Difference Between Notion and Evernote

Both Notion and Evernote are tools that help the users to manage their tasks by planning, writing, and organize their files or folders. The Notion is a collaborative note-taking app, and Evernote remains the most used organizational note-taking app.


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Both the tools provide different features along with the basic note-taking functions, which makes them different from each other.

Notion vs Evernote

The difference between Notion and Evernote is that Notion is an all-in-one workspace tool that helps the users to plan, write, organize and collaborate while doing their work and keeping it all in one place, whereas Evernote is an organizational note-taking app that lets the users capture and prioritize ideas or projects keeping all the files in one place. 

Notion vs Evernote

The notion is a collaborative all-in-one workplace tool that allows users to keep their work organized in one place and provides several templates for creating notes in it.

It has a neat framework that helps the users can easily access their notes. The notion is built on three main components, which are Team Wiki, Projects and Tasks, and Notes and Docs. 

Evernote is an advanced note-taking app that enables its users to create, organize and store their ideas, projects, or to-do lists from multimedia sources. It is designed for efficient note-taking.

The users can add text, images, audio, PDFs, and documents to their notes. It offers the users a wide range of templates to choose from.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNotionEvernote
Type of toolIt is a generalized tool.It is a specialized tool.
Upload limit in free accountIt provides an upload limit of 25MB.It provides an upload limit of 60MB.
SecurityIt runs on the Amazon web service’s cloud.It uses the Google cloud platform to run services.
Launch dateIt was launched in the year 2018.It was launched in the year 2008.
SupportIt has API support for developers.It does not have API support for developers.

What is Notion?

The notion is a newcomer in the note-taking tool world, which is providing various virtual features that helps the users to perform different tasks apart from the basic note-taking functionality. It is built from the ground up, which helps in keeping all the users’ work in one place.

The main aim of the app is to manage and collaborate all the team’s files, projects, tasks, or important information in an efficient way. It provides a wide range of free, editable, and very useful templates for different purposes to be chosen by the users.

It is supported by all the platforms, be it a web browser, iOS, android, windows, or macOS. The freemium account provides 1000 blocks with an upload limit of 5 MB, more than 50 free starter templates, databases of rich property, and it can be shared with five guests also.

The notion can be integrated with more than 100 apps for creating any task or managing the projects that to all in the same place. Table, list, calendar, kanban board, & gallery views are all supported in the app.

To gain a wider range of features and more limits and facilities, the users can go for paid plans. It has a very neat interface.

What is Evernote?

Evernote at a core level is an advanced note-taking app that helps users to manage and store their tasks, ideas, or projects. It was launched back in the year 2008. Initially, it was built as a mobile app that can easily take notes.

It provides an exclusive variety of templates to the users, which are categorized as the to-do list, meeting notes, writing, management resources, home and garden, party planning, travel, school, and many more.

Evernote is supported in all the different platforms from the web browser, iOS, android, windows to macOS. The freemium account provides 100,000 notes with a file size of up to 25 MB per note, 60 MB upload limit per month, can store up to 100 searches, and 250 notes are synced across a single user’s account.

The unique integration feature gives more flexibility to the users. Evernote has the integration feature which can simultaneously search both Google and the desired note of users.

As it is a cloud-based app and therefore all the notes are stored in the cloud, which is why all the notes of the users are synced across all of their devices. The notes can be in any form like images, audio, video, text, or web pages.

Main Differences Between Notion and Evernote

  1. The notion is an all-in-one workspace tool that allows users to keep all their work in one place, and it provides more features that can do several different tasks, which makes it a generalized tool, whereas Evernote is an organizational note-taking tool that allows users to keep all their files in one place and it provides fewer features but with a greater specialized depth, that makes it a specialized tool.
  2. In the basic or the freemium account, Notion provides an upload limit of only 25 MB per user account, whereas Evernote provides an upload limit of up to 60 MB every month per user account. 
  3. Notion solely runs on Amazon web service’s cloud within a particular VPN, which denies any public access, whereas Evernote uses Google cloud platform that provides protection of data with AES-256 encryption to run its services.
  4. The notion is a newcomer as it was launched in the year 2018, whereas Evernote has an advantage of around 13 years as it was launched back in the year 2008.
  5. The notion has the API support for developers where they can make structures and databases, and more fun stuff like doing a project which sends an email every time it’s changed, whereas there is no API support in Evernote for developers.
Difference Between Notion and Evernote


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