SpringHill Suites vs Hampton Inn: Difference and Comparison

SpringHill Suites and Hampton Inn are two different hotel apartments that are offered by different brands. These are the luxurious hotels that offer a great time being as their hospitality as well their accommodation facilities are quite commendable.

And as we know, everyone loves to have a good stay whenever they are traveling and hence SprillHill Suites and Hampton Inn offers you the same. There are quite a few differences between them which we will be discussing here.

Key Takeaways

  1. SpringHill Suites is a Marriott brand offering spacious suites and modern amenities, while Hampton Inn is a Hilton brand providing comfortable accommodations and value for money.
  2. SpringHill Suites cater to business and leisure travelers, while Hampton Inn primarily targets budget-conscious travelers.
  3. SpringHill Suites properties feature larger rooms with separate living areas, whereas Hampton Inn offers standard hotel rooms.

SpringHill Suites vs Hampton Inn

The difference between SpringHill suites and Hampton Inn is their ownerships. The ownership of the SpringHill suites is held by Marriott International, which provides undoubtedly the best suites. And on the other hand, there is no particular owner for the Hampton Inn as they are widely single-handed by different people, or are under the Hilton as a part of their franchises.

SpringHill Suites vs Hampton Inn

SpringHill Suites are the larger hotel apartments where the customers can enjoy a luxurious stay for a day or more. But, the best decision to choose SprillHill suites is to spend a relaxing vacation as their offer facilities that are a lot like homes.

Springhill suites provide luxurious needs.

On the other hand, when a person is traveling for a business tour or wants a budget-friendly staycation then Hampton Inn is the best choice. They have comparatively smaller areas where only necessities to the customers are offered.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSpringHill SuitesHampton Inn
FounderThe person behind the foundation of SpringHill Suites is Mr. J. Willard Marriott. Initially, Hampton Inn was founded by the Promus Hotel Corporation.
Housekeeping ServiceThe Housekeeping service in the SpringHill suites is not that co-operating. Hampton Inn’s Housekeeping is one of the best teams.
SizeSpringhill suites accommodate a larger space. Standard-sized hotel rooms are offered by the Hampton Inn, therefore it is a bit compact.
Area ServedSpringHill Suites focused its branches on the North American Side. There is worldwide availability of Hampton Inn.
RateThe public has rated the SpringHill suites higher. Comparatively, Hampton Inn is under-rated.

What are SpringHill Suites?

In simple terms, if we need to describe SpringHill Suites then we can say that it is a hotel room which is big and has a lot of luxurious equipment in it. It was launched in the year 1999, and till date, it is loved by their customers.

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First, it was J Willard Marriott who established its roots. And now, we can notice that it is under the hands of Marriott International. SpringHill Suites enables you to experience several things like a work desk, a wet bar, microwave oven, refrigerator, separate living and sleeping areas, etc.

By these accommodations, we can already sense that it has been designed in such a way that the customers feel it like home.

Generally, the customers do not face any sort of difficulty as they are well equipped according to the source we came across the Housekeeping service of SpringHill Suites is not that great. The workers only follow up their works according to their respective timings.

Therefore, it becomes a problem for many people.

To date, there are about 470 hotels under the SpringHill Suites, and they have their hotels only in the specific regions of Nothern America and nowhere else. Hence, the staycation by the SprillHill Suites is only enjoyed by the people of this region.

They are more luxurious and have comfortable rooms. If anyone in the future might think of having a peaceful and relaxing stay in Northern America then SpringHill Suites is a must-recommended hotel.

springhill suites

What is Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn is a hotel room that is owned by the Hilton Inn as their franchises in general. But, sometimes there are different owners as well.

Even though it is owned by Hilton Inn, initially its owner was different. And, Promus Hotel Corporation was the founder and initial owner of Hampton Inn.

The establishment of these hotels took place back in the year 1984. And therefore, we can count that it’s been 38 years since Hampton came into being.

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Hampton Inn is not the best luxurious room but they are quite presentable.

There are many sub-branches of Hampton Inn and the exact count according to 2019, was 2,544 hotels. There are many sub-branches because they are spread all over the world.

Therefore, you can have an experience of Hampton Inn at any place and any time. They are quite simple as it has normal rooms like any other hotels but, recently some changes have been made where the owners have added refrigerators.

As a whole, it gives us a good experience but not in the most luxurious manner.

They are not even rated much as many people are not that satisfied with the stay. But, if someone needs to rent a room for a day or two for business purposes then Hampton is the best choice.

Even their Housekeeping teams are very cooperative and helpful.

hampton inn 1

Main Differences Between SpringHill Suites and Hampton Inn

  1. Mr. J. Willard Marriott is the man who founded the SpringHill Suites while on the other hand, the Promus Hotel Corporation has the main hand in founding the Hampton Inn.
  2. It has been noted that SpringHill suites offer bad housekeeping service while on the other hand, there is good housekeeping service in Hampton Inn.
  3. The apartments of SpringHill suites are very spacious while on the other hand, Hampton Inn offers the usual hotel rooms which are comparatively smaller.
  4. The SpringHill suites are mainly located in the North American side while on the other hand, there are many branches of Hampton Inn all over the world.
  5. People prefer the SpringHill suites while on the other hand, Hampton Inn is comparatively least preferred.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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