Jet Airways vs Air India: Difference and Comparison

People across the world are connected by aviation companies. You can travel the world by airline. And of course, you would like to choose the most comfortable, efficient and reliable airline for your travel across the globe.

There are two airlines that are among India’s most preferable airlines Air India and Jet Airways. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Jet Airways is a privately-owned Indian airline that provides domestic and international flights, known for its premium services and luxurious in-flight experiences.
  2. The national flag carrier Air India operates domestic and international flights, offering various services and budget-friendly options.
  3. Jet Airways focuses on business and leisure travelers, while Air India caters to various travelers, including government officials and tourists.

Jet Airways vs Air India 

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Jet Airways (India) Ltd was founded on 1 April 1992 as a private company under the Companies Act with limited liability.

One year later after its launch, the company started with its full-fledged services and its advertising operations with a fleet of four Boeing 737-300 aircraft. In 2004, March, Jet Airways traveled for its first international destination to Sri Lanka. 

Air India was founded by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata on 15 October 1932 as a split of Tata Sons Ltd. Air India was initially known as Tata Airlines.

The airline commenced its services on 29 July 1946. After World War II, Tata Airlines switched its name to Air India and on 29th July 1946, it became a public limited company.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJet AirwaysAir India
Headquarters Currently, the airline, Jet Airways is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Now, the airline is headquartered in New Delhi, India.
Service TypeFull-service airline. Full-service airline.
Number of Employees As of 2017, the number of people employed in Jet Airways is 16,015.As of March 2019, the airline has 9,993 employees.
Form of CompanyJet Airways is a private limited company.Air India is a public limited company.

What is Jet Airlines? 

Currently, the airline, Jet Airways has its training and development center in Mumbai. In February 2016, the airlines became one the biggest airlines in India with a market share of 21.2 percent.

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From its former main hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and secondary hubs at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata.

The airline set off 300 flights on a daily basis to 74 worldwide destinations. When Jet Airways acquired Air Sahara in 2005, it went public.

The airline harmed itself and faced heavy financial losses in the following years after decreasing the fares of its tickets as with its competitive airlines majorly Indigo and SpiceJet.

In 2017 October, Indigo became the number one airline of India which was followed by Jet Airlines. It was a downfall in the position of Jet Airlines.

The market share of the airline became 17.8 percent. This downfall in the performance of Jet Airways was constant for years and ultimately led to its bankruptcy in 2019. However, as of 2022, the airline started to pick up its operations again. 

jet airways 1

What is Air India? 

Now, Palace Private Limited, an SPV of Tata Sons owns the airline after the airline’s former owner, The Indian Government, finalized its sale.

The airline has its primary hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, and its secondary hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai.

With a market share of 18.6 percent, the airline is the largest international transporter. Air India sets off a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

The airline provides its services in 102 domestic and international destinations. Air India provides its services on four continents and in more than 60 international destinations. 

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On 11 July 2014 the airline became a member of Star Alliance. In 2000 and 2001, numerous efforts were made for the privatization of the airline.

After its merger with Indian Airlines, the airline faced many losses in 2006. Thus, another effort was made for the privatization of Air India.

And these attempts of privatizing Air India ended in 2022 after the ownership of the airline and its linked properties was returned back to the Tatas. 

air india

Main Differences Between Jet Airways and Air India 

  1. Air India has a fleet of 123 aircraft while Jet Airways had a fleet of 12 aircraft. 
  2. The average age of a fleet of Air India is 10 years while the average of a fleet of Jet Airways was about 6 years. 
  3. As of 2022, Air India is still in operations while Jet Airways is preparing for its relaunch at the beginning of January 2022.
  4. Air India serves 103 destinations in 31 countries with 45 cities and 58 domestic cities whereas as per the internet, Jet Airways operated 57 destinations which include 37 domestic and 20 overseas. 
  5. In 2018, the market share of Air India had a market share of 13.3 percent whereas Jet Airways had a market share of 14.3 percent in the same year. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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