Difference Between Brown Bread and Whole Wheat Bread

Brown Bread consists of components including caramel to provide it a brown color, while whole wheat bread doesn’t have synthetic coloring.

Whole wheat bread consists of extra fiber than brown bread made with an excessive concentration of refined flour. Another difference is that brown bread doesn’t include bran, endosperm, and germ that whole grain bread does.

Brown Bread vs Whole Wheat Bread

The main difference between Brown Bread and Whole Wheat Bread is that brown bread is probably made using 80% whole wheat and a few fractions of refined flour. On the other hand, whole wheat bread makes use of 100% of the most revered whole wheat flour. A slice of brown bread typically carries 1-2 grams of fiber on the other hand a slice of whole wheat bread carries 2-four grams.

Brown Bread vs Whole Wheat Bread

Brown bread commonly consists of whole wheat flour that has now no longer been bleached, which frequently provides the darker color for the bread, though a few pieces of bread encompass syrup or molasses for brought taste and darker coloration.

Many people go with brown bread because of its dietary value, stronger taste, and additional reasons for many people to choose such bread.

Whole wheat bread is crafted from 100% complete wheat flour. Whole wheat flour includes the whole wheat berry ground to flour with fineness.

This flour includes about an equal relative percentage of vitamins and additives because of the unique wheat kernel. Whole wheat bread dough has lower blending stability and much less tolerance to overmixing.

Comparison Table Between Brown Bread and Whole Wheat Bread

Parameters of ComparisonBrown BreadWhole Wheat Bread
Origin     It was first put to use inNew EnglandIt has its roots in the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia
Refining There is no refining process.It goes through refining during production.
Nutrient SourceThis is a good source of fiber.This bread is rich in carbohydrates.
Common NamesBoston brown bread and Dark bread are some other common names. It has similar names in different places like Whole grain bread, Wholemeal bread, etc
Texture    It is denser or darker in texture.Its texture is lighter.

What is Brown Bread?

Brown bread normally refers to any kind of bread that is darkish or brown, though there also are some precise types of bread that might be known as brown bread.

This consists of an American bread usually referred to as Boston bread, in addition to a model of Irish soda bread that in all fairness is darkish in shade. 

Brown bread normally consists of wheat flour that frequently presents the darker shade for the bread, even though a few loaves of bread consist of syrup or molasses for brought taste and darker coloration.

The same stems from the nearby regions of the USA wherein the bread became first available and rose to outstanding use. 

This bread is normally made as an aggregate of flour which might be frequently utilized in loaves of bread known as “thirded” bread because of the flour together with first – 0.33 complete wheat flour, second – 0.33 rye flour, and third – 0.33 cornmeal.

There is likewise a brown bread model of Irish soda bread made with the usage of complete wheat flour and can easily be flavored with molasses.

What is Whole Wheat Bread?

Whole wheat bread is crafted from entire wheat flour. For entire wheat flour, the entire grain is milled. The principal part of the vitamins, minerals, and nutritional fiber is positioned withinside the outer layer of the grain. 

The vitamin content is higher than any other kind of bread. By the usage of entire wheat flour, wherein the brans are nonetheless present in it, an entire wheat bread consists of quite a few nutritional fibers.

By ingesting those fibers, the intestinal characteristic is stimulated. Also, this has been related to more healthy blood stages, for instance, LDL-cholesterol. Wholemeal bread has a decreased lively value in comparison to brown or white bread.

This is why consumption of entire wheat bread is more favorable when it comes to the modern upward push in obesity.

Whole wheat bread consists of extra protein and fiber than white bread. It offers as much as 4 instances of the quantity of zinc, crucial to immunity and carbohydrate digestion.

Whole wheat bread additionally consists of extra folic acid and iron, vitamins that assist oxygen stream through assisting in pink blood molecular growth.

Main Differences Between Brown Bread and Whole Wheat Bread

  1. Brown bread doesn’t include bran, endosperm, and germ that whole grain bread does, making it nutritionally inferior in terms of fat and carbohydrate.
  2. Brown bread is devoid of zinc while Whole Wheat Bread has 40% zinc.
  3. Brown bread is a rich source of fiber while whole wheat bread has negligible fiber content.
  4. Brown Bread consists of components that include caramel to present it a brown color, while complete wheat bread does not have synthetic coloring.
  5. Brown bread has a darker texture in comparison to whole wheat bread.


The most important thing about any food item is that it must have the necessary nutrients and vitamins and must be healthy for our body. Both types of bread have their very own advantages at their level and are wealthy in nutrients.

The huge quantity of fiber found withinside the bran of wheat is one of the fundamental advantages which you get from consuming whole wheat bread.

A slice of white bread usually includes 1-2 grams of fiber, while a slice of complete wheat bread includes 2-4 grams.

The advantages of fiber encompass prevention of constipation, decreased hazard of a few cancers, decreasing “bad” cholesterol and, therefore, decreasing coronary heart disorder and decreasing blood sugar to assist in managing diabetes.

Including fiber in your food additionally supports weight control as it makes you feel fuller.

But we can’t ignore the fact that brown bread is made using entire wheat, with their outer brown layer intact (removed at times for making fresh sandwiches).

It consists of extra diet B-6 and E, magnesium, folic acid, zinc copper, and manganese.


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