Nike PG2.5 vs PG3: Difference and Comparison

Undoubtedly, some real hardcore sneaker lovers or sneaker-heads have made the world realize how much value a pair of footwear could carry.

Earlier, shoes had only a simple purpose of protecting the feet of the wearer while walking on different surfaces. But over the years, and due to the advancement of technology, their numerous brands have evolved that now make footwear for different, specific purposes. 

There are shoes for basketball, shoes for running, shoes for jogging, etc. And even though one can get the job done using any shoe, one will find more ease and comfort when wearing the shoe specifically designed for that purpose.

Similarly, leading sportswear company Nike has come out with their line of sneakers, which have been made in collaboration with NBA legend Paul George called the Nike PG series.


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There have been quite a few models under the hood of this series, with the recent ones being PG2.5 and PG3.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike PG3 has a more responsive Zoom Air cushioning than Nike PG2.5, providing a better court feel and overall comfort.
  2. The outsole of Nike PG3 is more durable than Nike PG2.5, with a multi-directional traction pattern that offers a better grip on the court.
  3. The design of the Nike PG3 is sleeker than Nike PG2.5, with a low-cut silhouette that allows for better movement and flexibility on the court.

Nike PG2.5 vs PG3

Nike PG2.5 is a high-grade sneaker that is built for performance and durability. It comes with a Velcro strap that firmly secures the foot in place for intense workouts. Nike PG3 is the fourth variant of the PG line series with strong traction and 14 colourway. It is a comfortable sneaker that comes prioritises comfort and performance.

Nike PG2.5 vs PG3

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike PG2.5Nike PG3
TractionThe PG2.5 does not have much solid traction.The PG3 has better solid traction than the PG2.5.
DustThe PG2.5 tends to collect dust.The PG3 does not collect much dust.
ComfortPG2.5 feels less comfortable than PG3.PG3 is relatively very comfortable than PG25.
PricePG2.5 is cheaper than PG3.PG3 is more expensive than PG2.5.
ColourwaysPG2.5 has 10 colourways.PG3 has 14 colourways.

What is Nike PG2.5?

Nike PG2.5 is the third shoe released in the line of the Nike PG series. Nike started a collab series with Paul George to make this series of high-grade, sports-ready sneakers, hoping to bring out another set of iconic sneakers.

They succeeded in doing so, so they went on to produce future versions of this footwear line. On came Nike 2, Nike 2.5, Nike 3, and currently, Nike PG 4. 

The PG 2.5 has been one of the best-selling shoes in this line, with a design to remember, unforgettable performance, and high comfort. Of course, it does not provide as much comfort as the Nike PG3, but it still does a very good job in that section.

One of the major additions the PG2.5 brought in contrast to the PG3 is that it brought back the signature design of the Velcro strap that was present in the PG1 but was removed in the PG2.

One of the most obvious things one sees in PG2.5 is that it resembles PG2 a lot. This is understandable in the naming scheme of the shoe too.

One of the biggest uses of the Velcro strap is that it ensures that the hold of the shoe to the foot is more secure, firm, and powerful than the fabric in the PG2.

However, a small drawback in the PG2.5 is that it has a soft underside, which in many cases has failed to provide the required amount of traction for optimum performance.

There have been instances of people returning the shoes because the underside got damaged quite soon after purchasing. However, all in all, the shoe is excellent in itself and highly recommended for athletes.

nike pg2 5

What is Nike PG3?

Nike PG3 is the fourth variant of shoes released in the Nike PG Series. This shoe carries significant differences compared to the Nike PG1, PG2, and PG2.5.

Before PG3, Nike had released PG2.5. However, that shoe did not get a new generation because it did not bring many new features and was very similar to the PG2.

One of the biggest upgrades in the PG3 is its underside. It has a totally redesigned sole, bringing about some new features.

The first is that the suction cups present in the sole have been placed at wider distances, and hence, they give better traction compared to the PG2.5, at the same time, collecting way lesser dust as compared to the previous model. 

The new shoes also have 14 colourways, which has brought about mixed feelings in the sneakerhead community. Many feel that the design change is a good one and helps this show you stand out, while many think the new design does not do justice to the price paid for them. 

However, external appearances aside, the show upgrades the comfort segment, and many reviewers agree that the shoe feels like ‘pillows for the feet’.

Main Differences Between Nike PG2.5 and PG3

  1. The main difference between Nike PG2.5 and PG3 is that the PG2.5 has lesser traction; hence it does not grip to the ground as well as the PG3 does.
  2. The PG2.5 tends to collect more dust than the PG3.
  3. PG2.5 is less comfortable than PG3.
  4. PG2.5 is cheaper than PG3.
  5. PG2.5 has 10 colourways, while PG3 has 14.
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