Difference Between Drink and Beverage

Any meal is incomplete without liquid, and it is even important for the animal body. The liquid is available in many forms but the basic necessity is water, it is required not only by animals but also by plants.


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There is no life without water, thus only earth has life among all the planets.

There are several drinks available in the market by various brands and the base of all drinks is water. These drinks are aerated, brewed, juices, alcohol, etc..

Drinks help to refresh the person and any gathering is incomplete without drinks and beverages. Drinks and beverages are often used interchangeably but they are not the same.

Drink vs Beverage

The difference between drink and beverage is that drink is a wider term that includes every type of edible liquid including water, on the other hand, beverages are specific drinks that are brewed.

Drink vs Beverage

The variation also depends on the process they are made from, as there are several methods to prepare drinks and beverages which affects the taste and texture of it.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDrinkBeverage
DefinitionAny type of consumable liquid important for human culture.A specific type of drink made with the process of brew.
TypeCan be of any type ( soft, hard, hot, or cold).They are generally hot drinks like tea and coffee.
Process of preparationJuicing, brewing, percolation, infusion, distillation, etc..Brewing, fomentation, etc
Uses in English Noun and verbNoun
ExampleAlcohol, juices, soft drinks, etc..Tea, coffee, beer, etc.. 

What is Drink?

The drink is any consumable liquid used for quenching thirst. Drinks are important for human culture. Drinks include a variety of consumable liquid like juices, coffee, tea, water, etc..

The drink is a noun and verb as well in grammar, for example, one should drink (verb) water, or take this drink (noun), etc.. It can be used as both noun and verb, depending on the sentence.

Drinks can be of several types like alcoholic drinks, flavoured drinks, carbonated drinks, cold drinks, soft drinks, fizzy drinks, etc.. Different countries have their speciality in drinks and their availability depends on the availability of ingredients, weather, climate, preferences of people, etc..

Sometimes the names get confusing, for example, aerated drinks are sometimes known as soda in other places which might confuse the consumer. There are numerous drinks which are seasonal because lime soda is not available in winters or drinking hot chocolate might not refresh the consumer in summer.

Several processes which are used to prepare drinks which also affects the taste and texture of it are; carbonation, purification, pasteurization, juicing, infusion, fermentation, etc.. These processes improve the taste and quality of the drink.

Most of them are performed with Chemicals and therefore cannot be done at home with simple ingredients and tools, for example, carbonation cannot be performed at home, but processes like juicing can be done at home with the help of juicers.

Drinks are important as they also help to maintain the balance of liquid in the body and also helps in digesting food, therefore it is always preferable to have drinks along with food. Drinking liquid helps to maintain the balance of the body.

The most important and basic drink that an animal body requires is water. 


What is a Beverage?

The beverage is a type of drink which is processed and thus it does not include water in it. There are several beverages for example tea, coffee, beer, soft drinks, etc..

Beverages generally are considered to be brewed drinks like tea or coffee, they do not necessarily include alcohol in it. Beer is an exception to beverages because that is not a hot drink and it does contain alcohol in it.

Drinks that are brewed, infused, percolated, etc., are considered beverages. There is a very thin line between drink and beverages and that difference can be seen as beverages does not include water.

To become a beverage something has to be added through a process in water with other ingredients.

Unlike drink beverage is just a noun in Grammar, it is just perceived as a consumable liquid which can be drunk at get-togethers, or any sort of party and even at home on regular days. There are several beverages processed by brands in the market, for example beer is of various types and it is sold in the market by various brands.

Beverages are a great option to quench thirst and to feel refreshed. For example tea and coffee make every person feel refreshed.

Their ingredients provide energy to the body and mind which also increases activeness of the body.


Main Differences Between Drinks and Beverages

  1. The drink is a wider term which includes all types of consumable liquid including water, on the other hand, the beverage is a type of drink which does not include lead of water in it.
  2. The drink includes all types of alcohol in it whereas beverages include few drinks which contain alcohol for example beer.
  3. Drinks can be made with simple processes on the other hand beverages are generally brewed or percolated.
  4. A drink can be used as a noun or verb in English, but the beverage is used as a noun only.
  5. Examples of drink are; alcohol,  water, soft drink ok, tea,  coffee, etc..  Some examples of beverages are; coffee, tea, beer, etc..
Difference Between Drink and Beverage


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