Difference Between Nike Revolution 5 and Revolution 4

Nike is a very prestigious brand that produces multiple goods. Nike shoes are very trendy and stylish.


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There is an entire series dedicated to running shoes known as Revolution. And Revolution 5 and Revolution 4 are the running shoes that belong to this series.

Nike Revolution 5 vs Revolution 4

The difference between Nike Revolution 5 and Revolution 4 is that revolution 5 has an outsole made of only one rubber layer while revolution 4 has 7 different pods of different sizes to form the outsole of the shoe. Both shoes are running shoes used worldwide because Nike is not an unknown brand.

Nike Revolution 5 vs Revolution 4

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Nike Revolution 5 are running shoes introduced by Nike. These shoes are made of knitted fabric which provides passage for air to go through.

These running shoes provide adequate support for feet and are widely appreciated by runners. They come in multiple designs and colours. These shoes are not expensive and the quality is worth their price.

Nike Revolution 4 is a product from the Revolution series of Nike they are the successor to revolution 5 which comes along with the features of revolution 3.

These shoes have been very trendy, but since the launch of revolution 5, these shoes are a bit difficult to buy. A person would choose an updated version rather than the previous one.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonNike Revolution 5Revolution 4
LaunchedRevolution 5 was launched on 15 January 2020. Revolution 4 was launched on 1 May 2019.
ManufacturerRevolution 5 is part of the Revolution series of shoes introduced by Nike. Revolution 4 is also part of the same Revolution series of shoes introduced by Nike.
DimensionThe dimension of the Nike Revolution 5 is 25.4*38.1*15.24 cm. The dimension of the Nike Revolution 4 is 23*8.5*3.5 cm.
WeightNike Revolution 5 weighs 209 grams. Nike Revolution 4 weighs 198 grams.
BreathabilityThe fabric used to make Revolution 5 shoes provide the feature of breathability.The fabric used to make Revolution 4 shoes do not provide the feature of breathability.

What is Nike Revolution 5?

Nike launched its shoe series known as Nike Revolution in 1987. They came out as basketball sneakers for the first time. The Revolution 5 is appropriate for its perfect fit, still, some users complain that they are not comfortable.

These shoes come in two sizes, wide and narrow. In this series, the feature of removable insoles is not given. The upper part of revolution 5 is traditional and standard, which is usually made by Nike.

The best feature of these shoes is that they are very light. They weigh so little that a person would even feel them sometimes. Users have claimed that these shoes do not get worn out easily.

The structure or design of Revolution 5 seems to be a combination of the other two shoe models that are Revolution 4 and Nike legend react.

Only the midsole of these shoes seems to be unique. The midsole of revolution 5 is sturdy and thin which sometimes can be a bit uncomfortable.

Due to its design and weight, revolution 5 is a very flexible shoe. Also, for more comfort, Nike used foam cushions in these shoes. It can be quite useful when running, jumping, or climbing. The breathable fabric also makes feet feel softer and nicer.

What is Revolution 4?

Revolution 4 are also running shoes that are manufactured by the brand Nike. They are the successor to revolution 5 running shoes. These shoes come with thick padding and tongue.

There is enough space given for toes to fit in properly but the tongue can twist. The fabric used in revolution 4 is not that much ventilated so there can be sweating in the feet.

These shoes are lightweight but the material makes them sturdy for various movements made by feet. A specific cup has been attached to the area where ankles rest.

It gives enough protection to ankles to secure them from injuries. The shoes keep getting comforting by the time of usage.

Running while wearing these shoes makes the person feel so faster. They come with a much nicer look. These shoes were launched after Revolution 3.

Revolution 3 is a successor of revolution 4. There are many upgraded features in these shoes. Revolution 4 comes with an outsole pattern along with pads that are designed to give flexibility and comfort.

The fabric used to make these shoes have two types, a tight-knit pattern and an open weave knit. The tighter knit forms the heels and midfoot while an open weave knit pattern is used in the making of the toe area.

Other previous shoes from the revolution series are not available, but Revolution 4 is still being liked by people.

Main Differences Between Nike Revolution 5 and Revolution 4

  1. The fabric material used in revolution 5 is thinner and provides passage for air while the fabric in revolution 4 is so thick that the feet of users can be sweaty.
  2. Revolution 5 is the predecessor of revolution 4. On the other hand revolution, 4 is the predecessor of revolution 3.
  3. The year in which revolution 5 was launched is 2020 while the year in which revolution r was launched is 2019.
  4. The outsole of revolution 5 is made of one rubber layer whereas to make the outsole of revolution 4 seven unique pods are used.
  5. Running shoes from the revolution 5 category can almost weigh 7.37 ounces while revolution 4 can weigh 6.98 ounces.
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