Difference Between Hairmax Laserband and Lasercomb

Hair is an essential part of our body. Many people (especially men) suffer from baldness at an early age and they feel very ashamed of themselves when they have a look in the mirror. However, transplants, hair fall treatments, wigs, and many such things have come into effect recently.


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Some people even go for surgery for their hair loss treatment and those things are not cheap. Several products have also been introduced like Hairmax laserband and the lasercomb. These products are products that will surprise you once you know what are their ability.

Hairmax Laserband vs Lasercomb

The difference between Hairmax Laserband and Lasercomb is that the laserband with 82 lasers can cover a large area and provides the same energy in just 90 seconds whereas the lasercomb does the same thing in 8-15 minutes. However, the model becomes one of the factors as to which one is faster and which one is not.

Hairmax Laserband vs Lasercomb

The Hairmax Laserband is a product that is used by people who are suffering baldness or from hair fall. The laserband with its therapeutic light energy will stimulate the hair follicles and will help your hair grow naturally.

On the other hand, the lasercomb is another product with the same purpose that will help you promote new hair.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHairmax LaserbandHairmax Lasercomb
Product DescriptionThe laserband is a product that will nourish the hair follicles and will stimulate the growth of natural hair.The lasercomb also stimulates hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and also helps you to get thick hair thus preventing thinning.
Product RatingsThe Hairmax Laserband got mixed kinds of reviews from the people. Some say the product is very good but some say the product is not up to the mark.The Lasercomb too have a mixed kinds of reviews from the people.
Used ByThe Hairmax Laseerband is used by those people who have hair fall problems or those who are suffering from baldness.The Lasercomb too have the same uses for the same people who are suffering from hair loss.
Time TakenThe Laserband treatment will take a maximum of 90 seconds for treatment. But to see results it can take up to several weeks.In case of Lasercomb a lot of time is taken where you can expect the results by 12-16 weeks.
Ease of UseEasy and safe to use.Easy and safe to use.
Can it Be Used Daily?YesYes

What is Hairmax Laserband?

The hairmax laserband is a device or rather say a product with the help of which bald people can have their hair back. The Laserband produces light energy to the hair follicles through the 82 medical-grade lasers. The lasers work as a treatment for stimulating the hair growth on your head.

This product will help reduce the thinning of hair and will support growing hair naturally without any kinds of side effects. The products of Hairmax Laserband have received mixed kind of reviews because some say the product is quite good and some say that the product is not good.

There was research done back in 2007 where it was found that 83% of the test subjects were happy with the results. They experienced that their hair was back after 14 weeks of treatment. The product was used for about 4-6 months and it had received positive reviews for the people.

To see the expected results one has to keep patience because you will not get the results immediately. The product has to be used daily or as per the directions given by the practitioner and it took several months for expected results.

The product can be purchased and can be used at your home itself.

So, there is no need for any kind of hassle where you have to make an appointment with the doctor and take treatments in the hospital itself. The product can be used on a daily basis, however, it is best suggested to use thrice in a week.

hairmax laserband

What is Lasercomb?

The lasercomb, on the other hand, also offers the same kind of services to its customers but in a slightly different way. The lasercomb product will provide low-level energy that will help you to promote new hair growth. The product also got mixed kinds of reviews from the people.

Now, you might be thinking that is it worth using lasercomb? Well, I do not know the answer to that but several people have found the product to be useful too. If you use lasercomb consistently then you will see the expected results.

When the device or the product is used by a person then at the beginning they can experience some loss of hair. Well, this is because the laser energy on the device will cause the hair follicles to shed damaged hairs, and then it will stimulate them to regrow the healthy ones.

Well, if you are a user of this device or product then it is a positive thing that shedding of hair will happen at the beginning of the use of this product. So, just relax because you will have your hair back in about 14-16 weeks.


Main Differences Between Hairmax Laserband and Lasercomb

  1. Both Laserband and Lasercomb are products that will help you stimulate hair growth and regrow hair naturally.
  2. The laserband has got 82 lasers and delivers the same total energy in just 3 minutes whereas the lasercomb, on the other hand, does the work in about 10 minutes.
  3. Both the products have got mixed kind of reviews from the customers. When products like these two are used efficiently then you can get the expected results.
  4. Both are easy and safe to use at your home.
  5. Both products can be used on a daily basis but, it is better you use thrice a week.


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