Difference Between Coinbase and Metamask

Nowadays people use cryptocurrency and they use it for many business purposes. Cryptocurrency is getting so much value nowadays and the growth of this currency is getting higher and higher.

When you earn currency on a digital platform you need to collect it and store it safely. Coinbase and Metamask are the two wallets that help you to store and keep your digital currency safely.

Coinbase vs Metamask

The main difference between Coinbase and Metamask is that Coinbase can accept every cryptocurrency with the tokens and also the available assets. But the Metamask can only accept digital assets and tokens. This makes people choose a more usable wallet. If you want to keep your assets and also the cryptocurrencies within the wallet people always go for coin base wallets.

Coinbase vs Metamask

People are doing business, buying only assets. So doing this business sometimes people prefer digital currencies. These cryptocurrencies cannot be accessed physically, you have to store them in your wallet.

Coinbase helps you to store these cryptocurrencies safely and securely. Even Coinbase helps you to sell these tokens or currencies. You can transfer them too from one wallet to another.

You can also use Metamask wallet as a browser wallet which will help you to store and use this as an extension. This wallet performs as an extension for other cryptocurrency trading sites.

Users can have this software or application in their mobile or web browser. It stores your token and assets safely

Comparison Table Between Coinbase and Metamask

Parameters of ComparisonCoinbaseMetamask
Costthe cost for Coinbase is free. Users can access it for freeMetamask is also a free wallet for users.
SecurityCoinbase has a high level of security. Metamask has a medium level of security.
Wallet Coinbase is a software plus browser walletMetamask is a browser wallet
Mobile AppCoinbase does not have a mobile appMetamask has a mobile app
Release 20182016

What is Coinbase?

In this new era, people are not fond of carrying local currencies in their pockets. Now people can have digital currencies or wallets which can help them carry their money.

Now it’s not just some simple money or local currency, this is known as a cryptocurrency that is only available on the web or you can access it digitally. this currency is used in business and for other trading purposes.

So, there are wallets that help you to keep these currencies safe and secure. Coinbase is a wallet that is software and also a browser wallet that helps you to keep your currencies safe.

Coinbase also helps you to sell, transfer and it also helps you to buy currency. Coinbase makes your selling and buying of currency easy. The wallet also helps you to send your currencies and receive them free from your friends.

Even the transaction between merchants and businessmen is also free. The security is also very tight. No one can access the wallet easily, the wallet has a private code that always updates.

The backup security is also high and maintained. The wallet has an easy way of transaction, even it also provides the simple exchange of currency within different merchants. The wallet can help you find merchants and shops too.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a browser wallet that helps you to carry your currency easily. All the assets and digital assets can be stored in this wallet. This wallet usually interacts with the Ethereum blockchain.

It helps the user to look broadly into the currency and manage them. The tools and all the technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain which helps the wallet to control and trade with that value.

Metamask helps you to make broad transactions, which helps the users to look forward to many transactions. Metamask has a medium level of security.

It provides biomatrix security and also gives you an option to log in with different accounts. You can manage accounts and send currencies to different users at one time. the new feature in this wallet gives you to swap the tokens and also buy them.

The user can find shops and merchants within the software. It also gives you the option of boosting your fund. Many users can use this wallet to invest in crypto and trade them with many other investors.

Metamask is a free and open-source browser application. It is also not in custody with any server. This helps you to support all the tokens available in the market. You can store any type of cryptocurrency in this wallet.

Main Differences Between Coinbase and Metamask

  1. The main difference between Coinbase and Metamask is that Coinbase gives the users net support. Which is more usable and easy for the users. But, Metamask does not give net support to the users.
  2. The other difference is that the users can swap their assets in the Coinbase wallet. But this feature is not available in the Metamask wallet. Users can exchange or swap their assets easily in Coinbase.
  3. Another difference between Coinbase and Metamask is that Metamask is easy and it is beginner-friendly. Coinbase is tough and it takes a little time to understand the software.
  4. The important difference between the both is that Coinbase can integrate and connect with all the delegated apps in the system or mobile. But Metamask does not support any delegated apps in the system.
  5. The other important factor is the accessibility and convenience of the users to secure their payments. Coinbase helps them to secure their payments and safely send their trading coins to others. Metamask does not provide high-level security.


After all, is said and done, a user’s tastes and special demands will influence the exact decision. Although MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet perform virtually identical services, there are some minor distinctions to consider.

For example, Coinbase Wallet includes a web interface that makes it simple to run distributed applications, and MetaMask works with crypto wallets like the Nano.

Furthermore, notwithstanding Coinbase Wallet’s connectivity with many blockchains, this still falls short of MetaMask’s ability to interact with every device on the Ethereum network, which is now the largest Defi platform.

Wallets are very important for crypto investors. And it depends on the user and how much security and feature do they want.


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