French Revolution vs Russian Revolution: Difference and Comparison

The French Revolution, as well as the Russian Revolution, proved similar in many aspects but notably distinct in others. Russia had been led by a king who was suspected of authoritarianism, just like France was well before the rebellion.

The kings did not accurately portray their individuals, neither were they nearer to them; the working class (bourgeoisie in France, Duma in Russia) desired recognition; because in both instances, the royal houses were implemented.

Key Takeaways

  1. The French Revolution occurred from 1789 to 1799, while the Russian Revolution occurred in 1917.
  2. The French Revolution aimed to overthrow the monarchy and establish a republic; the Russian Revolution aimed to overthrow the Tsarist regime and establish a communist government.
  3. The French Revolution led to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, while the Russian Revolution resulted in the establishment of the Soviet Union.

French Revolution vs Russian Revolution

The French Revolution (1789–1799) was primarily driven by societal demands for equality and liberty, fundamentally altering France’s political and social structure. The Russian Revolution (1917) was sparked by worker’s rights and food scarcity, resulting in the establishment of a communist government.

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The French Revolution, furthermore known as the Revolution of1789, was a progressive movement that rattled France among 1787 and 1799, reaching a first-ever crescendo in 1789.

Hence the customary word “Revolution of1789,” indicating the closure of the old regime in France and distinguishing that incident out from subsequent French revolutions of 1830 as well as 1848.

The Russian Revolution took place in two phases: the February Revolution as well as the October Revolution.

The February movement began in 1917 mostly as a result of the conclusion and implications of WWI, as well as the general rejection of the Tsar, which brought Russia to terrible catastrophes.

The individuals were finally weary of it, as well the Tsar was ousted by Petrograd revolutionaries.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFrench RevolutionRussian Revolution
OccurrenceThe French Revolution took place between 1789 and 1799.The Russian Revolution occurred in 1917.
Caused ByThe French Revolution was really the result of a failing economy with intolerable taxation, as well as Louis XVI’s poor leadership.The Russian revolution has been the product of a failing economy and Tsar Nicolas II’s poor leadership.
Led toAfter the French Revolution was victorious, the reigning monarchy at the moment, Louis XVI, was beheaded.Tsar Nicolas II, the reigning monarchy at the moment, was murdered after the Russian revolution was accomplished.
Pre-Revolutionary PeriodThere was really no pre-revolutionary period preceding the French Revolution.Even before the Russian revolution, there existed a pre-revolution. Such pre-revolution occurred in 1905. It was simply done to demonstrate to the king society’s disapproval.
Emerged withThe origin and end of the French Revolution led all the way to the emergence of Democracy.The Russian Revolution led to the emergence of communism.

What is French Revolution?

The French Revolution was a period of social as well as political turmoil in France as well as its provinces that lasted from 1789 until 1799.

Its collapse of the monarchy, driven by liberal but also extreme beliefs, spurred the downfall of absolute monarchies in plenty of other regions of Europe.

The French involvement throughout the American Revolution in 1776 seems to have been an expensive process that nearly bankrupted the country. King Louis’ lavish spending didn’t help things either.

Empty royal treasuries, bad harvests, and rising food costs had instilled fear amongst some of the destitute rural and urban populations.

The situation was exacerbated further by the implementation of levies that offered little respite. Violent protests, vandalism, and mass demonstrations became the routine as a response.

Charles Alexandre de Calonne, the controller general, suggested a nationwide land tax near the end of 1786.

This tax policy wouldn’t exempt the favored classes, such as the clergy and nobles, since it had done for centuries.

french revolution

What is Russian Revolution?

The Russian Revolution occurred in 1917 when the enraged working-class rose against the despotic authority of the Czars, which was terminated with the foundation of a new administration led by Vladimir Lenin.

The Russian Revolution is an important part of world events since it had a big effect not just on Russia as well as on neighboring areas. It later resulted in the foundation of the Soviet Union, the globe’s foremost socialist country.

Russia experienced the Industrial Revolution far later than the rest of the European region. Whenever it did, it brought a slew of political and social upheavals with it.

The Russian Industrial Revolution increased the numbers in metropolitan centers like St Petersburg as well as Moscow, placing pressure on the infrastructure system and resulting in overpopulation and pollution. 

As a consequence, the urban underclass experienced a new level of deprivation.

The population increase did not provide the food supplies to maintain this in the long term, as years of economic incompetence and expensive wars sometimes caused chronic shortfalls throughout the large country.

russian revolution

Main Differences Between French Revolution and Russian Revolution

  1. The French Revolution lasted from 1789 till the end of 1799 AD. Whereas, following World War I, the Russian Revolution occurred in 1971. As a corollary, the revolution’s influence on Russia was significantly bigger than that of the revolution’s imprint upon France.
  2. It was purely due to Russia’s involvement in World War II at the time all of these insurgencies began to take effect within the country. On the other hand, the French revolution, from the other end, was enough for the nation to have been through while it was not involved in any foreign hostilities.
  3. The ruling monarchy of the time, Louis XVI, was executed when the French Revolution emerged triumphantly. On the other hand, Tsar Nicolas II, the governing royalty at the time, was assassinated after the Russian revolution got completed.
  4. Prior to the French Revolution, there would be no pre-revolutionary era. From the other end, there was a pre-revolutionary period in Russia well before the revolution. In1905, a similar pre-revolution happened. It was just done to indicate society’s disdain of the monarch.
  5. The origins and conclusion of the French Revolution paved the stage for the establishment of Democracy. In contrast, the Russian Revolution resulted in the rise of communism.
Difference Between French Revolution and Russian Revolution

Last Updated : 25 November, 2023

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