Difference Between Zint Collagen and Vital Proteins

Health, Fitness and Beauty is a collective phenomenon to take care of. Especially as you get older, the body fails to produce the needed proteins that protect your skin.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Zint Collagen and Vital Proteins are both supplements that provide collagen, a protein essential for skin, hair, and joint health.
  2. Zint Collagen is sourced from grass-fed cows and is non-GMO, whereas Vital Proteins sources its collagen from cows and marine animals and offers flavored options.
  3. Zint Collagen is less expensive per serving than Vital Proteins, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Zint Collagen vs Vital Proteins

The difference between Zint Collagen and Vital Proteins is the product functionality. Zint Collagen is an excellent collagen supplement that acts well on your joints, bones and muscles, and the secondary function is to improve your skin. While Vital Proteins is a multi-ingredient product that shall be considered as a complete one that takes care of your health and skin comprehensively.

Zint Collagen vs Vital Proteins

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Zint Collagen is a collagen supplement that shall help restore your health and youth to your life. The powder-based product is supposed to be mixed with any food intake and expected to be consumed daily.

Vital Proteins is again a collagen supplement that helps in restoring your health and your external look. The collagen supplement helps reduce the wrinkles in your skin.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZint CollagenVital Proteins
IngredientsZint Collagen is a single ingredient product and uses only Grass Fed Bovine Collagen.Vital Proteins is a multi-ingredient product and also has a few single-ingredient products.
Tested OnZint Collagen is tested on Mice.Vital Proteins are tested in Humans.
Side EffectsZint Collagen is a single ingredient product that is pure in its form. Also, it is bioavailable, which means to say it has no side effects.Vital proteins intake for a few people can cause digestive problems.
Hormonal TroublesIt is completely free of such troubles.Vital Proteins might cause hormonal difficulties.
Kidney StonesZint Collagen is made of beef collagen and is completely free from such ailments.Vital proteins contain marine collagen, too. It is prone to create kidney stones in the longer run.

What is Zint Collagen?

Zint Collagen is a collagen supplement your body needs as you get old. This is a supplement that shall help as you are in your 30s too.

Not only that, Zint Collagen has the properties that help people with ailing joint pains. It is an excellent supplement that shall compensate for the lost collagen.

Zint Collage is indeed a hydrolyzed collagen that shall help

  1. In Improving Cell Proliferation
  2. In restoring water content in the skin
  3. In looking a lot younger as it has excellent anti-ageing properties

The good news for elderly people is, Zint Collagen shall acts as an excellent treatment for arthritis too. Regular usage of Zint Collagen in your food plan shall help

  • Boost Youthful skin
  • In making your hair healthy
  • Curing joint aches and makes you more flexible

The main ingredient of Zint Collagen is the Grass-fed Bovine Collagen. This means to say it is a single ingredient blend and considered to be a completely isolated form of collagen that gives desired results.

zint collagen

What is Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins is an amazing collagen supplement used by millions in this world. The lost collagen in the body cannot be regenerated.

As with collagens, it keeps your skin healthy. The Vital proteins usually come as an oral intake in the form of powder. It can be mixed with almost any food ingredient you consume.

The presence of amino acids in the Vital proteins shall keep you fit and energetic. Additionally, this product shall help your bones to get stronger.

The products of Vital Proteins are single-ingredient product as well as multi ingredients too. The pasture-raised grass-fed bovine collagen is used in many products.

The products are dairy-free, and that makes them an excellent mix in tea or coffee. The product is allergic to a few people. This is mainly due to the multi-ingredient mix in the powders.

vital proteins

Main Differences Between Zint Collagen and Vital Proteins

  1. Zint Collagen is tested in mice while the Vital Proteins are tested on humans.
  2. Zint Collagen gives fabulous results without causing any hormonal troubles. At the same time, the usual trouble of kidney stones is also avoided, while Vital Proteins is prone to such ailments but not for all.
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