Hilton vs Hampton Inn: Difference and Comparison

Both are high-end luxury hotels that offer the guests the best care and hospitality. Despite their similarities and being partners with each other, they have many differences in their prices and various services.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hilton and Hampton Inn are hotel chains owned by Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.
  2. Hilton hotels are larger and more upscale, while Hampton Inn hotels are designed to be more affordable and accessible to budget travellers.
  3. While both Hilton and Hampton Inn offer similar amenities such as fitness centers, free breakfast, and Wi-Fi, Hilton hotels have more on-site dining options and conference facilities than Hampton Inn hotels.

Difference Between Hilton and Hampton Inn

Hilton Hotels is also called Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and it is a luxury hotel that is found around the world. It is known for its Hilton Honors, which is a loyalty program. Hampton Inn is owned by Hilton and is the largest hotel franchise in the US, known for having an average price despite being a luxury hotel.

Hilton vs Hampton Inn

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Hilton Hotel is a luxury hotel whose global presence is remarkable. They offer the best hospitality and services.

It offers the best room deals that come with free breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Hampton Inn’s prices are lower than Hilton’s.

Comparison Table for Hilton vs Hampton Inn

Parameters of ComparisonHiltonHampton Inn
Global presence Hilton is available at more places than Hampton Inn.Hampton Inn is situated in lesser places than Hilton and has less of a global presence.
Loyalty program Hilton hotels have loyalty programs called Hilton Honors, and it is free to join.As Hampton Inn is a part of Hilton, people can join Hilton Honors. Hampton Inn does not have any loyalty program of its own.
Executive loungeHilton has an executive lounge, but only its Honors Diamond members can be able to access it.Hampton Inn does not have an executive lounge facility.
Wi-FiHilton only offers their Honors members free Wi-Fi.Hampton Inn offers free Wi-Fi to all.
Free breakfast Only some hotel partners of Hilton offer free breakfast to the guests.Hampton Inn proposes the facility of free breakfast.

What is Hilton?

Hilton Hotels is now known as Hilton Hotels & Resorts. It is a luxury hotel that is spread into the world, and it is very popular for its hospitality and global brand name.

Their loyalty program is named Hilton Honors, and people get much more advantages if they opt for a membership. The basic membership is free.

They bestow exclusive offers plus extravagances to the members, such as free Wi-Fi, access to the executive lounge, keyless entry, and digital check-in, and the members can also use a mobile application to choose their particular desired room.

Hilton Brands

Full-Service Brands

Hilton’s full-service brands are designed to provide guests with a comprehensive and upscale hotel experience. These brands offer a wide range of amenities and services, ensuring guests have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Some of the notable full-service brands under Hilton include:

  1. Hilton Hotels & Resorts: As the flagship brand, Hilton Hotels & Resorts represents the essence of the Hilton experience. These hotels are known for their exceptional service, stylish accommodations, and commitment to providing guests with memorable experiences in prime locations around the world.
  2. DoubleTree by Hilton: DoubleTree hotels offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, complete with their signature warm chocolate chip cookie upon check-in. With contemporary designs and a focus on guest satisfaction, DoubleTree hotels provide a comfortable and memorable stay for leisure and business travellers.
  3. Curio Collection by Hilton: Curio Collection hotels are unique and distinctive, each offering character and charm. These hotels are located in historic buildings or have distinct architectural features, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Select-Service Brands

Hilton’s select-service brands cater to travellers seeking value, convenience, and efficiency without compromising quality. These brands provide comfortable accommodations and essential amenities, making them an excellent choice for business and leisure travellers seeking a streamlined experience. Some of the select-service brands under Hilton include:

  1. Hampton by Hilton: Hampton hotels are known for their friendly service, comfortable rooms, and complimentary amenities such as hot breakfast and Wi-Fi. With a focus on value and convenience, Hampton Hotels is popular among budget-conscious travellers.
  2. Hilton Garden Inn: Hilton Garden Inn hotels offer a contemporary and productive environment for both business and leisure travellers. These hotels feature modern amenities, including spacious guestrooms, 24-hour business centres, fitness facilities, and on-site dining options.

Extended-Stay Brands

Hilton’s extended-stay brands cater to guests who require accommodations for an extended period, providing them with the comforts of home and the convenience of hotel services. These brands offer spacious suites, fully equipped kitchens, and a range of amenities catering to long-term stays. The primary extended-stay brand under Hilton is:

  1. Home2 Suites by Hilton: Home2 Suites hotels are designed to be flexible and sustainable, providing guests with a relaxed and eco-friendly environment. The suites feature separate living and sleeping areas, fully equipped kitchens, and contemporary furnishings, making them ideal for extended stays.

