Difference Between Blockcard and Crypto.com

The digital era is making a space in our daily lives and is growing day by day. Now, trading is also possible digitally with the exchange of digital money.


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The cryptocurrency market is very sensitive and very risky, which is one of the major factors to be considered before investing in it.  

Blockcard vs Crypto.com

The difference between blockcard and Crypto.com is that blockcard is a debit card that uses cryptocurrency as reserved money, while Crypto.com is a platform offering various services with the payment mode involving cryptocurrency. Blockcard can be used for daily life and household shopping while Crypto.com offers are available in online terms.

Blockcard vs Crypto.com

Blockcard is a cryptocurrency debit card. It is an initiative started by co-founders of Ternio partnered with VISA’s fast track to bring the cryptocurrency to daily spending nature.

Crypto.com can be described as a platform providing the user’s complete control over their data, money, and identity. It allows the exchange of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlockcardCrypto.com
MeaningIt is a crypto-debit card, more specifically a VISA card, which is available in the USA.Platform providing the user’s complete control over their data, money, and identity.
FounderTernio, USA partnered with VISA’s Fast track.Gary Or, Bobby Bao, Rafael Melo, and Kris Marszalek
OperationUnited States of AmericaWorldwide
ServicesPayment services, especially retail payment such as shopping.Financial services, trading services, and payment services.
FeaturesOffers referral services, loan services.Secure payment mode, user-controlled.
Extra feesExtra fees are required to issue cards, ATM charges, and monthly fees.No extra fees

What is Blockcard?

Blockcard is a crypto-debit card, more specifically a VISA card, which is available in the USA. Blockcard can be used anywhere and at any point in time wherever the VISA card is accepted as a mode of payment.

There are three types of blockcards: Virtual card, Plastic card, and Metal card. One of the main features that blockcard offers are a cashback program.

There are several fees charged by blockcard. They include a charge of a card issue, a fixed fee for ATM usage, and a monthly fee if you spend less than a specific amount.

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com can be described as a platform offering services like trading of products, financial services, and secure channels for payments.

It allows a secure mode of payment involving cryptocurrency. The network and exchange are secured by blockchain technology.

Crypto.com was started in Hong Kong in the year 2016 by Gary Or, Bobby Bao, Rafael Melo, and Kris Marszalek. MCO Malta DAX Limited is the legal name for the company.

It offers three major services: provides a payment solution (Crypto.com Pay and VISA Card), provides a trading solution (Crypto.com App and Crypto.com Exchange), and financial services (Crypto Earn, Decentralized financial products, and Crypto credit).

Main Differences Between Blockcard and Crypto.com

  1. Block is used as a general debit card (cryptocurrency can be used to spend on normal things, i.e. shopping), while Crypto.com provides financial and trading services.
  2. Blockcard can only be used in the USA, while Crypto.com can be operated worldwide.


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