Difference Between Rotisserie and Air Fryer

Cooking is a hobby and passion for some individuals. There is varied cuisine that is available globally like Italian, Thai, International, Indian, Chinese, Continental, etc.

All these cuisines have their unique taste and method of preparation. Some are roasted, fried, baked, etc. And for the same, many kitchen appliances are making the work easy for the cook.

Rotisserie vs Air Fryer

The main difference between Rotisserie and Air Fryer is that Rotisserie is a metal rod which is used as a skewer, and the rod is placed inside the chicken or food to be roasted while in contrast, an Air Fryer is a type of countertop convection oven which deep-fries the food but without using the oil.

Rotisserie vs Air Fryer

Rotisserie is a metal rod that is meant for holding the food around it. It is also called spit-roasting and is one of the methods of roasting food. It is mainly used in roasting chicken, for making kebabs, tikkas, etc.

The metal road is placed on fireplace or campfire or oven or barbeque. The main purpose of using rotisserie is to cook large size of meat like – pig, turkey, chicken, etc. Air Fryer is a type of modern kitchen appliance which helps in deep frying the food without the use of oil.

The food cooked in an air fryer cuts down the calorie intake to about 70% – 80%. The air fryer seems to have an appearance like a countertop with convection, the compartment present is used to place the food inside, and the food is tossed with some oil, and the heat cooks the food.   

Comparison Table Between Rotisserie and Air Fryer

Parameters of ComparisonRotisserieAir Fryer
DefinitionIt is a metal rod used for roasting large meat sizes like chicken or turkey on a fireplace.It is a type of countertop convention appliance used for deep frying food but without oil.
MechanismThe rod is used to hold the food and helps in the roasting.On the top, the heating mechanism and fan are present, allowing the heat to move down and around the food.
RotationIt can be rotated opposite depending on the placement of the rotisserie.The rotating basket rotates in to and fro motion.
UsageUsed for roasting the food evenly.Used for deep frying the food without oil.
Safety OptionIt is quite not safe to use as it is open to the heat and mainly advice to handle by a professional.It is easy to use and can be operated by anyone.

What is Rotisserie?

Rotisserie is a now-go method adapted by many chefs and experts for cooking delectable and delightful food. Rotisserie is a single piece of kitchen equipment that is made up of metal and is in the shape of a large-pointed rod.

The method of using the rotisserie is although easy but comes with an invisible warning of the handle with care. This is so because the food item which is held by the rotisserie rod is placed on the open fireplace.

These are used primarily when there was a lack of culinary items and are quite easy to handle and make large size of meat like – it can hold up a full size of a chicken, turkey, or pig. The use of rotisserie is not limited to just roasting meat, but it is used in making delicious kababs, tikkas, and many more items.

Rotisserie is also called spit roasting as the metal rod is skewed inside the food item and splits it up. With making continuous rotation, the meat is evenly cooked form all the side and deeply which enhances the taste and make it juicer because of the continuous basting.

What is Air Fryer?

Air Fryer is a modern kitchen appliance used for deep frying food items placed inside the fryer basket without submerging the food into the oil. The food cooked inside the air fryer is without oil or a very less brushed amount of oil.

The air fryer comes with a heating mechanism all placed at its top. The warm air inside it flows evenly downwards and around the food, making it brown and crispier.

There are many models available in the market depending on the different companies, but the patent of the product is with Philips as they introduced the technology.

An air fryer is quite easy and durable to handle by anyone. Depending on the models, it can be operated manually or digitally. The food items cooked inside the air fryer lower the calorie intake by 70-80% of an individual and increase the health benefits.

The product is easy to clean and very budget-friendly as it may alter the taste of food, but it makes it healthier.

Main Differences Between Rotisserie and Air Fryer

  1. Rotisserie is a metal rod that is used for roasting purposes, and usually, a large size of meat is roasted like – chicken, turkey, pig, etc. while. In contrast, the Air Fryer is an appliance with a countertop convention used for deep frying food items but without the use of oil. 
  2. Rotisserie is a rod or skewer that holds up the food item and helps in roasting or cooking it, while on the other hand, an Air Fryer has its heating mechanism and fan on its top that allows the flow of warm air to move down and around the food. 
  3. The rotisserie can be rotated by vertical or horizontal depending on the direction it is placed in, while in contrast, some Air Fryer models come with a rotating basket that moves in to and fro motion and cook the food evenly, brown, and crisp.
  4. Rotisserie is used to roast the food evenly and make it juicier, whereas an Air Fryer is used to deep fry the food items but without the oil.  
  5. Rotisseries being a piece of single equipment used in cooking it is directly placed over the fireplace that is why it is quite not safe to handle and is advised to be handled by professionals only while on the other hand an Air Fryer is very easy to use and can be operated manually or digitally depending on the type of model.  
Difference Between Rotisserie and Air Fryer


The different meals or cuisines require different kitchen appliances for them. As in ancient times, the food was cooked on the stove made out of the sand, and it used to take much longer time to prepare it, but now with improvisation and new technologies have made it far easier to cook food in less time and with more ease.

Anciently there was no efficient baking or roasting equipment that help in making cakes, pastries, pizza, roasting chicken, and many more food items.

But now, there is much more equipment that helps in the process. The rotisserie helps in evenly cooking the food on the fireplace that makes it juicer, while air fryers cook the frozen food items with a less or minimum amount or with no oil.

The food cooked still tastes deep-fried, and it becomes healthier as it minimizes the calorie intake to about 70-80%.


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