Rae Collagen vs Vital Proteins: Difference and Comparison

Health is the most important for a person. Everyone wants to stay healthy in order to live a long and proper life. The main aim of maintaining proper health is to maintain a balanced diet and regulate your body with the help of exercise. But these two are not always sufficient to lead a healthy life. 


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There are supplements required to be consumed to get extra vitamins and minerals needed by the body, which can be taken from outside. They provide nutrition that keeps our bodies healthy. Supplements are also available to improve your hair, skin, and other body parts. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Rae Collagen is a vegan collagen supplement made from plant-based ingredients, while Vital Proteins is a collagen supplement derived from bovine or marine sources.
  2. Rae Collagen contains biotin and vitamin C, while Vital Proteins contain amino acids that support collagen production.
  3. Rae Collagen is suitable for people who follow a vegan lifestyle, while Vital Proteins is ideal for those who prefer animal-based supplements.

Rae Collagen vs Vital Proteins 

The difference between Rae collagen and Vital protein is that Rae collagen contains vegan collagen while vital protein contains collagen peptide, non-vegan collagen. Both are collagen supplements but have a different blend of ingredients. These are dietary supplements that are incorporated to increase the amount of protein in our bodies.

Rae Collagen vs Vital Proteins

Rae collagen is made up of vegan collagen, vitamin C, and bamboo extract and is included in health supplements. The company provides many supplements, gives a wide range of alternatives to people, and believes that wellness shouldn’t be expensive for everyone who can afford it.

Vital protein is made from collagen peptides, modified forms of ordinary collagen. Collagens help the skin to look younger and bright. It is user-friendly and also pocket-friendly in the long term. In case of muscle sprain or injuries from a workout, collagen is given to help the muscle to repair and helps in faster recovery.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRae CollagenVital Proteins
Main ingredient compositionPlant collagen boosters + Vitamin C + bamboo extractCollagen peptide + vitamin C + Hyaluronic acid
Collagen usedVegan collagenNon-Vegan collagen
ServingApproximately 17g dailyApproximately 20g daily
EmploymentIt is an all-women-based company.The company employment policy doesn’t have a specification.
UsageUsed to increase natural collagen production.Used for healthy bones, growth of hair and nails maintains skin elasticity.
Side effectsDoesn’t shows side effects.Can cause digestive problems such as bloating.

What is Rae Collagen?

Rae Collagen is a vegan collagen boost powder that is unflavored. The collagen used in this is vegan and is obtained from plants. The composition of Rae collagen is vitamin C, plant collagen boosters, and bamboo extract.

The product is unflavored and is considered to be a part of a dietary supplement. The bulk powder comes in a pack of 9.5oz and is a 15-day supply packet.

The product is supposed to boost collagen production and protect your body’s natural collagen production, which in turn helps in the modification of hair, skin, and nail structure.

The collagen used in the product is derived from bamboo, which contains all the amino acids and nutrients required for boosting the body’s natural collagen production. The vitamins present in bamboo (vitamin A, B, E), along with vitamin C, helps in the revitalization of hair, nails, and skin.

The product is unflavored and is easy to mix with any hot or cold beverages without the formation of clumps. It does not affect the taste of your beverage. The product contains approximately 15 servings.

The suggested way of use is to mix one scoop (approximately 0.6 oz) of Rae collagen powder with 8 oz of liquid and mix it thoroughly. One should take a protein-rich diet along with the supplement for better effects.

It is vegan, gluten-free, and has no artificial color or preservatives. The product is formulated for adults only and should be stored in a cool and dry place.

rae collagen

What is Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins is a product containing collagen peptides that aim to conservation of youth. It prevents the skin from aging as collagen helps in the regeneration of skin cells. Like many other products, it is also categorized as a health and nutrition supplement and claims to have benefits for your body and skin.

Vital proteins help in slowing down the aging process and hence the indicators and signs of aging. The collagen helps the skin to look healthy and young. The collagen present in vital proteins is collagen peptide.

Collagen peptide is a modified type of ordinary collagen. Some individuals may show side effects depending on how their body reacts to the Vital protein and its ingredients. These side effects include bloating and troubled bowel movements.

The main functions of vital proteins are improvement in skin, nails, hair, and glowing complexion. It also provides you with healthy bones and joints. These are beneficial for people whose protein intake is less.

People who do not consume meat or eggs should always take additional protein supplements. Vital proteins are widely used in cases of hair fall and weight loss and make the person put on weight and help in the growth of hair.

vital proteins

Main Differences Between Rae Collagen and Vital Proteins

  1. Rae collagen is a vegan supplement, while vital protein is a non-vegan supplement.
  2. Rae collagen boosts the natural production of collagen in the body while vital protein gives collagen to the outer from outer sources.
  3. Rae collagen contains collagen extracted from bamboo, while vital protein contains collagen peptides.
  4. The company Rae Collagen employs only women and is a women-led company while there is no such thing as vital protein.
  5. Rae collagen rarely shows side effects, while vital protein can cause some digestive problems.
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