Luxury Brands

Hilton’s luxury brands cater to discerning travellers seeking the finest in accommodations, service, and amenities. These brands offer an elevated experience, combining refined elegance with personalized service to create unforgettable stays. The luxury brands under Hilton include:

  1. Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts: Waldorf Astoria hotels are synonymous with luxury and grandeur. Known for their iconic properties in prestigious locations worldwide, these hotels exude timeless elegance and offer unparalleled service and attention to detail.
  2. Conrad Hotels & Resorts: Conrad hotels are designed to provide guests with a sophisticated and enriching experience. These hotels offer stylish accommodations, world-class dining options, and personalized service, catering to the needs of luxury travellers.

Lifestyle Brands

Hilton’s lifestyle brands cater to travellers seeking a vibrant, contemporary hotel experience. These brands combine modern design, innovative concepts, and a social atmosphere to create a dynamic and engaging stay. The lifestyle brands under Hilton include:

  1. Canopy by Hilton: Canopy hotels aim to immerse guests in the local culture and surroundings. With thoughtfully designed rooms, local art displays, and culinary offerings featuring local flavours, Canopy Hotels provide a unique and authentic experience for travellers.
  2. Tapestry Collection by Hilton: Tapestry Collection hotels are a diverse collection of independent hotels united by their dedication to creating memorable experiences. These hotels offer a blend of modern comforts and local charm, celebrating the individuality of each property.

Sustainability Initiatives of Hilton

Environmental Efforts

Hilton recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. Some of the key environmental efforts undertaken by Hilton include:

  1. Hilton’s Travel with Purpose 2030 Goals: Hilton has set ambitious goals under its Travel with Purpose 2030 strategy, targeting significant reductions in carbon emissions, water consumption, and waste sent to landfills. These goals include a commitment to cut the company’s carbon footprint by 61% and achieve zero waste to landfill in its owned and managed properties.
  2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation: Hilton has implemented energy-saving practices across its properties, including using energy-efficient lighting, smart thermostats, and occupancy sensors. Hilton also invests in renewable energy sources to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  3. Water Conservation: Hilton is committed to reducing water consumption throughout its operations. The company implements water-saving initiatives such as installing low-flow fixtures, water-efficient landscaping, and guest engagement programs to raise awareness about water conservation.
  4. Waste Reduction and Recycling: Hilton promotes waste reduction and recycling in its hotels. The company implements recycling programs, reduces single-use plastics, and works with suppliers to source eco-friendly and sustainable products. Hilton also strives to minimize food waste through responsible food management practices.
  5. Sustainable Design and Construction: Hilton incorporates sustainable design and construction practices in its new hotel developments and renovations. This includes using eco-friendly building materials, implementing energy-efficient systems, and seeking green building certifications.

Community Involvement

Hilton believes in being a responsible corporate citizen and actively engages with local communities to make a positive difference. The company’s community involvement initiatives include:

  1. Hilton Effect Foundation: Hilton established the Hilton Effect Foundation to support community-driven projects worldwide. The foundation focuses on three key areas: creating opportunities for youth, aiding disaster recovery, and conserving natural resources.
  2. Philanthropy and Volunteerism: Hilton encourages its employees to engage in philanthropic activities and volunteerism. Through initiatives like Hilton’s Global Week of Service, Team Members contribute their time and skills to support local community organizations and causes.
  3. Local Sourcing and Economic Development: Hilton prioritizes working with suppliers and vendors to support local economies and reduce its carbon footprint. The company also engages in partnerships and programs that promote economic development and empower local communities.
  4. Social Impact Programs: Hilton collaborates with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to address social issues such as youth empowerment, community development, and inclusive employment. These programs aim to create lasting positive change and enhance the well-being of communities.

What is Hampton Inn?

Hampton by Hilton is counted as the largest hotel franchise in the U.S. It is a luxury hotel but is known to be moderately costly.

They offer and accept the loyalty program of Hilton. They offer free Wi-Fi even without the membership, and they are pet friendly too and have separate smoking rooms.

A room with a queen-sized bed in Hampton Inn costs around 240 dollars, and that also includes breakfast. Hampton Inn is present in Asia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, South America and the USA.

History of Hampton Inn

Founding of Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn was founded in 1984 by the father-and-son duo Isadore “Ike” and William “Bill” Rosenberg. The Rosenbergs, who were already successful in the food industry as the founders of Dunkin’ Donuts, recognized an opportunity in the hotel industry to provide guests with comfortable and affordable accommodations without compromising on service quality.

