Difference Between Vital Proteins and NeoCell

A healthy lifestyle is always required to lead a life of abundance. As you grow, the body might lose the essential nutrients that need to be compensated with supplements.


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Vital Proteins vs NeoCell

The difference between Vital Proteins and NeoCell is the type of results the product can offer. Vital Proteins products are a whole and complete product that also helps in joint problems too, while none of NeoCell’s products shall support this. This is mainly because the NeoCell products do not support Type 2 Collagen.

Vital Proteins vs NeoCell

Vital Proteins is a company that manufactures collagen-boosting supplements in the form of edible items. The nourishing collagen shall help your muscles and bones to grow healthy.

NeoCell is again a collagen supplement manufacturer and has a variety of products. They are, in fact, the leader in producing collagen supplements.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVital ProteinsNeoCell
IngredientsVital Proteins exclusively use Bovine Hides.NeoCell exclusively uses grass-fed cowhides.
Type 2 CollagenPresent in most of the productsType 2 collagen is not present in any of the products.
Joint healthVital Proteins helps improve joint health.NeoCell does help, but the products are not as recommended as the Vital proteins’.
Digestive ProblemsThe powders do not dissolve appropriately and may cause digestive problems.NeoCell products are bioavailable, meaning they shall dissolve and digest easily.
Product CountHas variety but not as much compared to NeoCell.NeoCell has a wide variety of products with various flavours too.

What is Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins is a company that makes collagen supplements in the form of powders as well as gelatin. Collagen is the most important protein that is present naturally in the body.

Vital Proteins’ products shall help supplement the lost collagen and help you lead a healthy life. More importantly, the deficiency of collagen is evident when you start getting wrinkles and fine lines.

Using the products shall help your skin get healthier. Your hair and nails shall get stronger too. Of course, your joint tissues shall regrow, and that shall allow you to be flexible as you were during your younger age.

Vital Proteins products shall also help regrow your lost hair. Yes, it does help people who suffer from hair loss. Not only that, you can gain weight, and it is completely safe for men and women.

The variety of products has few other benefits like a healthy gut, peaceful sleep and excellent athletic performance. The products are to be consumed daily during your breakfast or your lunch, whoever is convenient.

vital proteins

What is NeoCell?

NeoCell is also a collagen supplement manufacturer established in the year 1998. They have an excellent set of scientists who made their health products that are completely based on science.

The products of NeoCell is very popular, and one shall certainly know ‘Super Collagen’, which holds to be the best seller to date.

A few powerful products of NeoCell are mentioned below

  1. Super Collagen
  2. Marine Collagen
  3. Collagen Protein Peptides
  4. Super Collagen +C

All these products contain Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen.

Neo Cell also uses animal-based supplements in their products. Cow’s supplements are widely used, and the way the cows are raised is worth to be mentioned here.

As these products are bioavailable, it easily gets digested and starts functioning rapidly. Watch out for the quantity you must add to your daily meal or snack.


Main Differences Between Vital Proteins and NeoCell

  1. Vital Proteins actively work towards joint and ankle pain reduction, while such luxury is very minimal with NeoCell products.
  2. Vital Proteins have single-ingredient products, too, while all the products of NeoCell are a multi-ingredient mix.


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