Difference Between Crypto.com and Coinbase

Trading activities are popularized these days. Various cryptocurrency platforms are available in the market that tends to help the individual in the trading. crypto.com and coinbase are two such platforms. Crypto.com analyze the need of the person or trader and consequently provide the relevant tools for the profitability in the trading. Coinbase is considered one of the reputed exchanges in the trading market.


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Crypto.com vs Coinbase

The difference between crypto.com and coinbase is that crypto.com is a complete platform that allows people to trade in crypto assets. This platform is available and can be used through its app and not available in the desktop version. On the contrary, coinbase is also a digital currency or cryptocurrency trading platform which provides or offered an open financial system worldwide.

Crypto.com vs Coinbase

Crypto.com is a crypto trading platform that allows users or people to access various financial services, including earnings, credit, MCO visa card, and exchange as well. The main aim of this platform is to promote the adoption of digital currencies.

Coinbase is one of the reliable platforms that is used for crypto trading. This is a reputed and leading company which provides an open financial system. The features offered by coinbase are quite useful. It handles security and worry-free backups.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCrypto.comCoinbase
What is it?It is a trading platform that allows people to sell and buy crypto assets.It is a global brand that provides an open financial system to trade in digital currency.
Founded Year20162012
Origin CountryHong KongUnited States
Brand RecognitionThe brand recognition of crypto.com is comparatively less than coinbase.Coinbase is a secured and reputed brand worldwide, and it has strong brand recognition than crypto.com.
PromotionsFrequent promotions are done by crypto.com, and it also offers reward card to the users.It does not offer frequent promotions.

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com‘ as the name suggests, this company provides a platform that allows people to deal in crypto assets. The users can sell and buy the cryptocurrency (also called digital currency) by using various tools offered by this platform. It also offers several financial services, including MCO Visa card, earning, credits, and exchange as well. Crypto.com tries to promote and aware people of the adoption or use of digital currencies.

Features of this crypto trading platform include:

  • Access to various features that enable the user or the trader to convert their digital currency or crypto assets to fiat, which they can spend.
  • The MCO Visa card offered by the company helps the user to buy from millions of different brands worldwide.
  • This platform allows you to perform various task related to the trading of crypto assets.
  • Crypto.com has this feature called ‘Crypto Credit’ that provide instant loan as well.

This platform allows users to earn nearly eight per cent interest on their crypto deposits. It is a complete crypto platform that you can use to trade in crypto assets. You can have a high-speed exchange with competitive fees that enhance your user experience.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is an American company which is founded in the year 2012. It provides a secure platform to transfer, sell, and buy digital currencies. It is a global brand that provides some ultimate noting features to the users. On one surface, the user will get various merchant tools, wallet, and other useful features.

The amazing features of Coinbase describe below:

  • Coinbase provides an intuitive interface so that it would be convenient for the users to use this platform.
  • By charging some additional fees, this platform allows users to buy Bitcoin by using their credit card.
  • The platform allows the user to access some very popular options like bitcoin and ethereum.

The simplicity of this platform is worth it, and it is easy to use. It is a good choice for beginners. It is an easy exchange platform that you can use to gain the investing experience. You can track your portfolio, but the charging fees of this platform is comparatively high.


Main Differences Between Crypto.com and Coinbase

  1. Crypto.com and Coinbase, both of these companies, deal in digital currency. They provide a platform for crypto or digital currency trading. But they have some differences as well. Crypto.com is founded in the year 2016 in Hong Kong. On the other hand, Coinbase is an American based company which is founded in the year 2012.
  2. Crypto.com and Coinbase charge some fixed amount to the users who are selling, buying, or transferring the digital currency. Coinbase has comparatively higher charges than crypto.com, and due to this reason, it is considered as expensive than other options.
  3. Coinbase has an intuitive interface that is usually used by beginners to gain the investing experience. This platform is easy to use, and one can easily track their portfolio as well. On the contrary, Crypto.com is used by experienced investors.
  4. Brand recognition plays a significant role for every company. Coinbase is a reputed global brand worldwide. It is a reliable and secure platform used by people worldwide. On the other hand, Crypto.com is comparatively less popular than Coinbase. In other words, the brand recognition of crypto.com is less than coinbase as coinbase is considered as one of the pioneers of the industry.
  5. Crypto.com is a complete and reliable crypto platform that offers frequent promotions to users. Various features are provided by this company, including MCO Visa card. On the other hand, coinbase does not offer frequent promotions.


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