Difference Between Zendesk and Jira

If you are into businesses or a part of a large organization then I am sure that you might come across these two terms Zendesk and Jira.


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These are two of the most famous terms that are used by large organizations because they serve a purpose to them.

Zendesk and Jira are nothing software that helps issue the tracking systems. Now, these two have similar functions and features but they have their differences.

Both the software is very excellent in what they serve and both have a good customer base.

Zendesk vs Jira

The difference between Zendesk and Jira is that Zendesk primarily focuses on follow-up with support, maintenance and feedback included whereas Jira system software supports from the concept to launch.

Zendesk vs Jira

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One of the other differences between the two is that Jira offers free service whereas Zendesk doesn’t.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZendeskJira
Best ForDesigned to build improve customer relationships.Designed to detect and organize issues, assigning of work, and tracking the activity of the team.
Rating4.3/5 stars4.4/5 stars
Ease of Use4.3/53.9/5
Customer Support4.2/54.1/5
Value for Money4.1/54.2/5
Features and Functionality4.3/54.4/5
Support24/7 (live rep), business hours, and online.24/7 (live rep), and online

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is software that was designed to serve the customers build and improve relationships.

Zendesk is a CRM company whose software is quite powerful, and the software helps meet all the requirements of any business or any organization.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) help build a good relationship with the help of support agents. The company provides call centres so that they help with the problems of the customers by giving them what they need.

The features offered by Zendesk can be utilized by anyone no matter what business or organization you are in. Some of the features and help offered by Zendesk are as the following:

  1. Zendesk support: here the customers are handled about their problems by either support by email, mobile with complete data reporting.
  2. Zendesk chat: in this platform the customers chat with the agents to get a solution. Chatting also helps support businesses and take on leads.
  3. Zendesk Explore: in this platform analytics to business and customer is offered so that to calculate and boost customer service.
  4. Zendesk Guide: here you will get the knowledge that supports your customer.

What is Jira?

Jira is system software that was primarily designed to help all kinds of teams to manage work efficiently. However, the main idea was to create a tracker for several issues and bugs.

Now, this system software has evolved, and now it is used as a tool for all kinds of uses.

Jira was developed by an American company name Atlassian and the basic function that this tool performs is to track issues and bugs that are related to your device’s software or in the mobile apps. Jira is also used for managing of various projects.

Jira offers a free service for their customers and this is what makes them a great tool. Sometimes businesses want a tool that will help them with their work without any cost so Jira is the best solution for that.

The free service has got a certain limitation where it has the capability to serve up to 10 users and 2GB of storage with community support.

Jira system software is popular because of their maintained workflow mapping and also for their issue tracking services. Various agile developments need their support and it has got Scrum and Kanban along with all kinds of reports.


Main Differences Between Zendesk and Jira

  1. The main difference between Zendesk and Jira is that Jira is the best choice for managing projects while Zendesk is the best tool for performing end-user communication.
  2. The strength of Zendesk depends only on two-way communication (automation and Knowledge base) whereas Jira has a number of activity feeds.
  3. When talking about the concept to launch then Jira is ahead of Zendesk.
  4. Zendesk is quite cheap but Jira system software is a free source.
  5. Zendesk’s user-interface is quite simple and easy to handle whereas Jira’s user-interface is quite complicated.
Difference Between Zendesk and Jira
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