Korat vs Russian Blue: Difference and Comparison

In recent years, cats have won several pet lovers’ hearts. Who can resist those fur balls with intense eyes and adore nature?

Every cat has their trait and characteristic. There are several hundreds of cat breeds worldwide; among them, specifically, two breeds Korat and Russian blue, are popular, and what makes it interesting is that it is very difficult to tell them apart.

They are almost identical, but there are a few characteristics by which one can distinguish them apart.

Key Takeaways

  1. Korat cats originate from Thailand and are known for their silver-blue coat, heart-shaped face, and large, expressive green eyes.
  2. Russian Blue cats are native to Russia and have a distinctive blue-gray coat, a more elongated and elegant face, and striking green eyes.
  3. The main differences between Korat and Russian Blue cats lie in their physical appearance, particularly the coat color, facial structure, and body shape, with each breed having unique characteristics.

Korat vs. Russian Blue

Korat is a playful cat. The face shape of a Korat is like a heart. Korat is heavy. These cats are mostly found in Thailand. Forests and wild places are their comfort zone. Russian Blue is a sensitive cat. The face of Russian blue is wedge-shaped. These cats are found in Arkhangelsk. Their comfort zone is cold places. They are well-trained.

Korat vs Russian blue

Korat and Russian Blue, both cats, are very intelligent and very well-behaved in their behavior. They are mistaken as both have gray fur and green eyes.

Korat cat, if noticed closely, has a heart-shaped face. The Korat cat appears to be stouter and heavier.

On the other hand, Russian blue has more of a wedge-shaped face and has very little or no fat on its body, mainly muscles.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonKoratRussian Blue
Face shapeHeart-shapedWedge-shaped
Physical attributeStouter and heavier than russian blueRegular-sized cat with no fat, mostly muscle
Comfort ZoneJungle and wildCold climate
NaturePlayful and notoriousWell-behaved and sensitive
Fur coatSingle coat with nearly no undercoatDouble coat with a thick undercoat
eyesPeridot green(yellowish)Emerald green


What is Korat?

Korat cat is a popular cat breed known for its silver-blue coat. The Korat cat has beautiful big eyes that are amber with a greenish hue.

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They have a heart-shaped face and a medium-sized tail rounded at the end. Korat cats are very unique and popularly used for crossbreeding.

The Korat has an affectionate nature with dominant traits. The cat craves an immense amount of attention from its owner.

The cat has a curious personality that likes to involve itself in whatever activity the owner engages in. Being a cat with a curious personality in most instances, the owner must ensure that the cat is engaged with toys to keep itself healthy and active.

Korat is also very confident, sociable, and a real charm for the guests. It is advised to keep the cat indoors mostly to prevent itself from disease outside.

Korat is a natural breed in Thailand, commonly known as si-aurat (color of sawat seed). In Thailand, the Korat is a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Korat cat was first mentioned in a book of poems from the late 1350s, where Korat was among the seventeen lucky cats.


What is Russian Blue?

Russian blue cats are popular and well-known for their luscious and silky bluish-grey coat. The Russian blue cats have beautiful emerald green eyes; unlike other cats, they do not shed much hair.

Russian blue cats are  the best pets to choose from if anyone suffering from allergies wants a furry companion as these cats rank quite low on the shedding list, and the quality of their self-growing short coat makes it even more, easier to handle

The paws of Russian blue, unlike major domestic animals, are mauve, while most domestic animals have grey paws. Russian blue cats have thick double-coat fur; it consists of shorter dense cots and longer coats.

The body of this cat almost feels like a velvet cloth. They have quite a sheen in their blue fur coat.

Russian Blue is quite a bit of a tidy freak and very sensitive. These cats take quite some time to adjust and adapt to a new situation.

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Any change in routine stresses them out, so schedule changes should be made gradually. While making the cat socialize with new people, the process should be slow, allowing the cat to take its own time to get comfortable.

Russian blue is a mostly quiet and intelligent breed of cat. They are mostly quiet and timid.

russian blue

Main Differences Between Korat and Russian Blue

  1. The major difference between Korat and Russian blue is the shape of their face. While Korat has a heart-shaped face, Russian blue has a more o wedge-shaped one.
  2. Korat is more of a jungle cat and likes to stay active throughout the day; however, Russian blue is more of a cold climate cat. It is very calm and composed in nature.
  3. While Korat is more notorious in nature and playful in behavior, Russian Blue is a more well-behaved and sensitive cat.
  4. Korat cat is of the color of gunmetal and has a single coat of fur, whereas Russian blue has a bluish-black fur coat with a double fur coat.
  5. Korat has peridot green(yellowish) eyes, while Russian blue has beautiful emerald green eyes.
  6. Korat is a stouter and heavier n feature, whereas Russian blue has little or no fat on its body and mostly muscles.
Difference Between Korat and Russian Blue

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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