Difference Between Bread Crumbs and Crouton

Bread is an essential part of every kitchen. We all enjoy a variety of dishes made from bread. Both Bread Crumbs and Crouton are a form of Bread. These both are used to cook a variety of food and both have their own importance. Bread Crumbs are smaller in size than croutons.

The main difference between Bread Crumbs and croutons is that Croutons are larger pieces of bread whereas Bread Crumbs is a crushed form of croutons. Size is the main parameter for their difference while both are a dried form of bread.

Bread Crumbs vs Crouton

Bread Crumbs comprise of disintegrated bread of different dryness, used with flavor added, utilized for breading or crumbing food varieties, besting meals, stuffing poultry, thickening stews, adding reasonable mass to soups, meatloaves, and comparative food sources, and making a fresh and crunchy covering for seared food sources, particularly breaded cutlets like tonkatsu and schnitzel.

Crouton is a small piece of baked or fried bread that is often seasoned and used to give flavor to soups, salads, and other dishes. It may vary in size because bread can be cut into large or small pieces. It can act as an accompaniment to snack food

Comparison Table Between Bread Crumbs and Crouton

Parameters of comparisonBread CrumbsCrouton
Meaning  It is crumbled bread of varying dryness.It is a crushed form of bread crumbs.
 EtymologyIt is derived from the Japanese word bread meaning “coating” or “crumb”It is derived from the French word crouton
Which means “crust”.
 SizeSmaller in sizeLarger in size
Possible IngredientsBram, Egg, Fat, Flour
Bread, Garlic, Cheese, Herbs
  Possible DishRoasted Spring Onion
Scrambled Eggs

What are Bread Crumbs?

Bread Crumbs are basically the smallest form of bread we can say in powdered form which is used to make various kinds of food like for topping purposes, in poultry products, in soups and for adding crisp to food, It is used to make crunchy fried food especially bread cutlets, tonkatsu.

These bread crumbs are basically of 3 types i.e. dry, fresh, and panko. Dry bread crumbs are made up of dry bread which is baked to remove moisture content, It has a powdered texture, It can be easily made by pulverizing the slices of bread in a food processor. We can use a sharp tool to prepare crumbs like a steel blade. These are generally sold in large bags.

Fresh bread crumbs often have a little amount of moisture and are not much dry. So the crumbs are comparatively larger than dry ones, So they produce a softer coating.

Panko is another type of bread crumb which is used in Japan to make crunchy coating to fried food. Panko is made from baked bread by electric current, which yields bread without crust, and then grinding of brad takes place for creating fine slivers of crumbs. It has an airy texture than other kinds of bread crumbs.

What is Crouton?

Croutons are a comparatively larger form of bread which is often cubical or of square form. But its size and shape completely depend upon the type of dish we are preparing. It is generally expected used to add surface to the servings of mixed greens i.e Caesar salad or eaten as nibble food.

Preparation of Croutons is simple. These pieces of croutons are coated with oil or butter and then baked. Sometimes croutons are cut into sticks. 

Various commercial machines are used to sprinkle seasoning on the croutons. Sometimes they are fried with vegetable oil until they become brown to add a buttery crisp texture. Nearly all kinds of bread can be used to make croutons. 

There are some most commonly used ingredients that are used to make a dish with croutons. These are Garlic, butter/vegetable oil, herbs, cheese. The most popular dish which is prepared using croutons is Grenoble.

Many other dishes are also prepared from croutons. Because crouton is very tasty and easy to make stuff.

Main Difference Between Bread Crumbs and Crouton

  1. The main difference between them is shape and size. Bread crumbs have powdered form whereas croutons have a cubical shape.
  2. Bread crumbs is a Japanese word whereas crouton is a French word.
  3. Bread crumbs are prepared with a steel blade whereas croutons are prepared with any knife.
  4. Bread crumbs are used mostly for seasoning purposes where are croutons are a major part of a dish for example bread crumbs are applied as a crisp layer to the fried food whereas croutons are used to make the salad.
  5. Bread crumbs are cannot be used with butter whereas croutons are generally prepared with a butter coating on them.


So the conclusion is that both Bread crumbs and Croutons have their own importance in the kitchen. Both are made up of bread but have different forms. Bread crumbs have a sandy texture whereas crouton has a cubical shape. 

Croutons are used to make salads and on the other hand, Bread crumbs are used to make salads. Both are healthy to eat as it has no added preservatives or chemicals. They are prepared with different tools.

Both bread crumbs and croutons can be utilized to decrease the wastage of bread. For the most part, we strip off the external layer of bread which prompts wastage. Both have their own significance and both have turned into a fundamental piece of each kitchen.


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