NW vs NC: Difference and Comparison

For most of you, these two terms or abbreviations (NW and NC) can be new because these terms are used when discussing cosmetics-related subjects. NC stands for neutral cool, whereas NW stands for neutral warm.

If you have enough knowledge about cosmetics, these terms might be familiar. However, cosmetics manufacturers use these kinds of terms and abbreviations to classify their different cosmetics products.

Key Takeaways

  1. NW and NC are both shades of foundation color from the makeup brand MAC, but NW shades have pink undertones, while NC shades have yellow undertones.
  2. NW shades are better for people with fair to light skin tones, while NC shades are better for people with medium to dark skin tones.
  3. When choosing the right shade, it’s important to consider your skin’s undertone and test the foundation in natural light to see how it looks.

NW vs NC

NW and NC differ because NC is for warm, yellow undertones, whereas NW is for cool and pink undertones. NW and NC are terms used to classify skin products like foundations and concealers.

NW vs NC

Each person has a skin tone and undertones; a person’s skin tone and undertone can be determined just by looking at the veins near the wrist. One of the easiest ways to determine one’s skin tone and undertone is this way only.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNWNC
Stands forNeutral WarmNeutral Cool
IndicatesIt is a terminology cosmetics brands and industries use to determine a product’s shade or colour.This is also a terminology used by cosmetics brands and industries.
NumbersNumbers are used to showing various shades like pale shade and dark shade.This also has the same case as NW showing various numbers to show the depth of a cosmetic product’s shade or colour.
ForNW stands for neutral warm and is for warm-toned people and undertones.Neutral cool is for cool-toned people undertones.

What is NW?

NW stands for neutral warm. NW is a term used by cosmetics brands and manufacturers, and people get confused with the term NC.

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It is especially the females who know which cosmetics brands to use. However, skin tone and undertones help determine which cosmetics are best for someone.

Cosmetics have become a massive part of our life because people need to look good outside their houses. The makeup industry has flourished and has become a huge industry in today’s world because people want to look perfect whenever they go to offices or on any occasion.

Now, distinguishing which shade or cosmetics is important because it must suit you and your skin tone and undertone. Suppose you have a warm tone, then it is natural that the warm shades will suit you.

The cosmetic company will suggest which one you should go for. MAC cosmetic brand had reversed the scheme on their cosmetic products.

However, several instructions guide are available on the internet for choosing the best cosmetic for you depending on your skin tone. Warm-toned people will use warm shades to look better, and with cool skin tones, people should use cool shades.


What is NC?

NC stands for neutral cool or naked cool, another type of terminology that cosmetics brands and manufacturers use to distinguish products for different skin tones. NC and NW are commonly used and confused since MAC reversed the scheme.

MAC is a huge cosmetics company, and many people became confused when they reversed the scheme of NW and NC. However, depending on one’s skin tone and undertone should choose the ideal product for themselves.

NC is nothing but a terminology used for people with cool skin tones. If you have a calm skin tone with a blue or a pink undertone is determined by looking at the wrist of a person showing a blue-coloured vein.

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There are numbers mentioned or given that represent various ranges of shades, like light shades and dark shades. With the help of the numbers given, it will show the depth of a particular product’s shade or colour.


Main Difference Between NW and NC

  1. NC stands for neutral or naked cool, whereas NW stands for neutral warm.
  2. Both these terms are terminologies used by cosmetics companies or manufacturers.
  3. Cosmetics companies and industries use these terminologies so that they can classify their products for various types of skin tones.
  4. NW stands for neutral warm and is for warm-toned skins. The indication makes it easier for people to know which is the best for their skin.
  5. Both NC and NW show depth with the help of numbers. Each number shows the depth of a particular product’s shade or colour.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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