Difference Between HairMax LaserBand and Theradome (With Table)

The coverage offered by each product is significantly different due to the unique design components embodied by each device.

HairMax LaserBand vs Theradome

The difference between the HairMax LaserBand and Theradome is that while the HairMax LaserBand is designed in the shape of a headband, Theradome is designed in the shape of a laser helmet.

The former product is also fitted with several comb-like appendages to help part the user’s hair and ensure a better fit. However, Theradome has a padded interior to allow the product to easily fit heads of varying sizes.

Owing to its helmet-shaped design, Theradome provides the user’s head with a holistic coverage, while HairMax LaserBand offers a more concentrated coverage of certain areas of the user’s scalp. This design element is the most crucial and conspicuous difference between the two.

Comparison Table Between HairMax LaserBand and Theradome

Parameters of ComparisonHairMax LaserBandTheradome
DesignThe HairMax LaserBand is designed in the shape of a headband with comb-like teeth to ensure a better fit.The Theradome is shaped like a helmet with internal padding.
CoverageDue to the shape of the product, the HairMax LaserBand does not offer complete coverage of the head. It can cover only certain spots of the scalp.The helmet-like design of the Theradome ensures the holistic coverage of a user’s head.
Number of LasersThe HairMax LaserBand comes equipped with 82 low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth.The Theradome helmet comes equipped with 80 laser diodes to stimulate hair regrowth.
Treatment TimeThe stipulated treatment time for the HairMax LaserBand is 90 seconds. The treatment has to be repeated thrice a week.The stipulated treatment time for the Theradome helmet is 20 minutes. It has to be used every day to see positive results.
Time Frame for ResultsResults are visible within a period of 6 to 12 months.Results are visible within 6 months. Some customers have testified to visible differences within just 2 months of using the product.
Fit and ComfortThe HairMax LaserBand offers a better fit due to its tooth-like internal fixtures.The Theradome helmet may not fit some customers properly. Moreover, the internal padding may be uncomfortable for some users.
PriceThe HairMax LaserBand is more lucrative than the Theradome helmet.The Theradome helmet is available at a higher price point.

What is HairMax LaserBand?

HairMax LaserBand is an FDA cleared, medical hair regrowth device. It was created to help customers improve their hair growth cycles within the comfort of their homes. Equipped with 82 low-level lasers, the product produces a lasting intensity equivalent to the coverage offered by 246 lasers.

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The laser beams penetrate the scalp and rejuvenate the hair follicles to reduce hair thinning and boost hair regrowth. The product also claims to enhance the volume and fullness of hair from the very first session.

An added advantage of the product is its portability and convenience of use. The HairMax LaserBand also sports a distinctive design and patented comb-like fixtures that part the user’s hair and offer maximum coverage within merely 90 seconds. The product has to be used thrice a week to notice visible and satisfactory results within a year.

What is Theradome?

Theradome is another FDA cleared hair regrowth device. Equipped with 80 laser diodes, Theradome stimulates hair regrowth without the fear of overheating. It is shaped in the form of a helmet to ensure a holistic coverage of the user’s head.

The product is prescribed to be used for 20 minutes daily to notice positive results within 6 months. Theradome uses a clinically tested and proven laser wavelength to stimulate hair regrowth. It is especially favored due to the long list of positive customer testimonials the brand has received over the years.

The Theradome helmet is powered by a fast-charging battery. The simple, automated user interface makes the product one of the best sellers in the market. However, the cost of a Theradome is quite high when compared to its other market competitors.

Main Differences Between HairMax LaserBand and Theradome

  1. The main difference between HairMax LaserBand and Theradome is that while the former is shaped like a headband, the latter is sold in the shape of a hair regrowth helmet. Theradome’s design provides an all-encompassing coverage to the user’s head, while the HairMax LaserBand can only partially cover certain areas of the scalp.  
  2. The stipulated treatment time needed with each device is also different. The treatment time stipulated for the Theradome helmet is 20 minutes per day, while the HairMax LaserBand has to be used for 90 seconds, at least thrice a week.
  3. Each product promises satisfactory results within varying time frames. Theradome promises noticeable results within 6 months of usage, while HairMax LaserBand promises results within a period of 6 to 12 months.
  4. HairMax LaserBand is equipped with 82 low-level lasers that initiate hair regrowth, while Theradome comes armed with 80 laser diodes.
  5. HairMax LaserBand does not offer complete coverage due to its distinctive shape. Conversely, the Theradome regrowth helmet provides the user with an inclusive coverage of the head.
  6. The HairMax LaserBand offers a better fit due to its shape and internal tooth-like fixtures. Contrarily, the Theradome can be uncomfortable for some users due to its internal padding.
  7. HairMax LaserBand is more cost-effective than Theradome. Theradome is marketed and sold as a premium product, thus scaling up its price point.
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Home hair regrowth treatments have become fairly common in the market. Today, companies are striving to make these devices more user-friendly and convenient. HairMax LaserBand and Theradome are two such products created and marketed for home use.

Although both products have shown remarkable results, the most conspicuous difference between these two highly-rated hair regrowth devices is the unique design components of each device. The former product is available in the shape of a headband, while the latter is available as a helmet.

This seminal dissimilarity also implicates the difference in coverage offered by each device. While the HairMax LaserBand offers an area-specific coverage of the scalp and follicles, Theradome offers a more inclusive coverage of the entire head. The laser capacity, fitting ease, and price of each is also different.

An individual’s choice between the two will be determined by his or her personal preference for the design of each product. If you want a cost-effective product that delivers good results within a minimal treatment time, then HairMax LaserBand is the better-suited option. While if you are ready to pay a slightly higher price for a more holistic hair regrowth device that promises faster results, then Theradome is the correct choice.


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