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Difference Between Rotisserie and Convection

Ovens are a new and modern way of cooking and warming up cold and frozen dishes. The cooking hardware and technology have successfully saved ample time and several services that we can choose from.


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Microwave ovens using convection mode to cook and rotisseries are some of the best methods of cooking chicken and other meat or vegetarians dishes with Various unique and different options. But they’re not the same, of course.

Rotisserie vs Convection

The difference between rotisserie and convection is that the rotisserie method is known as spit-roasting. The dish meat, to be precise, is skewered on a spot that’s a long solid rod holding the chicken horizontally. In contrast, the convection mode is used in ovens where the dish is heated and baked under the influence of heat hitting the dish from every corner of the oven.

Rotisserie vs Convection

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Rotisserie is one of the major instruments or cooking hardware that are used for cooking or roasting the chickens while penetrating it through the horizontal rod places over the coal section.

Well, it’s also known as spit-roasting, where the rod holds food, and it’s rotated so that every marinated corner gets heat. Convection is under the influence of heat when a dish is placed inside the microwave oven. It’s one of the most used methods to dry cook the meal.

Several brands like LG, IFB are stainless steel convection microwave ovens that allow you to customise the temperature with the help of buttons embedded in the oven. Well, there’s an LED and a transparent glass to see the dish cooked under the heat coming out from all four walls.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRotisserieConvection
DefinitionRotisserie is spit-roasting where the chicken is placed by penetrating it.Convection is used in ovens to cook dishes under heat.
MechanismRotisserie has a rod that holds the chicken to be baked properly.Convection ovens don’t have a rod. Instead, they have a glass plate inside that acts as a base to keep your dish on.
RotationThe rotisserie rotates vertically since the rod is placed horizontally.The Convection ovens rotate as a disc rotates inside the CD player.
ScalabilityRotisserie is mostly used for cooking meat.Convection ovens are general and can be used to cook anything.
Safety optionRotisserie isn’t much good and a safer one since it’s an open heat cooking.Convection ovens are generally safer since these Cook meals inside the oven.

What is Rotisserie?

Well, modern days are here, and all you can see is life getting simpler and assets getting handy day by day. Indeed the science and technology has taken a good and positive fold towards the welfare of the world. From firewood used for cooking to gas system and now ovens, life’s getting sorted every day.

Well, it’s no new that Rotisserie is one of the major instrument or cooking hardware that is used for cooking sumptuous and delicious food. The mechanism seems quite easy. However, it’s tricky. It’s like a table that has a rod attached to the base allowing the meat to hang on it.

The meat is skewered on a spit and also known as spit-roasting. A long rod is used which holds the chicken that is baked over a fire. These are generally used in campfires of a fireplace where there’s a scarcity of cutlery.

Well, restaurants have also adopted this mode to make sure the customers seek the best of food and taste. These are used for cooking a large portion of meat. For example, a whole chicken or a lamb can be baked in a go by Rotisserie.

The rotation cooks the meat evenly since it’s rotated manually, allowing easy access for continuous basting.


What is Convection?

Today’s World is full of science. From automatic vehicles to sensors on the counters, the developers had been able to simplify life by saving enough time. Ovens were invented for saving much of the time, reducing the cost and the need for labour, on the other hand.

Convection ovens are used for cooking food, baking items, or even warming up cold food. These Convection ovens have a cuboidal shape with different sizes and capacity. These use heat for cooking meals. It has a door that allows the chef to put his dish in and closing the lid.

The lid is transparent and allows the dish to be observed from the outside. These Convection ovens have buttons to manipulate the dish and bake according to the requirement.

Convection ovens throw heat at the dish placed inside the oven and rotating the fish vertically. There’s a glass base where you can put your dish on. These also have an exhaust fan to maintain the temperature of the oven and preventing overheating.

Since these come in different sizes and volumes, a slice of whole meat can’t be baked properly. The advantage of convection ovens are that these are exhaust fans removes the moisture that allows proper heating of food and maintaining the crisp and juice of the food.

convection 1

Main Differences Between Rotisserie and Convection

  1. Rotisserie uses the rod to cook meat or chicken, while convection uses the oven to cook dishes.
  2. Rotisserie is a spit roasting method, while convection is a heating the food method.
  3. Rotisserie is widely used for cooking whole meat, while convection can be used to cook vegetarian foods as well.
  4. Rotisserie cooks the dish in the open while the convection method cooks the food in a closed manner.
  5. In Rotisserie, the rod is placed horizontally and rotating vertically while there’s a base that rotates like a disc with a dish over it.
Difference Between Rotisserie and Convection
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