Difference Between Hotel and Inn

The hospitality industry is a booming sector with the ongoing advancements and the connectivity of people across the globe. Tourism has become a country’s way of generating revenues and it brings various job opportunities.


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It falls under the service area where people are provided with all the necessities required like lodging, food and drink service, event planning, etc.

Shelter and lodging are the very basic requirements for an individual after food. For living permanently or while traveling one seeks a suitable place with basic requirements, or more than that based on the status and money in the pocket.

For living temporarily while traveling from one city to the other, or one country to another country the establishment of Hotels and Inns have helped travelers for generations.

Hotel vs Inn

The difference between hotel and inn is in their size and services, a hotel is generally a big building providing accommodation to a large number of people whereas an inn is typically a small one floor of accommodation.

Hotel vs Inn

Hotels and inn are used interchangeably because of both falling under a similar service area but both are poles apart and have a thick line of differences.

Before even booking a room it becomes necessary to understand those differences and what services can be expected.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHotelInn
LocationHotels are generally located in the middle of the town and cities.Traditionally Inn is in the countryside or a rural location.
SizeA hotel can accommodate a much larger number of guests because of the grand size.An Inn can hardly accommodate a larger number, because of the building size.
ArchitectureThe layout and construction are created with hundreds of rooms and facilities like elevators, and corridors that direct the visitor.A typical inn would have a less advanced interior and exclude facilities like elevators because the building size is a maximum of 3-4 floors.
ServicesHotels employ different staff services from receptionists to bellhops and housekeepers. They can also have entertainment facilities too like swimming pools, laundry, and a spa.Inns do not employ a wide variety of staff like a hotel and the services are less.
Time PeriodHotels provide a comparatively long term service and one can stay for a couple of months as the rooms are enough.Because of less number of rooms the accommodation service doesn’t allow living for a long time.


What is Hotel?

A hotel is a commercial establishment falling under the hospitality sector which serves for lodging and food for a duration of time.

The word originated from the French word hôtel referred to as a building seeing frequent visitors. With regard to the modern sense, the first-ever hotel was in Exeter, and soon Europe and North America began with the development of more such hotels that accommodated travelers.

Hotels can vary and be classified in sizes, locations, in the facilities, and expenses. The ratings can be in the form of stars and diamonds depending upon the quality provided.

A typical hotel will be multi-story, basic requirements like beds, furniture, telephone, washroom, and facilities such as a Tv, an air conditioner can be there. A luxurious hotel can have a swimming pool, spa, conference hall, gyms.

The staff employed may vary to different jobs, there are receptionists, waiters, room service department, staff dealing with the laundry, etc. The management is well organized and the architecture also supports a worthwhile experience.


What is Inn?

An inn is an establishment for hospitality purposes, they came prior to hotels and helped travelers in lodging and to grab food and drink.

They are historic, before the motor vehicles, people used to come in horses, so inn provided the accommodation for horses too. They are said to have originated in Europe.

Traditionally, Inns are located in the countryside or rural areas, although currently it’s much loose term and can be found all around.

They are less costly and can accommodate enough people, the architecture is not designed for a large chunk of the population. The building can be a maximum 4 stories.

Basic requirements are available but generally lack facilities like room service, laundry. They also don’t have a rating system because of a small establishment.

The employees are in less amount and the accommodation price isn’t huge like hotels, the lodging period is relatively lower.


Main Differences Between Hotel and Inn

  1. The main difference between Hotel and Inn is that the former is comparatively bigger and can easily accommodate hundreds of people whereas an Inn cannot be bigger than 3-4 story buildings thus accommodate lesser guests.
  2. Mostly Hotels are placed in the centre of the city and middle of towns whereas traditionally Inns used to be in the countryside.
  3. The architecture in both of them is created as per the accommodation purpose, Hotels are constructed to accommodate hundreds of people hence the rooms are more and the size and interior of rooms can vary from the perspective of rates, Inns are not designed to serve aesthetics, they are mere rooms.
  4. Hotels employ staff that caters to each and every need, a receptionist, bellhops, housekeepers, all assigned tasks, an Inn however has fewer numbers of staff, a single man might be doing different tasks.
  5. One can easily book a hotel for months, whereas Inns are typically for lesser days because of few room accommodations.
Difference Between Hotel and Inn
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