Difference Between Cake and Bread

We all are quite familiar with bread and cakes and all of us might have tasted them once or many times. In some parts of the world, bread is a part of their daily diet.

There are notable differences between the two of them. Both of them are baked, though the preparation methods may differ.

Be it birthday parties or marriage anniversaries or inaugural parties or new years evening or Christmas or any special occasion, we cut a cake to celebrate those special days.

Bread is a part of our meals in most parts of the world. Bread is eaten with some vegetables in some parts of the world and in some parts, they are consumed with cheese and wine.

Cake vs Bread

The difference between cake and bread is that a cake is sweeter, more delicious, and contains much more calories than bread. Cakes are leavened using baking soda while the bread is leavened using yeast. Cakes are prepared using a lot of ingredients to make them tastier while the bread is prepared chiefly with flour.

Cake vs Bread

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison CakeBread
Ingredients The cake contains a variety of ingredients like flour, baking soda or baking powder, eggs, sugar, milk, artificial flavors, and more.Bread is usually baked using flour and water. It may be leavened using yeast and sometimes it may contain oil, salt, or corn syrup.
Sugar content A cake is much sweeter than bread.Bread may or may not be sweet.
Fat content Since a cake is made with butter, milk, or oil, its fat content is much higher.Homemade bread usually does not contain any fat in it and is quite healthy in comparison with cakes. 
Gluten content The flour used to prepare cakes has less gluten content as compared to the flour used to prepare bread.Bread flour has higher gluten content than the flour used to prepare cakes.
Calories A piece of cake would give around 240 calories which is much higher than that provided by a piece of bread.A piece of typical bread would provide around 70 calories.
TypesDifferent types of cakes are chocolate cake, fruit cake, sponge cake, etc.Different types of bread are white bread, brown bread, chapatis, whole grains bread, etc.

What is Cake?

A cake is a mouthwatering sweet delicacy that is usually served on special occasions. You may have blown candles and cut a cake on your birthdays.

It’s a carb and fat-rich food and contains a lot of calories because of the high amount of butter and sugar that’s added to prepare it.

The common ingredients used to prepare a cake are baking soda, flour, eggs, sugar, flavoring agents, butter, milk, etc. Cakes can also be prepared without eggs.

Chocolates, dry fruits, vanilla extract, or any such items can be added to make it more appealing. Cakes can be of various types like sponge cakes, layered cakes, chocolate cakes, butter cakes, fruit cakes, and many more. 

Cakes are often decorated with lots of creams, chocolates, wafers, fruits, dry fruits, etc. Swiss rolls, cupcakes, pastries, cake pops, and cake balls are all different forms of cakes available in the market.

We often misunderstand cheesecakes to be cakes but they aren’t cakes, they are custard pies.


What is Bread?

Bread is a staple food item in most parts of the world and is eaten daily. It is traditionally baked with flour and water. It may be leavened using yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) or microbes or high-pressure aeration.

Bread is one of the oldest food items prepared by man.

Though the homemade pieces of bread are quite nutritious and a healthy source of carbohydrates, the commercial loaves of bread often contain additives and preservatives to improve their shelf life and ease of creation.

Generally, bread is prepared from wheat flour and they are so spongy because of the high amount of gluten present in them.

Bread may also be prepared using rye, oats, millets, etc. Loaves of bread can be toasted and can be eaten with butter or soup or curries or can even be used to prepare sandwiches, burgers, or pizzas.

Chapatis, whole wheat bread, rye bread, white bread, brown bread, etc. are some of the common bread available in the market


Main Differences Between Cake and Bread

  1. Bread is a part of our daily meals as a good source of carbohydrates while cakes are usually prepared and served on special occasions as desserts.
  2. Cakes have a higher sugar content, a higher fat content, and gives a lot more calories than bread. 
  3. Cakes are leavened with baking soda while the bread is leavened with yeasts. Moreover, cakes are made using a lot more ingredients than bread.
  4. Baking a cake is more tiresome and requires more hard work than preparing bread.
  5. Cakes are quite delicious and more tempting than bread and thus cakes are cut and served on special occasions.
Difference Between Cake and Bread


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