Difference Between Embassy Suites and Marriott

After living the hectic lives of people, everyone needs a vacation to chill and enjoy with their families and friends. Most of them chose to go away from their resident cities to enjoy new views, culture, food, etc.

When they go for such vacations then they need a place to live in that part of the vacation. Embassy suits and Marriott provides that place.

Embassy Suites vs Marriott

The main difference between Embassy suits and Marriott is based on the founding details of these organizations. Embassy suites is a chain of hotels which all are 3 stars. The hotels belonging to this range come under luxury hotels whereas Marriott is a multinational firm that has its branches all over the globe. It provides many services.

Embassy Suites vs Marriott

Embassy Suite, Hilton Worldwide-owned semi-three-star all-suite luxury hotel. There have already been 257 structures in 5 nations featuring 59,712 units since around December 31, 2019.

The Hilton owns and runs 45 places with 11,782 suites, which is similar to other Hilton brands.

Franchise owners own and operate 212 Embassy Suites locations with a total of 47,930 guestrooms, whereas the Hilton owns and operates 45 establishments with a total of 47,930 guestrooms.

Marriott, Inc. is a worldwide corporation based in the United States that owns, manages, franchises, and licenses hotels, apartments, and vacation rental properties.

The industry’s headquarters is situated in Bethesda, Maryland. J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice Marriott created the corporation.

Marriott, Inc. is a worldwide corporation based in the United States that owns, manages, leases, and licenses hotels, apartments, and vacation rental properties.

The company’s headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland. J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice Marriott created the corporation.

Comparison Table Between Embassy Suites and Marriott

Parameters of ComparisonEmbassy Suites Marriott
FounderHilton WorldwideJ. Willard Marriott and his family Alice Marriott
Founding date198420 May 1927
Head QuartersMemphis, Tennessee United StatesBethesda, Maryland, United States
Founded inOverloading park, Kansas Washington, D.C., United States
TypeSemi 3-star all-suite luxury hotelMultinational firm

What are Embassy Suites?

Embassy Suites with Hilton is a semi 3-star all-suite luxury hotel owned by Hilton Worldwide. Since about December 31, 2019, there have been 257 facilities in five countries around the world with 59,712 condos.

Franchise owners own and operate 212 Embassy Suites properties with a total of 47,930 guestrooms, whereas the Hilton owns & operates 45 establishments with 11,782 suites, pretty similar to other Hilton brands.

The Embassy Suites luxury hotel was founded in 1983 by Hervey Feldman and Mike Rose, the same CEO of Holiday Inn Group.

From 1990 until 1992, Feldman served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of all of Embassy Suites, after that he became Executive Chairman.

That the very first Embassy Suite hotel, situated close to Overland Park, Kansas, opened its doors in 1984. In 1986, Embassy Suite spent $28 m and $38 m to establish new hotels in Fort Lauderdale.

Embassy Suite Apartments were a part of both Hilton well as Promus Hotel Corporations shortly following their merger in 1999. Embassy Suite got the J.D.

Power but also Associates “Best Customer Satisfaction between All Lodging Chains” award, including being named “Approved Practice Business Champion in Perfection” by Cornell’s School of Hospitality

Administration’s Center of Hospitality Research same year.

Throughout 2007, Embassy Suite got the sixth J.D. Power and also Associates prize for “Best Expensive Hotel Brand Customer Experience.”

To mark the firm’s 25th birthday, Embassy Suite Minneapolis – Brooklyn Center opened around 2009. Again for seventh consecutive, Embassy Suites was named “Best Guest Experience Across Upscale Hotel Chains.”.

What is Marriott?

Marriott, Inc. is a multinational firm headquartered in the States that operates, administers, franchises, & licenses properties, apartments, and vacation rentals.

Bethesda, Maryland is where the headquarters of the company is located. The company was founded by J. Willard Marriott and his family Alice Marriott.

Concerning the availability of rooms, Marriott seems to be the world’s top consumer chain. There are Thirty brands and 7,642 facilities featuring 1,423,044 suites in 131 countries around the world.

Marriott owns 2,149 of something like the 7,642 properties, whereas others own 5,493 under license agreements. The company also operates 20 hotel booking facilities.

In April 1995, Marriott bought the 49 percent market share in The Ritz-Carlton Hospitality Organization.

Marriott hoped to raise sales and profitability at The Ritz-Carlton, a troubled brand with varying characteristics losing revenue or barely breaking even.

Upon acquiring the business, Marriott is estimated to have paid roughly $200 billion in revenue plus assumed debt.

Marriott paid $331 million-plus the next year for The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta, and therefore significant ownership in two properties acquired by William Johnson, a real estate investor who must have acquired

The Ritz-Carlton, Boston, around 1983 and enlarged his Ritz-Carlton holdings over the next two decades. This same Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chain is now selling timeshares.

Ritz Carlton benefited from Marriott’s checkout process & purchasing power. Throughout 1998, Marriott purchased a majority share of the business.

Main Differences Between Embassy Suites and Marriott

  1. Embassy Suites is a hotel chain with three-star hotels. The hotels in this range are classified as luxury hotels, although Marriott is an international corporation with locations all over the world. It offers a wide range of services.
  2. The founding year of Embassy suites is 1984 whereas Marriott was founded in the year 1927. The date was 20 May 1927.
  3. The Embassy suites were founded by Hilton whereas Marriot was founded by J. Willard Marriott and his family Alice Marriott.
  4. The headquarters of embassy suits is located in Memphis, Tennessee United States whereas The headquarters of Marriott is located in Bethesda, Maryland, United States.
  5. They both were founded in different places. Embassy suites were founded in Overloading park, Kansas whereas Marriott was founded in Washington, D.C., United States.


The schedules of today’s lives are so hectic, stressful and sometimes lead to depression for the individuals or even families.

Trips, vacations, and some outings are key to getting rid of these and best to have the feeling of joy, happiness, and living. This also leads to exploring new cultures, places, and people.

When You go for these types of activities, the first thought which crashes your mind is to find a place to live while attempting all these adventurous activities.

The other reason could be for exploring new places can be due to work. In these cases, hotels or places for rent can be a great option to choose but which one will be decided according to your needs.


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