The first Hampton Inn opened its doors in Memphis, Tennessee, and quickly gained popularity for its commitment to providing guests with a welcoming and hassle-free experience. With its distinctive bright orange logo and a promise of a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee,” Hampton Inn set out to redefine the mid-priced hotel segment.

Growth and Expansion

From its early days, Hampton Inn experienced rapid growth and expansion. Its dedication to guest satisfaction and a strong focus on quality, consistency, and value fueled the brand’s success. This commitment resonated with travellers, and Hampton Inn soon became a trusted choice for both leisure and business travellers alike.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Hampton Inn expanded its presence across the United States, opening new properties in key markets and strategic locations. The brand’s growth was driven by a combination of franchised and company-owned hotels, allowing for increased flexibility and a wider reach.

In 1999, Hampton Inn joined the Hilton family of brands, becoming part of the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. This strategic move provided Hampton Inn access to Hilton’s global distribution network and resources, further accelerating its growth and market presence.

With Hilton’s support, Hampton Inn continued its expansion beyond the United States, venturing into international markets. Today, Hampton Inn properties can be found in various countries around the world, catering to the needs of global travellers.

Over the years, Hampton Inn has earned numerous accolades and industry recognition for its exceptional service and guest satisfaction. The brand’s commitment to quality has been consistently recognized. Hampton Inn has been awarded the prestigious J.D. Power Award for “Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Mid-Scale Hotel Chains” multiple times.

Hampton Inn has also evolved with the changing needs and preferences of travellers. The brand has introduced enhancements such as the Hampton Inn “Cloud Nine” bedding experience, complimentary hot breakfasts, and the Hampton Inn Perfect Mix Lobby, which provides a welcoming space for guests to relax and connect.

Hampton Inn Locations

Domestic Locations

Hampton Inn has established a strong presence in the United States, with hotels strategically located in key cities, popular tourist destinations, and convenient suburban and highway locations. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, you’re likely to find a Hampton Inn in your desired domestic destination. Some notable domestic locations where Hampton Inn properties can be found include:

  1. New York City, New York: The bustling metropolis of New York City offers several Hampton Inn hotels, providing convenient access to iconic landmarks such as Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty.
  2. Los Angeles, California: In the entertainment capital of the world, Hampton Inn properties offer comfortable accommodations for visitors exploring attractions like Hollywood, Universal Studios, and the beautiful beaches of Southern California.
  3. Chicago, Illinois: The Windy City has multiple Hampton Inn hotels, allowing guests to explore popular attractions such as Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Magnificent Mile.
  4. Orlando, Florida: With its numerous theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando is a family-friendly destination. Hampton Inn hotels in Orlando provide convenient access to these attractions and other recreational activities.
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada: Known for its vibrant nightlife, world-class entertainment, and famous casinos, Las Vegas is home to several Hampton Inn properties that offer a comfortable retreat from the excitement of the Strip.

International Locations

Hampton Inn has expanded its footprint beyond the United States, venturing into international markets to cater to the needs of global travellers. With properties in various countries, Hampton Inn ensures guests enjoy its renowned hospitality and value-driven offerings worldwide. Some notable international locations where Hampton Inn properties can be found include:

  1. London, United Kingdom: Hampton Inn hotels in London provide travellers with comfortable accommodations in this cosmopolitan city, allowing them to explore attractions like the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.
  2. Toronto, Canada: Hampton Inn hotels in Toronto offer convenient stays in Canada’s largest city, providing easy access to popular attractions such as the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the vibrant waterfront.
  3. Mexico City, Mexico: Hampton Inn properties in Mexico City provide guests with a comfortable base to explore this bustling capital city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and culinary delights.
  4. Tokyo, Japan: Hampton Inn’s presence in Tokyo allows travellers to experience the dynamic blend of tradition and modernity that characterizes this vibrant city, from historic temples to futuristic skyscrapers.
  5. Sydney, Australia: With its harbour views, iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, and beautiful beaches, Sydney is a popular destination. Hampton Inn hotels in Sydney offer a comfortable stay for guests exploring this captivating city.
hampton inn 1

Main Differences Between Hilton and Hampton Inn

  1. Only some hotel partners of Hilton provide this service, whereas Hampton Inn has the facility of free breakfast everywhere.
  2. Hilton also has the service of the executive lounge for its Honors Diamond members, while on the other hand, Hampton Inn does not have any such service.
Difference Between Hilton and Hampton Inn
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Last Updated : 27 August, 2023

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