Difference Between Hotel and B&B

While out for vacation, long or short, we opt for hotels, motels or B&B to rest and spend the nights. The difference between hotels and B&B is very prominent, the former is a corporate set-up, and the latter is a homely space to stay in.


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Hotel vs B&B

The difference between a hotel and a B&B is that a hotel, in most cases, is multi chained and owned by large companies, but B&B is a small business venture that owners possess independently. Hotels will offer you a varied option when it comes to food, but in B&B, you have to eat what the owners have to offer.

Hotel vs BB

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Hotels are usually luxury places as these are part of chained companies and thus does not have one individual owner. Everything in the hotels is formal and professional.

You can stay for a long time in hotels, and it offers complimentary breakfast at times.

B&B or Bed and Breakfast is exactly what it sounds like; it is a place to stay at night when you go on short trips, and the next morning, the complimentary breakfast is served. The environment of a B&B is very informal and homely. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHotel B&B
Owner Generally, hotels are chains that are owned by large companies.In most cases, B&B is owned independently.
Nature of breakfastThe breakfast offered by the hotels is formal and sterile.The breakfast offered by the B&B is informal but the quality of the food is gourmet.
Range of breakfastHotels provide a great range of breakfast foods.The meals provided by B&Bs are cooked by the owners and do not include a lot of options.
ChargesHotels have a decided rate for the room and offer discounts occasionally.B&B decides its rates based on the current situation of the season.
Other facilitiesBesides the room, there are other facilities available in a hotel in exchange for extra money.B&B mostly provide other small facilities free of cost.

What is Hotel?

Hotels are owned by large companies, and the renowned ones have several branches as well. The complimentary breakfast served in hotels is no less than a large feast.

Many varieties in the menu are available here, and the hotel management appoints professional chefs to cook the food items. Hotels have the setup of apartments.

The rooms share similarities, and the decor of the rooms are identical as well.

As the hotels are part of the business chain, different hotels in different places under the same brand name follow the same theme to convey uniformity.

Hotels got you covered with all their equipment and services. The hotel staff takes care of all the daily chores.

Other amenities requested by the guests are also taken seriously by the staff and done accordingly.

What is B&B?

B&B stands for Bed and Breakfast. It has a homely atmosphere and is mostly owned by people individually. This is usually a place for a night stay, and the next morning breakfast is served as complimentary.

This comfortable staying place is commonly enjoyed for one or two nights.

The complimentary breakfast is made by the owners only, and though the food is not professional, the quality of it does not get compromised.

Anything that we generally consume at our home will be available here, for instance, eggs, meats, fruits, cereals etc.

B&Bs are essentially houses that are rented to guests for business purposes. Here the guests will experience the warmth that a hotel will lack.

The staff of the B&Bs, in most cases, belong to the same family and come together to take care of the visitors. There is no place for formal behaviour or service.

The prices of B&B are decided based on the season. If it is peak season, then the prices will be high, but in an offseason, they will be very cheap and affordable.

Main Differences Between Hotel and B&B

  1. Generally, hotels are chains that are owned by large multinational companies, but B&B is owned by independent owners.
  2. The breakfast offered in different hotels is formal and sterile and cooked by professional chefs. Contradictorily, the breakfast offered by the B&B is informal. However, no compromise gets made in the quality and purity of the food.
  3. Hotels also serve a great range of breakfast foods with several options of cereals, different types of bread and juices, but B&B, on the other hand, does not serve many options, as the food is cooked by the owners.
  4. Hotels have a decided rate for the room and offer discounts depending on the special occasions, and the room rates of B&B gets decided based on the current season.
  5. Besides the room, if the visitors want other facilities, then they have to pay the extra money, but B&B is known to offer those services free of cost.
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