Difference Between Vital Proteins Collagen and Organika

Collagen is the glue that is produced naturally to bind body parts together. It gives structure and elasticity to the skin. As age passes, the natural production of collagen decreases, due to which joint pains, bad sleep, and other diseases arise. Collagen supplements help to boost energy, elasticity, beauty, and wellness. Vital Proteins and Organika are the two nutritional supplement manufacturing companies that supply collagen supplements.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Vital Proteins Collagen is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides, while Organika is sourced from wild-caught fish skins.
  2. Vital Proteins Collagen contains type I and III collagen, while Organika contains type I collagen.
  3. Vital Proteins Collagen is flavorless and odorless, while Organika has a fishy taste and smell.

Vital Proteins Collagen vs Organika 

Vital Proteins Collagen is a dietary supplement that contains collagen, a protein that makes up a significant portion of our skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Organika is a Canadian company that specializes in producing natural health supplements that are made from grass-fed bovine collagen.

Vital Proteins Collagen vs Organika

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The Vital Proteins Collagen comes in powder, supplements, and drinks forms. The collagens are not vegan; they are with pork meat, bovine hides, or marine fish. The Vital Proteins Collagen supplements are NSF certified and use best manufacturing practices. The Vital Proteins Collagen does not provide any suggestions on taking collagen supplements daily. However, some take before breakfast and some after. 

Organika is the first Canadian company to manufacture health supplements since 1990. The Organika uses all-natural and ayurvedic ingredients to produce health products. The company also manufactures collagen products sourced from grass-fed cows. No animal is harmed in the manufacturing process. It manufactures collagen supplements that are vegan, vitamins-rich, and high-quality nutritional supplements.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVital Proteins CollagenOrganika  
Founded byVital Proteins is founded by Kurt Seidensticker in 2013.Organika was founded by Thomas Chin in 1990.
Collagen sourced fromGrass-fed, pasture-based bovine hides, marine fish, and chicken.Organika Products are naturally produced from grass-fed cows and plant-based ingredients.
Cruelty freeIt is not cruelty-free and not vegan.Organika products are cruelty-free and vegan.
BenefitsVital Proteins collagen supports hair growth, nail growth, and promotes the natural production of collagen, relief from joint pains and other diseases.Organika products improve the digestive system, supports glowing skin, strengthens hairs and nails, and gut health.
UsageTwo scoops weighing up to 20gms per serving with any beverage or smoothie.Two scoops weighing 10gms per serving with any beverage or smoothie

What is Vital Proteins Collagen?

Vital Proteins LLC is a private company in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, headquartered in Chicago, United States. It was founded by Kurt Seidensticker in 2013. The company manufactures and supplies collagen powder sourced from grass-fed, bovine hides. Collagen supplements are essential to prevent joint pains, enhance beauty, and strengthen the gut. The vital protein collagen is flavorless and odorless. It can be taken with salad, coffee, smoothie, or any broth with 20gms per serving.

The collagen products of Vital Proteins are collagen peptide, marine collagen, beauty collagen, collagen creamers, matcha collagen, collagen drinks, and shots. The collagen products of Vital Proteins increase the natural production of collagen hydrate skin strengthen body parts, hair, skin, and nails.  

The collagen powder comes in a blue tube that contains 24 oz of powder. The collagen powder increases the youthful appearance and enhances skin from the inside. It strengthens bones and increases the elasticity of the skin. However, these supplements are not suitable for those who have allergies and vegetarians.

vital proteins

What is Organika?

Organika is also a private company in the health-related product manufacturing industry headquartered in Richmond, BC, Canada. It was founded by Thomas Chin in 1990.  It produces a variety of collagen supplements like enhanced collagen that are 100% hydrolyzed collagen, chicken bone protein, marine collagen, enhanced collagen vitality, Biocell collagen with vitamin C, multisource collagen powder, and others. The collagen powder also contains vitamin C and magnesium.

The collagen supplements are of powdered and capsule forms. Collagen products are free from gluten, harmonies, and other additives. All the Organika products are certified Non-GMO, organic, ISO 9001, and VPN certified. It is the first company in Canada to manufacture health supplements. It supplies health supplements globally. 

Some of the benefits of the Organika collagen supplement are it improves skin elasticity, supports gut health, weight loss, joint pain relief, and promotes deep sleep. It can be taken with smoothies, hot or cold water, yogurt, coffee, tea, or any baking items. 

The collagen is free from additives, hormones, antibiotics, and gluten. It provides plant-based collagen for vegetarians. However, these collagens are also not suitable if the person has any allergies. 


Main Differences Between Vital Proteins Collagen and Organika

  1. Vital Proteins collagens are originated from grass-fed, pasture-based bovine, marine fish, or chicken meat, and the Organika products are originated from the natural process from grass-fed cows, cattle.
  2. Vital Proteins was started in 2013, while Organika Company is supply health and nutritional products since 1990.
  3. The Vital Proteins products are not cruelty-free, while Organika products are cruelty-free as the company does not test on animals nor kill any animals to produce supplements. 
  4. The Vital Proteins Collagens are not suitable for vegetarians, while Organika products are 100% organic and vegan.
  5. The Vital Proteins Collagen comes 20gms per serving, while Organika collagen comes 10gms per serving.
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