Difference Between dLocal and EBANX

Cross Border payments is always a challenge for consumers so far. Especially as consumers when we plan to buy a product from overseas. The cost of the product is one part, and the bank charges are the other. This is mainly because your bank is different from the cross border issuing bank.


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However, these days the presence of payment processors and payment gateways is mostly reduced. Such problems were evident in Latin American Countries, and with the help of two payment processors, the merchants are finding it quite easy and cost-effective to acquire customers.

The two major payment processors are dLocal and EBANX. They both are different in their functionalities in several ways.

dLocal vs EBANX

The difference between dLocal and EBANX is in the payment methods. dLocal accepts cash payments, while EBANX does not accept cash payments. The speed at which cash payments are processed is also commendable. dLocal takes 1 to 2 business days for merchant settlement. But, EBANX for any transaction takes a longer duration.

dLocal vs EBANX

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dLocal is a Fintech that has a payment platform that connects the global merchants with Latin American People. Consumers can use the platform to make payments for any online purchases.

The platform has many domestic and international payment methods that help both the businesses and the customers. EBANX is a payment gateway based out of Brazil.

It aims at connecting the e-commerce vendors with Latin American people for online purchases. The transaction fee is minimal, and that makes many customers opt for this platform. Also, the payment gateway is considered to be a secured one.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisondLocalEBANX
Cash PaymentsdLocal also processes Cash payments.EBANX does not have that facility.
Payment Time LimitdLocal is fast in payment settlement.EBANX transactions take 7 days from the date of payment to get the funds settled.
Payment Gateway ChargesAll-inclusive charges range between 2.7% to 7%.EBANX charges 2.7% of the transaction.
Customizable CheckoutThe facility is not available with dLocal.EBANX offered customizable checkout options.
Customizable Charges for merchantsdLocal specializes in this aspectEBANX charges for every transaction and consolidates the same.

What is dLocal?

dLocal is a financial technology company that is established in Uruguay. This company has a payment technology platform that handles online payments in mass for many merchants around the world. This platform mainly connects Latin American countries with vendors around the globe.

dLocal offers payments in various ways.

  1. Local Card Transaction
  2. Monthly Instalments
  3. Internet Bank Transfers
  4. Direct Bank Transfers
  5. E-Wallets and
  6. Cash Payments

The global merchants are finding it cost-effective these days as the Latin American consumers are less tapped because of many internal banking policies. The overseas payments were costing their customers a lot of money in terms of bank charges.

It is a fact that dLocal had handled $2billion worth cross border transactions in the year 2019. The platform accepts payments like a local payment method. It also converts the funds into suitable EUR or Dollar as the currency of the transaction.

The facilitation of B2B payments began in the year 2013. The best part of Fintech is, it offers cross border payments to over 20 countries and also accepts 300 different payment methods. Both local and international.

The platform functions like a payment gateway as well as a payment service provider. The most prominent companies that use dLocal are Amazon, Shopify, Didi, Uber etc.

What is EBANX?

EBANX is a Brazilian Fintech that operates as a payment gateway and payment processors for the people of Latin American Countries. It connects the people to the global merchants. The best part is the people in Latin American Countries can purchase online without the use of Credit or a Debit Card.

As the countries have a pretty complex regulatory structure, EBANX has helped the merchants with its payment platform. The main objective of EBANX is to connect business with consumers of LATAM.

The major solutions offered by EBANX are

  1. Processing Payments
  2. Processing Payments through Instalments
  3. Processing Recurring Payments
  4. Local Consulting

The international purchases by the consumers of Latin America have increased by 80% these days. The global merchants have eyed EBANX as the best solution for their challenges in countries where the banking policies are quite stringent.

The companies have contemplated expanding their services only because of EBANX. The deep knowledge of the market and the financial solutions offered by EBANX keeps them the best in the industry so far. EBANX has established their partnerships with

  1. Uber Pay
  2. Coursera
  3. Scribd
  4. Visa

This comprehensive solution began in Brazil for Brazilian citizens. Now it has expanded big connecting other countries too.

Main Differences Between dLocal and EBANX

  1. The main difference between dLocal and EBANX is that the former accepts cash payment from the customers. It shall be processed within 2 business days too. EBANX do not offer such services.
  2. dLocal has quick payment settlement plans. All the payments happen very quickly. The bank transfers the credit card payments happen instantly too. However, EBANX takes 7 days for any type of payment to be settled.
  3. The transaction charges with dLocal are slightly expensive when compared to EBANX’s transaction charges.
  4. dLocal has many payment features but fails at customised check out options where EBANX clicks the best in this aspect.
  5. The charges incurred by the merchants can be customized as per clients’ choice to make the payment, while EBANX consolidates all the transaction for the month and sends the invoice to be cleared.
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