TenX vs Crypto.com: Difference and Comparison

With time and energy, human minds evolve as well, leading to the further evolution of technology and its advancements. People are switching from barter systems to official cash distribution, online transactions, and digital coins.

Many firms exist that offer interested and wealthy people who can afford interaction with the digital world, like maintaining, buying and selling digital assets. In this twenty-first century, this particular field has become one of the greatest achievements of humans.

Key Takeaways

  1. TenX is a cryptocurrency wallet and payment platform, while Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency exchange and payment platform.
  2. TenX supports a smaller range of cryptocurrencies than Crypto.com and has a lower transaction limit.
  3. Crypto.com offers a wider range of services, like staking and earning interest on cryptocurrency holdings, while TenX is focused on providing a seamless payment experience.

TenX vs Crypto.com

TenX focuses on making cryptocurrency usable for everyday transactions, offering a debit card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies at any merchant that accepts Visa. Crypto.com is a comprehensive platform offering a range of services, including a crypto exchange and a crypto wallet.

TenX vs Crypto.com

TenX’s website, “https://tenx.tech,” can be used to learn everything about the company. Paul Kitti, Michael Sperk, and Toby Hoenisch are among the outstanding people behind TenX’s invention.

However, TenX is known to accept only a few cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Furthermore, while using the TenX card to withdraw funds, a fee is charged.

Hong Kong is home to the well-known crypto.com website.”https://crypto.com” is Crpto.com’s website address. Kris Marszalek, on the other hand, deserves credit for running Crypto.com.

Crypto.com is reported to accept a total of 36 different coins. When you withdraw money from Crypto.com, your card will not be charged. For the issue of cards, Crypto.com does not charge any fee.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTenXCrypto.com
Founded yearFounded in 2015Founded in 2016
HeadquartersBased in SingaporeLocated in Hong Kong
FoundersCreated by a team of Toby Hoenisch, Michael Sperk, Paul KittiCreated solely by Kris Marszalek
Supported cryptocurrencies3, BTC, LTC, ETH36
Withdrawal FeeIt charges withdrawal fees. Crypto.com doesn’t charge any withdrawal fee when done via the card.
Card issuance feeChargeDoesn’t charge

What is TenX?

TenX is a payment platform for cryptocurrencies. And it includes a physical debit card, a wallet and access to ATM, among other things. In general, the company aspires to offer tools that make it easier to use cryptocurrencies in the “real world.”

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TenX is based on the Comit Network, a frictionless payment technology that has the potential to eliminate all financial transaction fees. You can begin interacting with real-world items and services once the payment platform and wallet have been set up.

For these services, TenX utilises the Comit Network. In the year 2015, TenX was established. TenX’s headquarters are located on the outskirts of Singapore. However, one can learn everything about TenX by visiting its website, “https://tenx.tech.”

Paul Kitti, Michael Sperk, and Toby Hoenisch are part of the fantastic team that created TenX. The company also support a few digital currencies. LTC, BTC, and ETH are present on the list. Furthermore, when you withdraw money from your TenX card, you will be charged a fee.

When TenX issues a card to a consumer, it deducts a specified amount at the moment of issuance.

What is Crypto.com?

Since 2016, Crypto.com has been in operation. Hong Kong is home to the well-known crypto.com. “https://crypto.com” is the URL for Crpto.com’s website. Kris Marszalek, on the other hand, deserves credit for the operation of Crypto.com.

Crypto.com is recognised for supporting a total of 36 different cryptocurrencies. When monies are withdrawn from Crypto.com, the card provided by the company is not charged with any amount.

The issue of cards at Crypto.com is free of charge. In the Republic of India, the trading of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies has not been regulated yet. Therefore, it is suspected that it’s not safe for the investors to show their interest now.

The Crypto.com app and website are a global digital asset service organisation based in Switzerland that allows people to invest in cryptocurrencies with ease and success.

Eric Anziani and Jason Lau, as CISOs, Gary Or, as CTO, and Rafael Melo, as CFO, are among the most essential and experienced members of the Crypto.com team.

