Difference Between Vital Proteins and Sports Research Collagen (With Table)

Health is the wealth for a person, which makes it the most important element of life. So, everyone is making efforts to be healthy and fit for the longest period possible. The ways to make it fit is either getting a balanced diet and exercise, which is definitely a difficult way to fulfill all the required nutrients and at the adequate amount and at adequate time. 

So, supplements are introduced to help in nutrition and better health for staying strong and young for a longer period of time. They provide you with nutrient-enriched tablets or shakes to accomplish the requirements of the body.

Vital Proteins vs Sports Research Collagen

The difference between vital proteins and sports research collagen is the composition of both. Vital proteins include collagen peptides which are different from ordinary collagens. They are basically an enhanced version of ordinary collagens, whereas sports research collagen has ordinary collagen as the key ingredient. It helps in making skin young and tight.

Vital proteins are supplement enriched with collagen peptides which are enhanced versions of ordinary collagen. Collagen helps in making your skin young and tight, so the enhanced version makes it enhanced and better than any other supplement. It is economical in nature for the long run. It also helps the muscle to recover faster from any heavy workout.

Sports research as a dietary supplement provides an affordable and healthy solution by adding collagen constituents to the body. Collagen is an important primary protein for the connective tissue which is found in the body, so for the fulfillment of that protein, Sports Research collagen is useful. It is a certified product that has a non-GMO certificate by a foundation known as paleo and keto. 

Comparison Table Between Vital Proteins and Sports Research Collagen

Parameters of comparisonVital ProteinsSports Research Collagen
Key ingredientCollagen peptides are used as the key ingredient.Collagen is used as the key ingredient.
PriceIt is economical even if you decide to use it for lifelong investment.It is quite expensive in the long run use.
Recognized byIt is not certified by any organization or agency.It is certified by a foundation known by the name “paleo and keto.”
Specific ingredientBovine collagen amount is absent in the vital protein.Bovine collagen is present in the Sports research collagen.
Side effectsThere are chances of bloating and bowel troubles with the use in the long run.It may cause allergic infections in some people.

What is Vital Proteins?

There are many supplements available in the market claiming many benefits on your body and have a specific benefit over your body and health. One of those products is a vital protein whose goal is to help the population to stop the signs of aging. It helps in the conservation of youth.

It also helps in slowing down and reducing the indicators and signs of aging by keeping them healthy and looking young for as long as possible. It contains collagen peptides which are an enhanced version of ordinary collagens which help in better results and greater benefits. It helps in battling aging more efficiently.

It may cause side effects like bowel troubles and bloat, but that is totally dependent on the body type. The main benefits of vital proteins are better hairs, nails, improved recovery time, glowing complexion. Over that, it also provides your youthful looks and healthy bones and joints.

It is very helpful for those who have difficulty in getting enough amount of protein or for those who do not include meat in their meals. Vital protein is one of the most natural and cleanest ones available. Collagen peptides included in vital proteins are very helpful when it comes to hair and weight loss issues as it makes the hair grow dense and puts weight very fast.

What is Sports Research Collagen?

Out of other supplements, one of the recognized supplements is sports research collagen. It contains collagen, which helps in being fit and helps in being more fit for sports and other activities. It helps in the accomplishment of all the goals and extra energy for all the activities. All the essential nutrients and vitamins can be easily fulfilled in the body using sports research collagen.

It controls and helps in slowing the signs and symptoms of aging making you active and have better energies for all the activities. It helps in looking you young. It is very famous in the sports industry for a long time. It was established in the year 1980. It is the customer’s best choice and always provides the best solution. It retains elasticity in the skin.

Moreover provides strength and stamina to the body tissues. It helps in protecting the bones and joints of a body. It is quite expensive for the whole life investment, but if you use it according to the need, it will be beneficial to you. There is a foundation ‘paleo and keto’ which technically certified this product and provided it a non-GMO certificate. The side effects of this supplement are based on body allergies. It shows an allergic reaction to some people.

Main Differences Between Vital Proteins and Sports Research Collagen 

  1. Vital proteins contain collagen peptides which are enhanced versions of ordinary collagen, which is a key ingredient of Sports Research collagen.
  2. Vital proteins cost low as compared to Sports research collagen, thus economical in the long run where sports research collagen can cost expensive in the long run.
  3. Vital proteins are not a certified or recognized brand from any organization or agency, whereas Sports research Collagen is certified by a foundation, ‘paleo and keto,’ which gave it a GMO certificate too.
  4. Another difference is the presence of Bovine collagen. Vital protein does not contain Bovine collagen, whereas Sports research contains Bovine collagen in it.
  5. Side effects vary in both of them. Bloating and bowel troubles are side-effects of vital proteins, whereas allergic infections are related to sports research collagen. 


Every supplement has its respective side effects and benefits. Some may cost expensive, and others are cheaper than others. Some may worth it according to your preferences. Others may not. It all depends on your goals, your diet, and your body requirements. They are a good investment for your body and health which delays your aging for a long time helps in improving the quality of your life. Better if you fulfill your needs using a balanced diet as it is the healthiest thing to do, but if you can’t, don’t compromise on the terms of health. Use supplements according to your convenience.


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