difference Between Room Heater and Blower



Last Updated : 17 July, 2023

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