Hairmax Laserband vs Capillus: Difference and Comparison

Everyone wants their hair to be thick and healthy. People try many different things and solutions to make their hair look good. Manageable dense hair gives the appearance a lift.


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Caring for hair is as important as any other body part. Other body parts can be covered while hair is eclipsed by sunlight, pollution and dirt, which causes further damage to the hair follicles, making them frizzy, dry and thinner.

Just washing the hair won’t suffice in this case. This calls for extra care and grooming for hair.

Everyone’s hair type and quality differ. Something that suits someone may cause extreme damage to someone else’s hair, so using the right hair care product is all it takes.

Hairmax Laserband and Capillus are two hair loss treatment devices that prevent hair loss and help in hair regrowth.

Both devices use Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to function. This therapy replenishes the hair follicles and helps return them to their original state.

The laser stimulates blood circulation and improves cell metabolism resulting in hair regrowth, thickness restoration and improvement in bald patches and hair thinning.

Key Takeaways

  1. The HairMax LaserBand has a wider coverage area than the Capillus laser cap.
  2. Capillus can be worn discreetly under a hat, while the HairMax LaserBand is more conspicuous.
  3. The HairMax LaserBand has a shorter treatment time than the Capillus laser cap.

Laserband vs Capillus

HairMax LaserBand is a famous hair loss treatment device with a curved design and uses laser technology to function. Capillus is a well-known cap-shaped hair loss treatment device that uses LLLT and requires a 6-minute session daily for hair regrowth.

Laserband vs Capillus

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHairmax LaserbandCapillus
CoverageDue to its band, the laser beams very well reach the hair and ensure great coverage. Here, the cap design becomes a blockage for the laser beams resulting in less coverage.
DistanceHairmax has a consistent distance between the laser diodes and the scalp. Capillus has an inconsistent distance between the laser tips and all sides of the cap.
Comfort and FittingThe curve design fits the head in the right places and stays intact. The cap may not be quite supportive of long hair.
BackgroundThe background is white and reflects the light onto the scalp. It has a copper-coloured background which is not very reflective.
ColourIt comes in blue and white making it an eye-catching design.It seems quite unattractive because of its simple bowl-shaped design.
Laser diodesIt has 82 diodes, but there is an option to extend it further. It is limited to 82 diodes only.
Time takenIt requires a 90 seconds session daily. While it requires a 6 minutes session daily.
Money backIf the product is returned within 6 months, 80% of the total amount is paid to the customer.If returned after 30 days, 75% of the total amount is paid back.

What is Hairmax Laserband?

Hairmax Laserband is a popular hair loss treatment device with a curved design or band. It uses Laser technology for its functioning. The band contains patented teeth which let the laser into the hair follicles.

The curve design if the band fits the head perfectly without causing any discomfort. There are 82 medical-graded laser diodes present in it.

The device ensures a three-shift coverage to the head with a configuration of 3×82=246 laser diodes three times that of the Capillus. Also, there is an option to add the fourth area if needed.

Hairmax guarantees one of the faster treatment times, as low as just 90 seconds. Additionally, the device is clinically proven, Physician recommended and FDA-cleared.

The laser light energy reaches the hair follicles, resulting in increased blood circulation and cell metabolism, promoting hair growth.

Furthermore, Hairmax treats men’s and women’s most common hair loss issues, i.e., Androgenetic alopecia (AGA). It increased patient satisfaction and, subsequently, had fewer side effects than the other devices.

hairmax laserband

What is Capillus?

As the name suggests, Capillus is a cap-shaped hair loss treatment device that uses LLLT, like the Hairmax Laserband. The device guarantees hair regrowth through its laser therapy which requires a 6 minutes session daily.

Capillus contains 82 medical-graded laser diodes for treatment. Along with this, it is also clinically proven and FDA-cleared, which proves its safety and efficiency. Although, unlike Hairmax, it has no option for adding more diodes, the diodes present are enough to accomplish the job.

The background of Capillus is copper-coloured with a standard reflective capability which is quite low when compared to the white background in Hairmax.

The brilliant design of Capillus makes it unnoticeable and gives an illusion of an ordinary cap. This undoubtedly is a big plus point for people who suffer from embarrassment to use something like this.


Main Differences Between Hairmax Laserband and Capillus

  1. Hairmax Laserband has a curved band design, whereas, Capillus has a cap-shaped design.
  2. The background in Hairmax is white, while it is copper-coloured in the case of the Capillus.
  3. Hairmax fits the head very well at all places, but the Capillus is unsuitable for long hair.
  4. Capillus requires more time than Hairmax daily.
  5. There are 82 laser diodes in each of the devices, but only Hairmax has the option to add more.
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