Difference Between Vital Proteins and Olly

The beauty product industry offers a variety of products that helps you to look outstanding from within. Not only the beauty product, but you will also get a range of vitamins and other supplements that eventually help in skin brightening, anti-ageing, skin nourishment, etc.


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Vital Proteins and Olly are reputed companies that produce vitamins and other relevant supplements that are useful for the skin. In other words, these two companies provide a range of self-care solution to the customers.

Vital Proteins vs Olly

The difference between vital proteins and Olly is that Vital Proteins is one of the reputed companies of America, which is known for its collagen products. This company offered collagen-containing powders, supplements, drinks, and a range of vital gummies as well. On the contrary, Olly is also a vitamin manufacturing company, wellness boosters, protein powders, multivitamins, etc. Olly beauty gummies help in skin nourishing and brightening as well.

Vital Proteins vs Olly

Vital Proteins is a beauty vitamin and supplement manufacturing company that provides a variety of products for better skin and nourishment of the body. It is one of the reputed brands of America.

Other than Vital gummies, a wide range of products are offered by this company, including powders, drinks, and supplements containing collagen.

Olly is reputed company that deals in the vitamin and supplements that consequently help in enhancing the immunity. It provides a self-care solution for women as well as feminine health supplements.

You can also purchase hair and soft skin gels from this brand.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVital ProteinsOlly
Founded Year20132013
Headquarter LocationsChicago, United States, IllinoisUnited States, San Francisco, California
Parent OrganizationNestle Health Science S.AUnilever
Brand RecognitionIt has estimated greater brand recognition as compared to Olly.It has less brand recognition compared to Vital Proteins.
Offers and DiscountsIt offers more frequent discounts to the customer.It does not offer a frequent discount to the users.

What is Vital Proteins?

Vital Proteins is one of the reputed companies that provides vitamins and supplements and collagen products as well. Various benefits of collagen are observed in the human body, which includes a brighter complexion, healthy bones, healthy nails, etc.

It also improves recovery. A wide range of products is offered by Vital proteins, including:

Powders – Matcha Collagen, Collagen Creamers, Collagen Peptides, Shop Powders, and Beauty Collagen

Supplements – Beauty boost, hair boost, Collagen peptides, beef liver, etc.

It offers varieties of drinks and gummies.

Vital proteins promote the wellness of the user and support them by providing various products. The company also provides immunity boosters. The user can buy any product which is relevant to their health need. The company have exclusive delivery options with discounts and offers.

vital proteins

What is Olly?

Olly is a brand that deals with beauty vitamins and supplements. People usually use these products or supplements as anti-ageing or skin brightening and nourishing as well.

Immunity and beauty products are also offered by Olly, including soft gels, gummies, etc.

The company focused on the healthy lifestyle and good health of the people. Feminine health supplements are also offered by the company. You can have a range of reliable collections for the self-care solution of women. 

Olly is a well-known company founded in the year 2013. Unilever is the parent organization of this company, and it has its headquarter in three primary locations, including the United States.


Main Differences Between Vital Proteins and Olly

  1. Vital Proteins and Olly, both of these companies, deal in beauty vitamins and supplements and found in the same year i.e. 2013. Basically, both of these companies are American-based companies that provide a wide range of supplements to the customers for a healthy and nutritious life. These companies have different parent organizations. Nestle Health Science is the parent organization of Vital Proteins. On the contrary, the parent organization of Olly is Unilever.
  2. Vital proteins offered varieties of products to the customers. This includes powders, drinks, supplements, and gummies as well. On the other hand, the product offered by Olly includes soft gels, immunity booster, feminine health supplements, and many more. Both of these companies have one common thing, and that is collagen. Collagen is useful in anti-ageing, skin brightening, nourishment and is considered an important ingredient in providing self-care solutions to customers.
  3. Vital Proteins and Olly are working quite good and both of these companies compete against well-known brands like Swanson vitamins. Although, the brand recognition of Vital Proteins is estimated to be greater as compared to the Olly.
  4. Vital Proteins is a recognized company with its headquarter in three locations, including United States, Illinois, and Chicago. On the other hand, Olly also has three headquarter location worldwide, and this includes California, San Francisco, and the United States.
  5. Vital Proteins has strong brand recognition, and this is due to the fact that this company offer discounts and offers more frequently. This will eventually fascinate the customers. On the contrary, Olly does not offer a frequent discount to the users.


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