Notion vs Jira: Difference and Comparison

Business organizations rely on project management tools to accomplish projects.

Project management tools help to increase collaboration among team members, keep track of work progress and detect issues in the beginning stages to avoid hassles in product launch.

Notion and Jira are the software that comes under project management tools but have different features. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Notion is an all-in-one workspace and productivity app that can be used for project management, note-taking, and task organization, featuring customizable templates and collaboration tools.
  2. Jira is a project management tool designed for software development, featuring features like bug tracking, issue tracking, and agile project management.
  3. Notion is a more versatile and customizable tool that can be used for a wide range of projects, while Jira is best suited for software development projects.

Notion vs Jira 

The difference between Notion and Jira software is that Notion is a product management tool that combines all collaborative and management applications in one place, whereas Jira is an issue tracking software that tracks issues in the project management, creates agile reports, and notifies the teams. Notion software is used to create WebPages without coding, but this feature is not available in Jira software.


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Notion vs Jira

Notion Software was developed by Ivan Zhao-the founder of Notion Labs Inc, in 2016 to remove the complications in managing and updating the teams with project work.

It is software that increases collaboration and communication among team members. It has customizable features that make it effective and easier to use.

Jira Software is a project management tool developed by Mike Cannon Brokers and Scott Farquhar, the founders of Atlassian Corporation in 2002.

It is used to track issues in the project, manage tasks, assign tasks, keep track of work, generate agile reports, ensure the security of sensitive data, and meet compliances.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNotionJira
Launched in  Notion Labs Inc company launched Notion software in 2016Atlassian Corporation launched Jira software in 2002.
DefinitionIt is a productive tool that combines all project management and collaborative applications in one place.It is a project tracking and issue tracking software developed for agile teams.
Type of applicationIt is a web-based application that supports every operating system of desktop and mobile phones.It is a server-based application hosted on the cloud and Jira Data Center.
Importing Data FormatsNotion support any format of data such as HTML, XLS, TXT, CSV, DOC, and others.Jira only supports CSV and JSON format files.
Trial versionThe personal plan is free.It gives a trial period of seven for ten users.

What is Notion?

Notion Labs Inc is a startup company that was started in 2013 by Ivan Zhao in San Francisco. The company launched a collaborative tool called Notion in 2016.

A Notion is a productivity tool that combines all the project management applications in one place, enabling people to build their system, applications, team tasks, documents, wikis, meeting notes, research databases, and roadmaps.

It allows its customers to customize the features to their preferences and make work easier and more effective. 

A Notion is a management tool that can be used for every work that requires planning, scheduling, reviewing, and rechecking.

It has features like spreadsheets, calendars, blocks, tables, dashboards, databases, checklists, and many more. It has a YouTube channel where the company or the users who have used the software share their experiences.

It has a referral reward that credits two months for free to use the software. 

The software has templates for users to create workplaces. Team members can also share and collaborate on the software. It is available to users on MAC, windows, android, and Apple operating systems.

It is available in four tiers personal for free of cost, personal pro, Team, and Enterprise tiers. It has many more features for free on the personal account than Microsoft OneNote.

The software also has a web clipper that allows saving pages. It also has an importing tool that allows users to import files and documents to another app like Evernote and import data from other applications to Notion. 


What is Jira?

Atlassian Corporation is an Australian-based company founded by Mike Cannon Brokers and Scott Farquhar in 2002.

It develops software products and services to support organizations and project teams to accomplish their tasks effectively. 

The company develops products for tracking projects, incident handling tools, management tools, collaborative applications, code management, integration applications, and security management applications.

Jira is one of the projects and issues tracking software of this company.

Jira software is created to track issues and bugs in the code. The Agile teams use the platform to plan, assign tasks, track progression, report issues, and manage the overall work.

It can be used by any project management team, from software development, customer support to individual planning.

It has different built-in project templates like Jira Software, Jira Align, Jira Service management, Jira Work management, Jira Test management, and many more. 

Jira Software is hosted on the cloud and Jira Datacenter. It can also be integrated with other knowledge management tools in use by organizations. 

It allows small organizations with ten users to trial the version for seven days, and for the data centre, it gives 30 days trial period. 

Datacenter hosting has two plans, monthly or annual subscriptions, and for the cloud, it has four pricing strategies based on user limit, size limit, and project limits.

It offers free 2GB storage for small plans and unlimited storage for large enterprises.

Main Differences Between Notion and Jira

  1. Notion Software was launched in 2016 by Notion Labs Inc Company, and Jira Software was started in 2002 by Atlassian Corporation.
  2. The notion is productive software that combines all-in-one workplace applications in one place, while Jira is an issue-tracking software used for task management, test management, and service management.
  3. The notion is a web-based application that eases planning and day-to-day task managing operations, while Jira software is a server-based application hosted on the cloud and Jira Data Center.
  4. Notion software is used to create web pages, wikis, journals, databases, roadmaps, and many more. Jira Software is not used to create web pages but to track issues in the coding or project planning process.
  5. The notion is available for free on the personal plan, and it charges $5 per month for the enterprise tier. Jira is available for small organizations to large enterprises. It gives a trial version of seven days for ten users on the cloud and the data centre for 30 days. 
Difference Between Notion and Jira

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