Cake vs Pie: Difference and Comparison

Kids and adults, everyone likes cakes and pies. Both bring heaven to your tongue. People with sweet tooth probably do not care about the difference between desserts. But there is no harm in knowing what distinguishes these two delicacies from each other.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cakes have a soft, spongy texture and are made from flour, sugar, eggs, and butter or oil, while pies have a crispy, flaky texture and are made from a pastry crust filled with fruit, custard, or meat.
  2. Cakes are served as desserts or for special occasions, while pies are more versatile and can be served as a main course, side dish, or dessert.
  3. Cakes are decorated with frosting, icing, or toppings, while pies are topped with a lattice crust or streusel.

Cake vs Pie

The cake is a baked dessert made with flour, sugar, eggs, and with butter or oil, which is leavened with baking powder or baking soda. Pie is a baked dessert consisting of a sweet or savoury filling, made with fruit, custard, meat, or vegetables, which is baked inside a pastry crust.

Cake vs Pie

A birthday is incomplete without a cake. A cake is a soft, baked food item that is made from batter. Cakes can have different significant shapes, and they get decorated with icing and other different fancy elements. Cakes have only one taste, which is sweet.

A pie is a baked food item with fillings. It can have a sweet or savoury taste, depending on its filling. To make a pie, one needs to make a dough. A pie looks simple. It does not need any kind of ornamentation. Pies have a crusty top.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCakePie
Definition The cake is a baked bread, decorated with cream and icing.Pie is a baked pastry that has a filling.
TasteThe cake is always sweet.Pie can be sweet or savoury in taste.
Made fromThe cake is made from batter.The pie is made from dough.
DecorationCake can be decorated with cream, frosting, icing, and many more things.Pies do not need any decoration.
TextureThe cakes are soft.Pies are firm and crusty.
StructureA cake can be layered.Pies do not have layers. Pies have fillings.
ShapeCakes can be of any shape and can get customized as well.Pies do not come in various shapes. A whole pie is always round.

What is Cake?

The cake is soft, sweet, baked bread. It is supposed to get decorated with cream and frosting. It can also get decorated with fruits and even edible figures made with sugar. Cake can be customized to fulfil any desire.

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The main ingredients of the cake are flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and butter or oil.

Cakes are considered as one of the celebratory foods. To celebrate any occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary, we cut a cake. And now the cake also bears significance with its shape.

Cakes have many flavours, and there is always a scope for experiments. Cakes have many varieties, such as sponge cake, fruit cake, and cheesecake.

Even though one can not have enough of this rich, delicious food, it is not healthy. A cake is made with a lot of cream, icing, sugar, and frosting. It is not good for one’s teeth and health. One can not eat cake every day.


What is Pie?

Pie is a baked food item which has stuffing. This filling can be sweet or savoury. Stuffing of pie can be made of anything such as jelly, fruits, beans, or meat.

A pie has a crust on top, which covers the filling. This crust is made of flour, salt, cold water, and butter. The pie is made from dough. Top crust and filling are the essences of a pie.

Pies have many varieties. It can be eaten as a main meal if it has savoury meat filling, and it can be eaten as a dessert, too, if it contains a sweet filling.

Pies are for everyday eating. Pie can be served as a hot or cold dish. Pies are a wonderful way to consume a healthy and nutritious diet.

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Pies are easy to make and serve. Pies are very simple. It does not need any fancy decoration or ornamentation. No elaborated, expensive decoration is needed to make a pie.

Pies only have one shape, and it is not unhealthy. One can eat as much as they want without thinking about extra calories.


Main Differences Between Cake and Pie

  1. The cake is a baked food item. It is a kind of bread which gets decorated with cream and icing. In contrast, a pie is a baked pastry that has a filling. A cake does not have any filing.
  2. Cakes are always sweet. Cakes come only in one taste, and that is sweet. Pie, on the other hand, can be sweet or savoury depending on its filling.
  3. The cake is made from batter, and one needs to make a batter with all the needed ingredients and then bake it in order to prepare a cake. In contrast, pie is made from dough.
  4. Cakes are supposed to be soft, and it is decorated with cream, icing, frostings, fruits, and even edible figures. Pies have a crusty and firm feature, and pies do not need to get decorated.
  5. Cakes can have layers according to the preferences. Cake can also be made of any shape, according to the customers’ choices. Pies do not have more than one shape. Pies are only round in shape, which gets cut in the shape of pastries, and they do not have layers. Pies have fillings.
Difference Between Cake and Pie

Last Updated : 24 June, 2023

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