Difference Between Snickers and Fuse

We all love chocolates and sweets especially these are the delight of small kids and children.  Chocolate and sweets on the menu make us feel full after a meal and help to reimburse for low blood sugar.


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Sometimes when we use to see or eat chocolate and sweets it can elevate our mood as well. An individual who has a particular fondness for, or a craving for, sweets is said to have a sweet tooth, and most of us are a sweet tooth no doubt.

Snickers vs Fuse

The difference between Snickers and Fuse is their price Snicker bar is a bit costlier as compared to Fuse bar. As per its taste both taste almost the same but when we chew the chocolate Snicker is less sticky as compared to Fuse. When we see the out layer of the chocolate the out layer of the Snicker bar has its signature swirl sign whereas, the Fuse bar has peanuts on the top layer which gives it a rough appearance.

Snickers vs Fuse

The Mars Corporation produces Snickers, which are chocolate bars. The base layer consists of peanut butter nougat which is made of milk, sugar, and egg.

Before coating the bottom layer with the mixture of caramel and peanut, it is allowed to be cooled.

And in the final process, the bottom layer is coated with the mixture of caramel and nuts giving the bar a two-layer appearance and on the top layer, the company’s swirl sign is engraved.

Cadbury Fuse is a delectable combination of crunchy peanuts, silky chocolate, and a creamy core, all enrobed in rich Cadbury milk confection. It is a feast to our taste buds.

In India Fuse was first introduced in 2016 and has since gained a lot of popularity. Fuse comes under the Cadbury chocolate brand that originated in the United Kingdom and is now produced in India.

The original product consisted of 70% milk chocolate and 30% almonds, peanuts, dry fruit, crispy cereal, and fudge pieces floating inside it.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSnickersFuse
Introduced in19301996
Owner Mars, IncorporatedCadbury
Country of originThe United StatesUnited Kingdom
Tagline“Snickers satisfies.”Don’t blow a fuse eat one. Only eat while wearing rubber-soled shoes.
Shelf Life10 months9 months

What is Snickers?

Snickers first appeared in 1930, the candy was named after the Mars family’s beloved horse. For making Snickers chocolate bar the best-suited ingredients were nougat, peanuts, and caramel together they represent a great combo.

Until 1990, the candy bar was known as the Marathon bar in the United Kingdom and Ireland. When Snickers was first released, the price at which it was sold sparked a lot of debate.

The majority of candy was 5 cents at the time. Snickers were sold for 20 cents each, which was seen to be an absurdly excessive price.

Although this did not hold the 1930s candy bar back, but it did cause quite a fuss at the time, elevating the chocolate to a level of renown that may have aided in the growing popularity of Snickers.

The candy treat Snickers was selected as the official snack of the 1984 Olympics after Mars paid $5 million to earn the honor.

This drew public attention to the candy and helped to establish it as a global snack.

Snickers was always good at developing distinctive and powerful commercial programs, and the various variations of the adverts that have been produced over the years can be found easily online. It’s difficult to choose just one good ad among so many!

The main ingredients of Snickers are Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, skim milk, lactose, milk fat, soy lecithin, artificial flavor) Peanuts Corn syrup, Sugar, Palm oil, Skim milk, Lactose, Salt, Egg whites, and Artificial flavor.

What is Fuse?

Cadbury’s Fuse is a well-known brand of delicious bars of chocolate. It was first released in the United Kingdom in 1996. Fuse is a nibbling countline as well as a chocolate bar in a mature chocolate and candy industry.

The Fuse was introduced with a huge marketing strategy that culminated in the chocolate bar’s release on Tuesday, September 24th, and the day was called “Fuseday” for chocolate lovers. 

The Fuse was unique in that it was a solid bar of chocolate with almonds, raisins, fudge chunks, and cereal suspended within it, rather than just having the components coated in chocolate.

The chocolate bar performed admirably in the research phase, with 82% of respondents rating it as excellent or very good. 83 percent of respondents said they would purchase Fuse regularly.

Even before the final formula was approved, over 250 components were researched and tried. The manufacturers continue to praise the unique marketing effort as one of the most successful launch campaigns to this day.

Over 70 million Fuse bars were sold in the first three months after the launch. Cadbury discontinued the manufacture of the Fuse bar in 2006, however, it was reintroduce in a Halloween competition in 2015.

The main ingredients of the Fuse chocolate bar are: Peanuts, hydrogenated vegetable fat, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Milk solids, Cocoa solids, Invert sugar, caramel, Humectants, and edible salt.

Main Differences Between Snickers and Fuse

1. In Snickers the peanuts cannot be seen at the top layer whereas in Fuse the nuts are visible at the top.

2. There is a company’s sign carved at top of the Snickers however, its not the case in Fuse.

3. Snickers contains egg which cannot be consider as purely vegetarian whereas, Fuse is purely vegetarian.

4.  As compared to Snicker some people prefer Fuse because of its low cost.

5. The popular campaign for Snicker is when it was called the official snack at the 1984 Olympics. On the other hand, the popular campaign for Fuse was the day it was launched on Tuesday, 24 September 1996 and the day was called “Fuseday” to enhance its popularity.


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