Difference Between Orgain Keto and Vital Proteins

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” This is q quote by Buddha and how clearly it states the importance of healthy living, whether it be for the body or the mind. We live in a world where now maintaining healthy life choices has become a necessity.

Orgain Keto and Vital Proteins are consulted in Collagen proteins that help in not only providing sufficient nutrients to the body on a daily basis but give extra benefits to one’s body as well. But one shouldn’t change their daily diet to another without consultation from a professional.

Orgain Keto vs Vital Proteins

The main difference between Orgain Keto and Vital Proteins is that Orgain Keto is the name of a protein powder from the Orgain company that has Collagen as one of its main ingredients that are marketed towards people who follow a keto diet. While Vital Proteins is the name of the company that produces Collagen contains products.

Orgain Keto vs Vital Proteins

Orgain Keto is a product from the Orgain company. The thing that makes the protein powder special is that it adds MCT oil to its product. MCT oil is a source derived from coconuts helping the body to maintain its energy.

Vital Proteins is a brand that provides people with different types of products that are filled with different nutrients to keep them healthy. The range of their products is very versatile and is not only limited to Collagen Peptide protein. For example, they have Gelatine versions, Marine Collagen, etc., to increase their audience base.

Comparison Table Between Orgain Keto and Vital Proteins

Parameters of Comparison Orgain KetoVital Proteins
Another name Orgain Keto Collagen Protein PowderN/A
Year of discovery  20082013
Discovered by   Andrew AbrahamKurt Seidensticker
Flavors available inChocolate and VanillaThe products available in Vital Proteins are many, like Macha, chocolate, strawberry, etc.
Known forPeople who practice keto and paleo diets.Different products aimed at providing different nutrients.

What is Orgain Keto?

Orgain Keto is a health supplement that is produced by the Orgain company. It is retailed for the people who are following a keto diet or paleo diet as cleared by the name, but then the company claims that people who are not following the diets and just want to take it as a nutrient supplement can do as well.

The main product of the company is Collagen protein powder, and it claims to be a very healthy product as it has used minimal products. This is the thing that gives this particular protein powder brand an edge over its competitor.

The main components that the company has products in are Powders, Drinks, Protein Bars, and packed Shakes and Bars for kids. The main components include Collagen type one and two and MCT oil. The use of MCT oil makes this protein powder special in its field and from its competition.

What is Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins is a business that offers different types of products that has the main ingredient of Collagen. They have various types of Collagens products, for example, Collagen Peptide, Collagen water, Marine Collagen, etc.

The company sources its Collagen Peptides from Brazil, and the Marine Collagen is sourced from non-GMO white fish. Since they are hydrolyzed, they can be taken either in hot or cold beverages. The product doesn’t have any taste to flavor, Thus, leaving the decision to the user to mix into anything that they can enjoy.

The product should be stored in a cool, dark area where it is kept away from moisture so that it doesn’t turn bad. The expiration date differed from the product to product that they produce, the least being a year-long while the largest expiration date being five years for certain products.

Main Differences Between Orgain Keto and Vital Proteins

  1. Orgain Keto does not offer the option of “Marine Collagen” that Vital Proteins do, thus making Vital Proteins a better choice for people who cannot or do not eat meat.
  2. Orgain Keto produces its Collagen protein powder in two different flavors. These are chocolate and Vanilla. On the other hand, the main product of Vital Proteins, Collagen Peptides, does not have any added flavors and is hence, is tasteless.
  3. Orgain Keto is marketed towards people who are following a Keto diet. While products by Vital Proteins are marketed towards people who want to lead a better nutritious life and people who want to overcome their need for collagen.
  4. Organ Keto had added benefits to Keto in its products, while Vital Proteins don’t have a specialized product marketed towards is Keto, unlike Organ Keto.
  5. Organ Keto can only be used in liquid forms of beverages, for example, Smoothies, teas, and coffees. In comparison, products by Vital Proteins can be used both in solid food components and in liquid components as well.


The main reason why people would get confused between the two brands is that they provide the protein- Collagen, which is the richest protein that connects all the tissues of the body. It is said that the human body starts losing Collagen once they hit the age of 25, and hence, it is very important to keep the need for this vital protein stable in our body. Thus the need for these supplements is required.

Once started, they should be taken as long as the person wants. It is recommended that they should be made a part of daily routine to continuously see the changes and feel the growth in oneself. Everyone has a different amount of grams of collagen that they should take, and one can find out theirs by mapping it by taking a test or by asking their doctor.


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