Notion vs OneNote: Difference and Comparison

Handy applications to smartly take care of the assigned tasks are of prime importance these days. With the advent of remote working and work pressure, every individual also requires reminders for their tasks.

While this is the case, there are many applications developed for different purposes. And we tend to use the one that we are comfortable with.

Key Takeaways

  1. Notion offers a more customizable workspace than OneNote. Users can create templates, databases, and workflows to fit their needs.
  2. OneNote excels at note-taking and organization with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use sections and pages.
  3. Notion’s pricing structure is based on the number of users, while OneNote is a free app with limited features pre-installed on most devices.

Notion vs OneNote

The difference between Notion and OneNote is the basic functionality of the applications. The Notion is an incredible application that handles complex task structures, while OneNote helps you to create, save and edit texts the way you want. You can save data in OneNote rather easily as compared to Notion.

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The Notion is a cloud-based application that works to assist you in creating notes, calendars, reminders, and databases.

OneNote, on the other hand, has grown a lot in the last 15 years. It is a simple note-taking application that is available on mobile phones and computers that can help you to remember the tasks on hand.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNotionOneNote
Basic Usage Take Notes, Create Reminders, create and save data. Then, open task lines and assign the same.Take notes, save data and create reminders.
UsageUsage is Free. However, users can subscribe to upgraded versions to have enhanced project management features and space too.Usage is completely free for all users.
Mobile ApplicationAvailable and very easy to navigateAvailable and not as easy to navigate as Notion
Platforms SupportedAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS and WebAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Windows Phone, PWA, and Web
Text EditingRich Editing tools are available on all platforms.Rich editing tools are available on Desktop version, and mobile application lacks a few tools.

What is Notion?

The Notion is a complete workspace tool that helps you to take notes, create data, make presentations, assign tasks and so on.

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Notion is indeed a professional tool that can help collaborate with the tools and the team to create a good workforce. Notion can help create calendars and reminders for the task assigned.

The knowledge management application has enhanced versions of features as you upgrade the tool with a minimal fee. The web, desktop and mobile versions of the application look similar.

The best tool to plan and execute the plans accordingly. Technically, Notion is a collaboration software that has integrated.

  1. Kanban Boards
  2. Tasks
  3. Databases and
  4. Wikis

It is a complete tool that can help you take notes, help in knowledge and project management. The incredible file management system and exceptional sharing options also make it easy for a beginner.


What is OneNote?

MS OneNote is a note-taking application that helps you create notes, edit and collaborate with others.

The tool has been in the market for the past 15 years and has evolved largely in terms of text input. The data can be saved.

  1. By typing
  2. By speaking
  3. By writing on the screen

The assistant mode of operation is preferred by many people. If you are creative, you can attempt to write on the screen, and it gets printed on the note-taking areas.

You can also find OneNote as a standalone app and can also use it over the web if you do not want to download the software.

One more aspect that makes OneNote more user-friendly is the application does not direct you to save the text in one particular structure.


Main Differences Between Notion and OneNote

  1. The Notion has easy navigation techniques for mobile phones, while using OneNote on the phone is a bit difficult.
  2. The Notion has rich editing tools available on all platforms, while OneNote has rich editing tools on the desktop alone. The Mobile version has a few tools missing.
Difference Between Notion and OneNote
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Last Updated : 05 July, 2023

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  9. Notion is a great application for creating workspaces and customizing them. OneNote, on the other hand, is more focused on note-taking and organization. Both apps have their own set of features that cater to different needs of users.

    • Great comment. Notion’s pricing structure being based on users and OneNote being free with limited features are two important distinctions to keep in mind.

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