Difference Between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn

Hotel groups and chains are present all around the world. Hospitality Management is one of the leading industries in today’s world.

There are many hotel chains across the world, including Marriott, Holiday, Hampton, Oyo, Windham, Starwood etc., that provide world-class services, food, lodging and customer service to their visitors and customers.

Holiday Inn vs Hampton Inn

The main difference between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn is that they are owned by different hotel groups. The Holiday Inn is owned and marketed by the InterContinental Hotel Group, while the Hampton Inn is trademarked by Hilton Worldwide. Belonging to different companies, the services they provide also differ slightly.

Holiday Inn vs Hampton Inn

The Holiday Inn is a full-service hotel chain established all over the world. It was founded in 1952 by Kemmons Wilson, initially starting as a motel.

Today it is one of the oldest and largest hotel chains in America that also has rentable rooms available for its customers. Today this hotel chain is a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Groups.

The Hampton Inn is also a full-service hotel chain established all over the world. It was founded in 1984 by a corporation called Prompts Hotel Corporation.

Today is trademarked by Hilton Worldwide, which manages it under the Hilton Hotels and Resorts. It is one of the affordable hotel chains in over 30 countries of the world.

Comparison Table Between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn

Parameters of ComparisonHoliday InnHampton Inn
Founded InThe Holiday Inn was founded in the year 1952.The Hampton Inn was founded in the year 1984.
Founded ByIt was founded by Tennessee resident Kemmons Willson.
It was founded as a franchise by the Prompus Hotel Corporation.
Present CEOThe present CEO of the Holiday Inn is Keith Barr.The present CEO of the Hampton Inn is Christopher J. Nassella.
No of HotelsAs of 2019, there are about 1173 Holiday Inns.As of 2019, the number of Hampton inns is 2544.
Services ProvidedRentable Rooms, discount for special reservations, large rooms, and free Wi-Fi.Rentable rooms, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, etc.
Best Suited ToIt is best suited for family outings and vacationers.It is best suited for corporate travellers.
PriceUsually cheaper than the Hampton Inns.Usually costlier than the Holiday Inns.

What is Holiday Inn?

Holiday Inn is one of the oldest and largest hotel chain businesses in American. It started out as a motel chain but later turned into a hotel chain after becoming a subsidiary of the ICH, i.e., InterContinental Hotel Group.

It was founded by Memphis resident Kemmons Wilson in the year 1952.

Due to its long history, it is also one of the most recognized hotel chains in the world. It includes around 1173 hotels and over 20000 rentable rooms around the world.

However, it does not provide meals in the hotel itself or any complimentary breakfast like the Holiday Inn Express but has an attached restaurant and bar in most places.

According to travellers, the rooms are large with a clean interior and favourable customer support. It is best suited for casual travelling trips by families and friends.

These Inns are also found at a cheaper rate in most places than the Hilton owned Hampton Hotels and Resorts.

Some of the most famous Holiday Inns in India are in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Nashik etc. Some Holiday Inns also provide services like gyms, lounges and gardens for customers to enjoy.

Overall it is one of the leading names in the Hotel Business.

What is Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn is a comparatively newer hotel chain being established in 1952 as a franchise by Prompts Hotel Groups. However, today the Inns are managed by Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

However, most Hampton Inns are privately owned but trademarked under Hilton Worldwide.

It is also one of the largest hotel chains, with over 2544 hotels in over 30 countries around the world. It was one of the first hotel chains to introduce free complimentary breakfast for their customers.

To date, it serves two complimentary continental breakfasts to the customers per room booking; however, for extra people, the breakfast has to be bought.

It also provides free Wi-Fi that can be upgraded to premium Wi-Fi with faster speed by paying a certain sum for it. Hampton Inns are comparatively newer and smaller in size.

There are no attached restaurants or bars with the hotel, but the resorts provide lounges, gardens, swimming pools and other services.

Some of the famous Hampton Inns in India are present in Agra, Vadodara, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Gurugram, New Delhi, Pune etc. These Inns has an elaborate beautiful property and generally are priced at a higher rate than the Holiday Inns.

It is generally more upscale.

Main Differences Between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn

  1. Holiday Inns are a subordinate of the InterContinental Hotel Group, whereas the Hampton Inns are individually owned but trademarked by Hilton Worldwide.
  2. Holiday Inns do not provide free complimentary continental breakfast, but the Hampton Inns are known for their free complimentary continental breakfast for two.
  3. Holiday Inns usually have adjoining restaurants and bars, but Hampton Inns may or may not have any such facilities.
  4. The CEO of the ICH Group is Keith Barr, whereas the CEO of the Hilton Worldwide franchise is Christopher J. Nassella.
  5. Generally, the Holiday Inns are larger and cheaper than the smaller and costlier Hampton Inns.
Difference Between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn


The choice of hotels for frequent travellers and business travellers usually depends on the services provided by the hotel.

Choosing a hotel chain that has branches worldwide gives us better access to special discounts and facilities being a regular customer.

Both Holiday and Hampton Inns are ideal for short time trips with family and friends. These hotels are both children friendly and pet friendly as well.

With the lucrative price for such good facilities, these two hotel chains fall under the category of affordable luxurious hotels. All Hilton hotels are also marked as five-star properties.

Holiday Inna also have ratings between 4 to 5 stars worldwide.


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