Bike vs Car: Difference and Comparison

A vehicle is used for transporting cargo and people. There are a lot of vehicles that are classified into different categories like Land, Air and Water vehicles. Vehicles fulfil the human need to move from one place to another.

It involves the use of kinetic energy and power like a steering system or brake to control the machine. Most vehicles use wheels that help in displacement and lessen the rolling friction.

Vehicles need energy sources so that they can run. Most commonly used are fuels like petrol, ethanol, diesel etc. Bikes and Cars come under the category of Vehicle.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bikes are two-wheeled vehicles, powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor.
  2. Cars are four-wheeled vehicles with larger, enclosed spaces for passengers and cargo.
  3. Bikes offer greater fuel efficiency and maneuverability, while cars provide more comfort, safety, and carrying capacity.

Bike vs Car

A bike, also known as a bicycle, is a human-powered vehicle consisting of two wheels, a frame, pedals, and handlebars. A car, also known as an automobile, is a four-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine and designed for transportation on roads that are powered by gasoline or diesel fuel.

Bike vs Car

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The bike is used for various kinds of purposes like commuting, sporting, racing, cruising etc. Different names like motorbike, motorcycle or trike call it. It comes in various designs.

Bike riding has become a kind of social activity where motorcycle riders go on a trip, have bike clubs and rallies etc. The bike comes in three variants, i.e. street, dual and off-road.

A bike is very easy to ride, and one can easily get around the traffic in case they are stuck. It can turn on the corners easily.

A car is a four-wheeled automobile that is used for the transportation of people and cargo. Cars became prominent in the 20th century.

It became so continent to drive them that now many of the economies depend upon it. A car has a steering wheel that provides balance and agility.

It is less likely to fall or lean over, unlike bikes. Cars provide comfort to passengers. Features include a variety of lights, rearview cameras, navigation system, air conditioning, in-car entertainment etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBikeCar
WheelTwo or threeFour
SafetyHelmetSeat belt, airbag, rear-view etc.
Parking SpaceLess parking spaceMore parking space
Gear Needs to be changed with the foot.Needs to be changed with hands.

What is Bike?

The first-ever bike that could run on petroleum was Daimler Reitwagen. It was built by German inventors in 1885. Hildebrand & Wolfmüller was the first company that started manufacturing bikes commercially.

Then the production of making bikes started in England and America. All the bicycle-making companies made changes in the designs and added internal combustion to make it a motorcycle.

When engines became more powerful, a lot of people started making bikes. In the 19th century, there was a boom in the Bike industry.

When world war 1st happened, the bike was very useful in transporting communication to the troops and armies. At the end of the second world war, Harley Davison became the largest bike manufacturing company.

If we talk about modern times, most bikes are produced by Indian and Japanese companies. Technical aspects of bikes consist of aluminium or steel frames, disk brakes, and telescopic forks holding the front wheel.

Bikes now come in two variants, either fueled by power or electricity. The fuel economy of bikes largely depends upon their engine and riding style. Speed is the most important factor in bikes.

Electric bikes don’t make sound, have zero emissions and are environment friendly. But they cannot give the same speed as power-fueled ones. It offers riders the freedom to ride on the road easily.


What is Car?

The term ‘car’ derives from the Middle English word meaning wheeled vehicle. Originally car meant any wheeled vehicle like a horse cart, wagon, carriage etc. Cars mostly run on gasoline and internal combustion engine.

Cars have become so popular since the 20th century that they cause air and noise pollution and climate change. Cars are meant for the comfort of the passengers.

It is well-equipped with safety systems.  A lot of controls are there in the car, like steering, brakes, changing gears, ventilation, numerous buttons, lights etc.

The Interior of the cars is user-friendly. Because it comes with automatic doors, radio, side windows, portable appliances like chargers, fridges, inventors, etc., more the cost of the car or luxury, it comes with more facilities.

Like massage seats, collidance avoidance seats etc., the weight of the car ranges from 1 to 3 tonnes. Weight affects the consumption of fuel and the performance of the car.

Cars can carry multiple people at a time ranging from five to eight-person. Cars come in different varieties like sports cars, minivans, sedans, hatchbacks, station wagons etc.

The cost of the car is expensive, and maintenance is difficult because repairs, parking, insurance, tax, fuel, everything is included.


Main Differences Between Bike and Car

  1. A bike may contain two or three wheels and is sometimes referred to as a trike or motorcycle. The car is a four-wheeled automobile.
  2. On the bike, the rider has to wear a helmet to protect from injuries. A safety kit is not provided. In-car, safety includes seat belts, rear-view mirror, airbags, traction control etc.
  3. The bike needs a very small space when it comes to parking. Cars need a lot of space in parking depending upon their size.
  4. Gear in bikes needs to be changed on foot. In-car, the gear is changed by hand, or it is automatic.
  5. Bikes are very much more affordable than Cars. Cars are expensive because a lot of things are included.
Bike vs Car – Difference Between Bike and Car

Last Updated : 27 July, 2023

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