Difference Between Family Room and Living Room

As the generation is proceeding, the living lifestyle is changing too. The living pattern is changed by organizing the rooms according to their location and function.


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For example, a living room, a place just entering the house which is welcoming and warm. On the other hand, the family room is basically attached to the kitchen with little furniture to fulfill the family activities.

Family Room vs Living Room

The difference between family room and living room is the size, location, function, and design. The living room is large, located in the front of the house, and designed according to place T.V., couches, decorative storage units. While the family room may be large, located at the back with a kitchen having a door opening to the outdoor area.

Family Room vs Living Room

The family room is an all-purpose room where the family and guests can gather together to have fun. It also supports the activities like talking, reading, playing, watching TV, and other activities.

The components which actually make the room sophisticated are the kitchen, friendly furniture, welcoming hanging images, books, etc. In short, it is a room that handles almost all of the family activities.

The living room is one of the largest rooms of the house where you can hang out with your friends and family or watch TV. It can be designed for your personal styles and tastes.

Using art pieces, beautiful furniture and couched scan make your living room more elegant. It is a place where you welcome your guests or colleagues for meetings.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFamily RoomLiving Room
FurnitureSimple and affordableHigh class and expensive
Decorative StuffFamily photos, memorial images like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc.art pieces, expensive decorative stuff
AllowAllows almost all the necessary componentsAllows meeting, welcoming guests
LocationBack of the houseFront of the house

What is Family Room? 

The family room is an all-combined room where the dining table, kitchen, and some open space to play or roam can be managed.

It is a room where kids can play, talk, read, watches TV, eat, cook in the kitchen, etc. By having a moderate budget, the family room can be arranged and fulfill almost all the needs of a house. 

A room that grows the strength and love of the family like it is a gathering room for all the Family Members. A family room includes a sofa, coffee table, occasional tables (if required), decorative pillows, sofa blankets, etc.

The family room was styled in the 1950s which enables public and private activities in one room. 

This may be disadvantaged to some families but can be afforded by low-budget people.

For some families, a family room is more than enough so they add beds for them to complete their house in one room so that it can be affordable and less expensive will be there.

A single person can afford the life in the family room where all the necessities are provided in less space. By adding adjustable or flexible furniture which requires less space can motivate the idea of a family room. 

What is Living Room?

The living room is a large luxurious room with furniture, couches, TV, and some decorative items. It is considered a place with less personal space and more public because guests, friends, and family gather here to enjoy each other company.

The room has its own expenses very higher than the family room as it has many decorative expenses. 

The vibe of this room pronounces the whole about the house itself. The first impression of the house is actually shown by this room. It is the front large room which should be clean and tidy and as well as welcoming and warm.

A room with proper ventilators and doors makes the room fresh and comfortable. The flowers pots and plants help the room to look more enormous and marvelous. Items with glass material like cupboards and tables enhance the shine of the room. 

People investing in the living room for showing it up to class is very trendy these days. Last but not the least, however people spending in this room cannot help or allow them to do other activities like the family room does.

The living room utilizes the space with less performance as it does not provide kitchen necessities and other things. Activities like eating, playing, etc. do not suit the living room.

Main Differences Between Family Room and Living Room

  1. The function of both the rooms is different from each other as the family room almost allows all the family activities while the living room is resistant to some.
  2. Both the room has different locations as the family room is situated at the back of the house but the living room is on the front.
  3. The sizes of the room matter here like a family room may be small or large compared to the living room according to the kitchen set-up.
  4. The design of the living room changes as different styles can be included but a family room cannot afford too much design.
  5. The vibe almost changes the effects of the room. The family room has a very joyful and loving vibe while the living room has a very sophisticated vibe.
Difference Between Family Room and Living Room


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