Difference Between Kapwing and Animoto

Pictures, Memes and Videos are of critical importance in the field of digital marketing. The customer reach is mode compared to the text-based content. At the same time, videos and memes offer incredible entertainment to the audience too.


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There is a lot of video editing software available online that enables even amateurs to become excellent creators. There is two such software that is most sought for by the users; Kapwing and Animoto. Users utilize this two software for creating videos, yet they have a few significant differences between them.

Kapwing vs Animoto

The difference between Kapwing and Animoto lies in the usage. Kapwing is a video editing platform that helps users create memes while Animoto supports in making colourful videos based slideshows. Both the platform uses images, but the former has a lot of option to work on already existing videos too.

Kapwing vs Animoto

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Kapwing is an excellent video editing platform that shall help trim, edit and create videos for entertainment as well as marketing purposes. It is more of a meme generator and has a lot of options to publish it online on social media platforms.

Animoto is again a video editing software predominantly uses images and photographs to create thought-provoking slideshows. The platform has inbuilt templates that you can make use of. It is a platform that shall enable do it yourself style which makes it highly customizable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonKapwingAnimoto
High Definition ResolutionNot availableAnimoto’s video output Is always HD
Watermark in Free versionNo WatermarkThe videos shall have the watermark of Animoto
SubtitleAI-enabled Subtitle feature is an amazing feature in KapwingNo such feature
Upload Limit in Free version 250MB400MB
UsageMeme Creator and more of a personal brand enhancement softwareIt is a business-oriented software used to make marketing presentations

What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is a video and image editing software that helps create

  1. GIFs and
  2. Videos

Using the output of the creation, you can generate memes. Kapwing is excellent online editing software that enables you to create digital storytellers. The platform helps not only making entertaining and attention-seeking videos but also allows you to share them on profound platforms for greater reach.

The features are amazing, and it is observed that most of the features are available for free. This is the factor that makes many users incline to it. At the same time, the unique aspect of the AI-enabled Subtitle makes this online video editing platform the best.

The crisp and vibrant videos can convey a lot of message in a quick time. The tools available enables the user to create a video in a short time. The best part is, the output is of the highest quality.

The users are observed to use this platform predominantly for meme creation. It is considered the most popular editing platform to create entertaining memes. The platform seems to be easy for beginners too. The experimenting aspect makes it fun to work with.

What is Animoto?

Animoto is another video editing software that enables the user to create a colourful slideshow. This is an excellent marketing tool that can help display the features of your service or your product in a catchy fashion.

You can use many images and upload the same to the preset template. You can add audio to It as well. The creation time is pretty less as the templates are preset. All you have to do is, upload the images in any of the templates, and there you go, you have the video ready.

As with any video editing software, you can edit the videos, but the customization features are not as effective as Kapwing. You can not edit the part of the video, and the editing tools also limits and rigid.

You can use this software and offers the following benefits to the users

  1. The video output is of HD quality
  2. Social Media Sharing is available
  3. You can brand it under your organisation or your name
  4. Numerous music clips in the music library

All important images are also numerous, as the plus point is, Animoto has partnered with Getty Images. The version of the software is free and offers a 14-day trial. After which, you must sign up to use the advanced features which are not available in the trial version.

Main Differences Between Kapwing and Animoto

  1. The main difference between Kapwing and Animoto is the type of edits that you can perform on the videos. Kapwing allows the user to edit the videos in between and customize the way you want. However, Animoto does not allow you to edit the clipping as it is preset.
  2. Kapwing has the feature to add subtitle to your created videos. But, the text edit option is limited, and no feature helps in creating subtitles.
  3. Kapwing’s output is of high quality but not HD, but Animoto supports HD output of the videos.
  4. Kapwing has many features that you can use while it is free, while the features of Animoto are pretty limited in the trial version, which lasts for 14 days.
  5. Kapwing does not embed any watermark on your videos, be it paid or free. But, in the paid version of Animoto, you can create your watermark and increase your brand presence.
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