Weaves vs Extensions: Difference and Comparison

Experimenting with hair and trying on different products and accessories on it has been an activity of interest for men and women alike since time immemorial.

Experimenting with the length, volume and variety of colours has always been a fascinating and fun trend of fashion.

Thus, there have always been evolving hair products to match this zeal.

One such pair of products that has amassed a great amount of admiration is weaves and hair extensions.

They are used by many people for a variety of purposes, like, to add different colours to their hair without using any chemicals, to add more length, to add more volume, etc.

Key Takeaways

  1. Weaves involve braiding natural hair and sewing wefts of hair into the braids, while extensions can be clipped, glued, or taped onto natural hair.
  2. Weaves last longer than extensions and can be styled in various ways, but they can also cause tension and damage to the natural hair.
  3. Extensions are less permanent than weaves and can be easily removed or adjusted, but they may blend better with natural hair.

Weaves vs Extensions

Weaves are a type of hair extension that is sewn into braided hair and styled to any desired style. Hair extensions refer to hair products that are added to natural hair to enhance volume, length, or color, and these can be attached through various methods like taping, gluing, or clipping.

Weaves vs

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonWeavesExtensions
ApplicationWeaves are sewn onto the hair of a person, near to the scalp with needles.Extensions are attached to a person’s hair with the help of adhesives or tiny clips.
FunctionWeaves are mainly used to increase the thickness of the hair.Extensions are used to increase the length or add different colours to the hair.
Type or CategoryIt can be safely said that all weaves are a type of hair extension.However, all hair extensions are not weaves.
BaseWeaves are sewn or applied on to the braids of hair.Hair extensions are applied to the hair one strand at a time.
Cost      Weaves are comparatively less expensive because they take less effort and time on the part of the stylist.Hair extensions are attached to the strands of hair and are thus way more expensive as compared to hair weaves.
DamageWeaves can be more damaging to the hair because they will stay on for a long time. They can also cause permanent hair loss because of being too tight.Hair extensions are clip-on so they will not cause much damage to the hair as compared to the weaves. Their adhesives and extra weight might cause some damage to the scalp and hair shafts sometimes.

What is Weave?

A weave is a type of hair accessory whose main function is to change the appearance of a person’s hair.

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It is sewn on to the hair after the hair is braided, mostly into cornrows, using a needle.

A hair weave is sewn close to the scalp and is an addition to the natural hair of a person.

Weaves can be made from natural or synthetic hair. Their function is to give an appearance of natural length, thickness or volume of hair.

People with thinning hair find this to be a great help. Sometimes different colours of weaves are also used in the hair.

This is done so that it can give the impression and satisfaction of having coloured hair without using any chemicals that could be harmful.

Their main disadvantage is that they will have to stay for a while attached to the hair during which they can cause some serious problems like pain in the scalp and permanent hair loss because of the tightness around the roots.

This is a responsibility of the stylist that the weaves are sewn on to the hair properly so that these problems do not occur.


What is Hair Extension?

Hair extension is yet another type of hair accessory.

It is not sewn on to the braids but rather attached to the strands of hair. It is done in a very detailed way and thus takes up a lot of time.

Hair extensions are attached to the hair with the help of clips or adhesives.

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A lot of hair extension strands are applied to the crown of a person so that the extensions do their job well and the hair appears natural.

Hair extensions have a vast range of accessories and styles under them and are considered to be the most expensive of the treatments.

This is so because they take up a lot of time and effort to get done. Hair extensions are comparatively less dangerous.

Their main disadvantages are that the extra weight and adhesives used might cause damage to the hair shaft and the scalp. It is still a preferred treatment by many.


Main Differences Between Weaves and Extensions

  1. Weaves are sewn onto the hair after it is braided with the help of a needle while extensions are attached to the hair near the scalp using adhesive or clips.
  2. All weaves are a type of hair extension but hair extension has so many different varieties that all hair extensions cannot be called weaves.
  3. The main function of hair weaves is to increase the thickness and volume of hair, although they may sometimes also be used for other purposes, hair extensions, however, have a more varied range of functions including, increasing the length, thickness, and volume of hair or add more colours to the hair without using any chemicals.
  4. Weaves are less expensive, but hair extensions can even be considered as the most expensive hair accessory treatment because it takes so much time and effort to get them done.
  5. Weaves can be too tight sometimes and cause trouble with circulation in the scalp and roots and cause permanent hair loss because of their tightness. Hair extensions are clip-on and adhesives mostly so their main problem will be the extra weight on the scalp and shaft damage.
Difference Between Weaves and
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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