Difference Between Choice Hotel and Marriott

There are various kinds of hotels and shelter providers. We all are using them. Some of them are costly, some are cheap. Some of them are very classic and provide so many facilities.

While others are very basic hotels with only limited facilities. Choice hotel and Marriott are companies that provide accommodation and some other facilities.

Choice Hotel vs Marriott

The main difference between Choice Hotel and Marriott is that Choice Hotel is a less recognized brand. On the other hand, Marriott is comparably more recognized. Further the facilities provided by both these companies vary. The rank of both these hotels in the list of top 1000 brands also varies.

Choice Hotel vs Marriott

Choice Hotel is a hospitality company which is situated in the US. It is one of the largest companies under which a lot of other brands are workings.

Choice Hotel owns approximately 7,118 properties that too in 41 different countries across the world. From this ownership, we can conclude its recognition.

Marriott is also an international brand. It is American based multinational company that owns many hotels residential and timeshare properties.

The headquarter of this company is situated in Maryland. The owner of Marriott is Willard Marriott. That’s why its name is Marriott. It owns 7,642 properties across 131 countries across the world.

Comparison Table Between Choice Hotel and Marriott

Parameters of ComparisonsChoice HotelMarriott
FounderFounded by Stewart W. Bainum Sr.Founded by Willard Marriott
Rank 46175
WorldwideIt has properties in 41 countries.It has properties in 131 countries.
Price Matching PolicyIt offers Price Matching Policy.It does not offer a Price Matching Policy.
AARP PolicyIt supports AARP policyIt does not support.

What is Choice Hotel?

Choice hotel is one of the largest hospitality brands with a lot of branches in different countries. The comfort brand also tie-up with this Choice Hotel and then became called Choice Hotel’s flagship brand.

Then gradually Choice Hotel keeps on improving its comfort facilities and luxuries. The advertisement also kept going for this brand which led to its recognition among people.

Choice Hotel formed an alliance with Bluegreen Vacations in 2013. After this, many Bluegreen hotel comes under Choice Hotel.

There are a lot of brands that work under Choice Hotel, starting from upscale, Midscale to Extended stay. Now the hotels that come under Upscale are Ascend Hotel Collection, Cambria Hotel, etc.

Examples of hotels that come under Midscale are Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, etc. Then under Extended stay Woodspring Suites, Mainstays Suites.

Talking about the rank of Choice hotel in the list of top 1000 brands then It acquires 461 ranks. And yes, Choice Hotel also has some negative social sentiments.

These Hotels offer a price matching policy. Along with that AARP, discount policies are also offered, which we can say is their marketing strategy.

To attract its customers, they also offer gift cards and other prizes. But some policies like nurse discount policies are not offered by them.

What is Marriott?

Marriott is also one of the largest hotel brands with a large network of hotels all over the world. The company opened its first hotel in 1957.

Talking about their prices, these hotels charge approximately $9 per night stay. In 1976, the company also opened two theme parks named California’s Great America and Six Flags Great America.

In 2020, Marriott International was named as one of the “Top 75 companies” that work for women executives. Also, it has greater brand recognition as compared to Choice Hotel.

Marriott is well-known for its luxury hotel portfolio, which includes well-known names like the Ritz Carlton and St. Regis. Marriott now owns some of the most prestigious hotels in the world, including several all-suite buildings in exotic locales like the Maldives and Bora Bora.

The Luxury Collection is a fantastic collection of high-end hotels that feel more like independent boutique hotels than members of a brand with strict criteria. These are typically higher-priced and higher-category hotels.

There are more than 600 hotels under the Marriott name. There’s a vast choice of places to choose from and nothing in the way of a unified brand identity.

Many hotels, including the Marriott Marquis Chicago, have recently been renovated and modernized to meet the needs of modern travelers.

On the other hand, many Marriott properties, particularly airport hotels, have also been seen in very good conditions better.

Main Differences Between Choice Hotel and Marriott

  1. Choice Hotel is spread across 41 countries. On the other hand, Marriott is spread across 141 countries.
  2. The choice hotel has a global rank of 461 in the list of top brands. On the other hand, Marriott occupies the rank of 75.
  3. The recognition of Choice hotel is less as compared to Marriott hotel.
  4. AARP and PM policies are only offered by Choice Hotels, not by Marriott.
  5. Choice Hotel is less recognized and has some bad impression on some social tv. But Marriott is well recognized.


So the conclusion is that both Choice Hotel and Marriott are good options for us to stay. Both of them have huge networks spread all over the globe.

The basic facility they provide is almost the same. They have excellent marketing skills also, which leads to their recognition among customers.

The difference lies in the policies offered by them. Choice Hotel offers a price matching policy. On the other hand, Marriott does not offer a price matching policy. Along with that, Gift card support is offered by Choice Hotels but not by Marriott.

Apart from that, the ranking of both the hotels is also different. Choice Hotel is ranked 461 in the list of top brands. On the other hand, Marriott is ranked 75.

From this, we can also conclude the recognition of these hotels. Choice Hotels somewhere have bad social sentiments. But Marriot is well recognized.

So we can choose any of the two hospitality brands. Both are safe and secure to use and stay with your family.


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