Difference Between Iams and Eukanuba

Eukanuba and Iams are two of the most well-known extremely quality pet food manufacturers. Procter and Gamble Pet Care, which makes both products, is the same business that makes them. In general, Eukanuba, like Iams, is renowned as a branded product. It’s available in a range of formulations, including productivity diets for working dogs and cats, specialized consultant diets, and everything in between.

Well, if you’re confused about choosing a particular brand for your fluffy companion, you’re at the right place. This article will help you understand the features, USPs, and differences between the two brands and help you make a precise decision.

Iams vs Eukanuba

The main difference between Iams and Eukanuba is that Iams is based on quantity and price as its primary highlight whereas Eukanuba is famous for its high price and usage of 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. To be precise, Iams is made for a wider variety of pets and has added minerals and artificially made compounds with a reasonable price tag but Eukanuba took a step further in branding and pricing as well as selling a premium product by P&G.

IAMS vs Eukanuba

Iams was created to give dogs and cats nutritional chow of a considerably higher quality than what has been previously commercially available. Iams offers a diverse range of goods. There are several different varieties of dog and cat nutritious food, including food for kittens and puppies of various levels and ages as well as species. They also provide meals as per the needs of each pet. Iams prioritizes and focuses on the nutritional and developmental needs of the dogs, ensuring that they receive the care they require.

Iams marketed food products could be more appealing if you’re looking for a high-quality type of pet food that’s also affordable. As Iams is the less expensive of the two pet food companies, it is recognized for offering high-quality pet meals at an inexpensive price.

Eukanuba on the other hand has a different brand image and target audience. Iams sought to produce a line of goods that customers would regard to be of the highest quality, therefore Eukanuba came into existence. They wanted to make the point that Eukanuba is far and away from the finest of the competition. Iams sells a range of healthy pet food under the Eukanuba brand, which includes either dry and wet chow. The majority of Eukanuba’s components are of the highest grade.

If your pet has special nutritional needs that have been identified by your veterinarian, there’s a better likelihood that Eukanuba will have a portion of pet food that meets those needs. Eukanuba, for instance, makes high-quality pet kibble for farm dogs and other hard-working canines. Who need formulae that are high in protein.

Comparison Table Between Iams and Eukanuba

Parameters of ComparisonIamsEukanuba
Brand WingProctor and Gamble.Under the sub-brand of Iams.
Target AudienceAppropriately for people who are searching for an all-rounder pet food especially for their dogs and cats.Targeted for people with posh breeds and who require 100% natural components in their pet food.
ConstituentsContains artificial minerals and nutrients along with poultry protein and meat.Meat, chicken left-overs, organic minerals, egg yolks and bone components for dog food.
PriceIt is cheaper than Eukanuba brands.It is considerably costlier than Iams branded products.
Feedback in MarketIt is known for its affordable range and great efficiency. It has ranked in the top 4 best selling pet food brands.It is known for its excellent quality dog food and specifically for its prioritized fooding sub-brands for different dog breeds.

What is Iams?

Iams is a well-known premium brand for dog and cat food produced by Spectrum Brands in Germany, Incorporated in the rest of the globe. The business provides puppy/kitten, adolescent, and matured pet chow for cats and dogs. Nutrition experts and vets created the company and its products, which come in three different formulas: ProActive Wellness, Healthy Organics, and Superior Protection. There are also medical formulations available for animals with particular nutritional needs.

Since 2006, research has been published in pet owners’ residences, P&G Pet Care’s Pet Nutrition & Feeding Center, and places where pets already reside, such as service dog groups, thus according to Iams. The Iams company stands for the greatest luxury food mix of “health, digestibility, and pricing.” They also promote dishes made with the greatest components, such as poultry and lamb, which are full of protein.

Chicken is the most common component in an Iams cat food recipe, second by chicken metabolic end meal, chicken powder and salmon, and cornstarch. Nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids will be among the components. While including protein molecules, carbohydrates, berries, and veggies, the Iams website claims to provide 100 percent well thought and comprehensive nourishment.

In April 2014, P&G stated that it will sell its Iams, Eukanuba, and Natura dog food trademarks in all areas except Germany to Mars, Inc for $2.9 billion in revenue, marking the company’s largest divestment in 5 years. P&G has said that the transaction will enable it to shed a low-performing unit and free up funds to invest in its core operations.

What is Eukanuba?

Eukanuba is a dog and kibble company made and produced by Mars Corporation in the United States and by Rainbow Products in Europe; it was formerly handled by P&g between 1999 until 2014. There are 17 distinct varieties for dogs depending on age, race, and performing region, and also thirteen different formulations for kitties, comprising kitten, adult upkeep, hairball, delicate stomach, and weight control, indoors and out, senior, and mature.

When P&G controlled the Eukanuba production factory in Leipsic, Ohio, this was the world’s biggest dog food operation. Foreign items that may have dropped in are detected using security checkpoints.

If cost isn’t a factor in your selection, you might be interested to know that Eukanuba uses the greatest materials available. Finest cuts of sheep and poultry are just a few instances. A can of Eukanuba food product has approximately 21% raw fat on normal, whereas a can of Eukanuba dog food contains around 24% basic fat on ordinary. If your dog seems to be on a budget, you may want to consider buying Eukanuba dog food.

Poultry (as the major component), hen by-product powder, meat and fish, chicken stock, bakers rice, powdered whole wheat, dry beet juice (with glucose removed), millet, dried egg products, and genuine chicken taste are all common ingredients in Eukanuba formulas.

Main Differences Between Iams and Eukanuba

  1. Iams produce an affordable range of products whereas Eukanuba is a premium quality product.
  2. Iams products aim for a high nutrition rate whereas Eukanuba aims for organic product marketing.
  3. Iams products cost half the price of Eukanuba products.
  4. Iams symbolizes their finest luxury dog food nutrients P&G pet division’s authorized trademark is Eukanuba.
  5. The Iams series under P&G was launched earlier than the Eukanuba series in the pet food market.


Even though Iams and Eukanuba were founded by the very same firm, Procter & Gamble, and are in the same sector. To raise the standard, they developed Eukanuba and demonstrated that all of the goods under the brand are the best in the industry. In comparison to Eukanuba, Iams offers a broader range of products because they sell either cat & dog biscuits.

Eukanuba, but on the other contrary, offers only goods whose constituents are regarded to be of the highest quality. When evaluating Iams vs Eukanuba, it’s important to know which brand offers the highest quality goods. It’s crucial to recall that Iams grouped together all of their greatest goods and marketed them as Eukanuba.


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