Difference Between White Bread and Wheat Bread

There are various types of bread and they are a staple food. It is consumed throughout the world and is a very common food. White Bread and Wheat Bread are the two common types. Both of them are obtained from grains. They have their differences and characteristics.

They are quite differentiable but the main decision is how to choose them. Wheat bread is the best type of bread but everything comes with pros and cons. White Bread is the most common one. Being cheap and soft it is used as tasty dishes. Moreover, it is available in every corner of the world.

White Bread vs Wheat Bread

The main difference between White Bread and Wheat Bread is their method of preparation. White Bread is prepared from flour that contains only endosperm. Whereas. Wheat Bread is prepared from endosperm as well as bran. Wheat Bread excels in nutritional value and is denser in color and quality than White Bread.

White bread vs Wheat bread

White Bread is white. It has less fiber content and is a good choice for people with digestive health issues. It is prepared from wheat flour and contains a fewer amount of calories. It also undergoes a further refining process. There, other ingredients are added. White Bread comprises enriched flours.

On the other hand, Wheat Bread is brown. Due to it, it is also known as brown bread. It is rich in nutrition values. The high fiber content makes it a very good choice for health. The processing is quite natural which makes the bread even purer. It also does not undergo any further processing. This makes it natural and healthier.

Comparison Table Between White Bread and Wheat Bread

ParametersWhite BreadWheat Bread
Nutrition ValueIt has high fiber content.It has comparatively low fiber content.
EndospermIt contains only endosperm.It contains endosperm as well as bran.
ColourIt is white due to the bleaching process.It is brown and is also known as brown bread.
ProductionRequires additional processing.Does not require additional processing.
ConditionPeople with digestive problems should prefer White Bread since it contains less fiber.People with digestive problems should avoid Wheat Bread rich in fibers that might cause difficulty.

What is White Bread?

White Bread is popularly known for its taste. They are widely used in bakeries and fast food centers. It has a typical sweet taste with a soft puffy texture, which is loved by many people. Moreover, it is cheap and available in any common store.

After the processing is done, only the endosperm remains intact. A starchy layer is formed which results in a sweet taste. However, the essential minerals are lost. The fiber content is very low and hence is not a good choice if we are looking for something healthy.

It might not be suitable for the glucose present in our body. Regular consumption may also lead to weight gain, in an unhealthy manner. This is because it is highly refined and thus contains a lot of sugar.

It gets the color white due to the bleaching process. Generally, it is suggested to look up the ingredient it contains. The names are provided on the packet and they vary. Sometimes artificial ingredients are added. Many people do not prefer this hence it is important to check before consumption.

What is Wheat Bread?

Wheat grain has three parts and wheat bread possesses all three of them. Thus it makes it more nutritious mostly because germs are rich in healthy nutrients. It is considered the healthiest type of bread. Unlike white bread, it contains all three parts of the grain. Thus, it is very naturally rich in nutrients.

Overall it is a great source of vitamins, minerals, iron, and also magnesium. The fiber percentage varies from person to person but on average, it contains 3-4 grams of dietary fiber.

Results have shown that it is helpful in reducing the risk of several heart diseases. It is very effective for diabetic patients. Hence it is a winner for providing proper nutrition. Not only does it provide us with healthy nutrition but also protects our bodies.

Different brands have different ingredient percentages. Sometimes they have added sugar which is not quite helpful. Hence we might want to avoid that. Moreover, there are sometimes added chemicals.

Main Differences Between White Bread and Wheat Bread

  1. One of the important differences between White Bread and Wheat Bread is the nutritional value. White Bread has a high fiber content as well as Wheat Bread.
  2. Next, the color. Due to the bleaching process, White Bread is white. On the other hand, brown bread is brown.
  3. White Bread contains only endosperm whereas Wheat Bread contains both endosperm and bran.
  4. White Bread requires additional processing because it loses nutritional value in the beginning. Wheat Bread does not require additional processing.
  5. People with digestive problems should prefer White Bread since it contains less fiber. However, People with digestive problems should avoid Wheat Bread rich in fibers that might cause difficulty.
Difference Between White Bread and Wheat Bread


White Bread and Wheat Bread are the two most common types of bread consumed by people throughout the world. If one is confused about which one is the better choice, the first thing needed is to focus on health. All it requires is natural processing and free of preservatives. In that case, wheat bread seems to fulfill the criteria. It as well contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals. It helps in fighting several heart diseases.

White Bread might not be the healthiest choice but due to its soft texture and low fiber content, it is a suit for many. Especially people with digestive problems prefer white bread. They differ in nutrition percentage from that of wheat bread. It also undergoes some extra processing procedures.


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