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They have won multiple awards as cyberspace and cybersecurity professionals. Since its inception in 2016, the firm has experienced considerable growth in terms of both collaborations and collaborations.

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Main Differences Between TenX and Crypto.com

  1. TenX came into existence in the year 2015. On the other hand, crypto.com has been in existence since 2016.
  2. The corporate office of TenX is located on the outskirts of Singapore. On the other hand, the very famous crypto.com has its base in Hong Kong.
  3. To know everything about TenX, one can log in to its website, “https://tenx.tech”. On the other hand, the website of Crpto.com is “https://crypto.com”.
  4. The wonderful team behind the creation of TenX includes Paul Kitti, Michael Sperk and Toby Hoenisch. On the other hand, the credit behind the operation of Crypto.com goes to Kris Marszalek.
  5. TenX is known to support limited cryptocurrencies, which are BTC, LTC, and ETH. On the other hand, Crypto.com is known to support thirty-six different kinds of cryptocurrencies.
  6. TenX card charges some amount of money at the time of withdrawal of funds. On the other hand, the card issued by Crypto.com does not get charged with any sum of the amount at the time of withdrawal of funds.
  7. TenX then gives its customers the card, and charges a certain amount at the time of its issuance. On the other hand, crypto.com does not charge any fee for the issuance of cards.
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Last Updated : 13 February, 2024

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21 thoughts on “TenX vs Crypto.com: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The founders’ background and the supported cryptocurrencies offered by TenX and Crypto.com play a significant role in establishing trust and credibility. The information is essential for users to make investment decisions.

    • Absolutely, transparency about the platform’s origins and the range of digital assets available is crucial. This transparency is beneficial for establishing trust with users.

  2. The innovative services and global presence of both TenX and Crypto.com depict the evolving landscape of digital financial systems, offering users diverse options to manage and utilize cryptocurrencies.

    • Absolutely, the expansive services and global accessibility of these platforms reflect the increasing integration of digital systems into everyday transactions.

    • Definitely, the diverse offerings signal the progression towards universal adoption of digital assets in the global economy.

  3. The comparative overview of TenX and Crypto.com offers an insightful understanding of their services and the technologies utilized. A well-researched article that benefits both novices and experienced users.

  4. Understanding the unique offerings and distinctions of TenX and Crypto.com fosters informed decision-making for users seeking to leverage digital assets for various purposes.

    • Absolutely, the detailed comparison allows users to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to make appropriate decisions aligned with their preferences.

  5. The seamless payment experience offered by TenX and the extensive range of services provided by Crypto.com cater to different needs of cryptocurrency users. This broadens the opportunities for users in managing their assets.

    • Definitely, the versatility of services provided by both platforms enables users to manage and utilize their cryptocurrencies effectively.

  6. The detailed comparison table sheds light on the differences between TenX and Crypto.com in terms of supported cryptocurrencies and withdrawal fees. This aids potential customers in making informed decisions.

    • Indeed, the availability of information regarding the founders, supported cryptocurrencies, and fees is crucial for users to understand the platform they are engaging with.

  7. The evolution of technology has greatly influenced the way we use and manage digital assets. TenX and Crypto.com are two successful platforms that cater to a variety of needs and offers beneficial services to cryptocurrency users.

    • The comprehensive services of Crypto.com and TenX’s focus on making cryptocurrencies usable in everyday transactions make them stand out in the market.

    • Absolutely, these platforms have transformed the way we interact with the digital world. The innovative services provided are indeed remarkable.

  8. The underlying technology and the team behind the development of TenX and Crypto.com play a significant role in their overall success and credibility in the market.

    • Absolutely, understanding the technology and the creators of these platforms provides users with confidence in utilizing their services.

  9. The potential of the Comit Network in enabling seamless payments and the variety of cryptocurrencies supported by TenX and Crypto.com offer valuable opportunities for users to engage in cryptocurrency transactions.

  10. The contrasts in the withdrawal fees and card issuance fees of TenX and Crypto.com reflect their approach towards providing financial services. This assists users in selecting a platform that aligns with their convenience.

    • Definitely, the variance in fees offered by both platforms reflects their commitment to user convenience and accessibility to cryptocurrencies.


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