Difference Between Brown Bread and White Bread

Breads are one of the most common and most consumed foods in the world. Most people prefer eating bread daily on their breakfast routine and yes they are healthy and tasty at the same time.


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Bread with eggs is the perfect match and also the perfect food to start your day. There are health benefits of eating bread on your breakfast as they contain goodness.

Now, there are two types of bread that most people like to consume one is the brown bread and the other is the normal white break or some say milk bread.

Now, most people may or may not like brown bread because they are not rich in taste and prefer white bread instead because they have a certain taste. And there are people who prefer brown bread instead of the white bread.

Brown Bread vs White Bread

The difference between brown bread and white bread is that brown breads are rich in nutrients and goodness of wheat while the normal white bread, on the other hand, is tastier.

However, the name brown bread suggests that the colour of the bread is darker while the other is simple white in colour.

Brown Bread vs White Bread

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBrown BreadWhite Bread
ColourDarker in colour or usually brownish.Usually white in colour.
CalorieBrown bread has less calorie because they are made of wheat.White bread, on the other hand, has more calorie because they are made with ‘maida’.
Energy and NutritionSince brown bread have low calorie they are rich in nutrition and are suitable for those people who is aiming to lose weight.White bread, on the other hand, also provides enough energy and are suitable to kids and athletes.
SoftnessBrown bread is not that much soft as compared to white bread.White breads are much softer than brown bread.
Fiber contentBrown bread is rich in fiber content.Very less fiber in white bread.

What is Brown Bread?

 Brown bread is bread that is not only brown or darker in colour but they are made using different ingredient.

Brown bread is made using wheat and thus having this type of bread on your daily breakfast will give you enough energy for the whole day.

Brown bread consumption are recommended by the doctors to those people who wants to lose weight. People suffering from diabetes can have this type of bread and can keep it as a part of their daily dieting routine.

However, brown breads are not as tasty as white bread and this is why children do not like consuming brown bread instead they like having white bread.

No doubt, that white bread also gives you enough energy because they have much more calorie content than brown bread.

Brown bread has less calories but they are rich in fiber content and they are the perfect food for inheriting the most nutrients.

Brown breads when compared with white bread they are not that soft. Softness is preferred by most people because the more softer the bread more easily they can be consumed.

Often we have noticed that working people are in a hurry daily and they consume bread in their breakfast so they tend to take white break because they are much soft and they can be consumed easily than brown bread.

But, it is necessary that you keep your health at a positive note in whatever food you are consuming.

Breakfast is one of the necessary meal that is not to be skipped by anyone and therefore one should always eat a healthy and a proper breakfast before starting their day.

Brown Bread

What is White Bread?

White bread, on the other hand, is white in colour made with ‘maida’ that is rich in calories and energy. White bread too have some health benefits because many athletes consume them daily.

White bread is one of the most consumed and common food that is consumed by a large number of people all around the world.

White bread do not have fiber content in them and thus they are not that much nutritious but they give immense energy because they contain lot more calorie than brown bread.

White bread has a soft texture in them and therefore kids prefer them to eat than brown bread. They are also much tastier than brown bread.

White bread is used by most restaurants and chefs because white bread makes the best sandwiches.

You might have noticed that when you buy a sandwich they are most commonly made from white bread itself. It is because consumption of white bread is more than brown bread.

White Bread

Main Differences Between Brown Bread and White Bread

  1. Brown bread is made up of wheat while white bread is made up of ‘maida’.
  2. Brown bread is rich in fiber content while white bread, on the other hand, do not have fiber.
  3. White bread is much softer than brown bread.
  4. Brown bread has a dark colour or a brownish colour while white bread is white in colour.
  5. White bread might not offer much nutrition but they are rich in calories.
Difference Between Brown Bread and White Bread


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